Analysis of customer service – a case study on MobileOne Ltd-88232

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Introduction. 3

Customer service pattern. 3

Subscription plan analysis. 4

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The study on customer service analysis in telecommunication is essential as the service provider in this segment has to deal with many customers with many requirements. The studies in this case, will emphasis on the customer service provided by MobileOne Ltd in Singapore. The company is one of the newest service provider in the country which has focused on mobile communication and related business among the three operators. Company has the main issue in its business of rivalry from other operators as they are linked directly or indirectly with Temasek Group in the country (, 2015). Therefore, m1 Ltd has to overlook its operation and mainly the service provided to the customers for sustaining its business in the country. This study will provide the innovative and style of customer service to the customers by m1 Ltd to retain its customers as well as to retain its position in the market.

Customer service pattern

Company has two types of customers – retail and whole sale – for them, company has different plans – personal and business plans. For the retail customers, company has provided different service module whereas for the whole sale customers the services are different due to having different plans. The main motive of the management is to support its customers in a way so that they can retain them to sustain the business as a whole. The service industry faces the challenge of different taste and needs of the customers continuously due to huge competition in the market. The services are special in this case as many applications and revenue generation is possible for versatile services like sms, mms, internet (GPRS), movies, online gaming for personal as well as for business plan (Lynch, 2012).  Both the customers may enjoy the post paid and prepaid plan from the service provider. The special services like home broadband and TV is available for the customers in personal plan. The business plan provides some special services to the customers like private network, data centre solution and cloud systems on their network service. Company also provides IP-PBX for optimum solution to the cost of running the communication for the small companies (, 2015). Further, some provision of concurrent calls is also present in this segment.

The company responded to its customers within the first call. From a recent survey in the market published in the magazine, shows that among every 30 calls, twenty nine calls are responded by the customer service of the company, which is world standard (, 2015). Employees are trained for replying politely the customers while they are communicating actively with customers within few seconds of their calling. Company maintains special dedicated Hotline for responding its customers (, 2015).

Subscription plan analysis

Company has many service plans for subscribing the mobile plan from the company which are available at only $61/month for the retail customers. Many branded mobiles are present in this segment at free of cost except the new mobile handset from the premium brands. The following table will show some examples:

Brand name Price OS Remarks
Samsung Galaxy A3,5, 7 $0 Android 4G
Galaxy Note 4, $198 Android 4G+
Galaxy Note edge $448 Android 4G+
Galaxy T239 Tab4 $0 Android 4G
iPhone  6 $610, 470, 330 iOS 128, 64 and 16GB
iPhone  6 plus $750, 610 470 iOS 128, 64 and 16GB

  (Source:, 2015)

There are many subscription plans for these sets ranging from Lite, Reg, Max, ConnectSurf etc. there are many plans for the young people to make them happy with this connection which is the service for making the future business sustainable. Company also provides the handset without subscribing any operating plan where monthly payment is not available for the customers.


From the above study it can be concluded that customer service from m1 Ltd is superior as well as highly competitive which might provide the company an edge over other competitors in the operators’ market of Singapore. The study also shows that retail subscription plans as well as the varieties in whole sale service provided by the company are providing the customers a vast option of availing the service from the company.

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