Accounting assignment on: Aviation companies Ryan and Air Asia

Accounting assignment on: Aviation companies Ryan and Air Asia


Assignment Expert AustraliaThis paper consist information about two Aviation companies Ryan Air and Air Asia. The paper discuss about case study of the each company that provides information about decision making process within the situation by the Ryan Air and Air Asia. This paper also talks about was an example is programmed/non-programmed decision making, in response to a well/ill structured problem and also describe that was this a crisis, non-crisis, or opportunity. The paper also presents comparing and contrasting discussion about the both selected companies Ryan Air and Air Asia in terms of their example as per above parameters in the below.

About the problem and decision making process of Ryan Air

Sample AssignmentTo describe, understand the decision making process and analysis the selected case or example this paper discussed about problem in terms of handling customers and target markets and assuring them about Quality services that have been taken from reliable internet journal. (, 2012)

To address the issue or problem that discussed in the above by the Ryan Air that was satisfying the internal and external customers, the Ryan Air used TQM (Total Quality Management). The competition in the same industry is very high. (, 2012)

Programmed decisions have following characteristics that are routine, repetitive, well structured situations through predetermined precision group. Information technology like use of computers is an ideal tool to manage the complexity in the programmed decisions. At the same time, the first line managers plays very important role in the process of decision making. As per the above discussed factors, parameters and characteristics of programmed decision explained that the decision making process addresses the issues, handling the customers and target market and assuring them for quality service is programmed decision making that introduces and implements the concept of TQM to address the issues.

This is structured problem and the case of opportunity. (Lim, 2009)

Get Sample AssignmentThe selected company Air Asia presents a case that discuss about the term branding which is the part of the company. It consist brand vision that is to be the leader in the low cost career category and the brand picture i.e. the company Air Asia able to deliver its promise, to enable and to give access to everyone to fly. Brand strategies consist positioning itself as a leader in its product category in Asia and retail on brand investment that focuses on consistent growth in terms of passenger volume, market awareness, market capture and financial returns. To address the above branding concept and its existing essential, the top managements participates actively apart from marketing department. Thus this example is the part of non programmed decision process where involves top management people apart from marketing departments or front line to take major decisions in terms of planning and execution. Risk is also very high and to achieve the objectives, the decision maker decides the course of action that is implemented. It affects as per the change in the environment and the market.

Buy Sample AssignmentSo, to conclude the paper must say that both the players belong to the aviation industry and both the company provides their services in the area of low fare airlines. (Man, 2009)

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