Accounting assignment essay: Stress & Successful change Management Strategies

Accounting assignment essay: Stress & Successful change Management Strategies

Essay Writing Tutor Sydney Stress is a way how the human body responds with the good and the bad experiences. The factors that cause stress are tensions, anxiety, frustrations, financial problems, changes in individual & family life and fear. It can affect people mentally, cause sickness, job issues, reduce the performance level and etc. People feel stress when they are unable to handle the situations and as well as sometimes it helps to meet the challenges. Symptoms of stress are related with physical, emotional, cognitive and Behaviouraial aspects (Merriam Webster Incorporated,     2012). At times stress can be managed by reducing the work load, exercise, by eating proper diet, discussing problems with someone, meditation, and managing proper time. Western Australia(WA)  Police communication Center has been facing lot’s of stress. Dr Niki Ellis has been working with WA Police Communication to find out the problems that has been affecting organizational efficiency. As per Dr Niki Ellis stress ruins the life of the people because it creates heart problems, depression and back pain. At WA Police communication Center it resulted in the form of absenteeism of the employees, and costing billions of dollars, and ruining the lives. WA Police communication Center is a high tech Organization dealing with crimes and life threatening emergencies. She believes that one can beat the stress by managing the stress, and by changing the working style. Many of the employees were interview by Dr Niki Ellis to know their opinion about how are they feeling about their job. The goal can be achieved with productivity, health and well being for reducing the stress. She recorded such responses like enough feedback is not being given to the employees, they are not directed towards their job at times, too much of work load is there, and management fails to appreciate the work of the employees. It has been stated by her that in today’s economy people have been working with stress to meet their personal and the organizational goals. The new working style and work life balance and organizational changes in term of structure and technology have resulted in the stress level at workplace. She has explained the causes of stress at Western Australia (WA) Police communication Center where people have been putting much effort to manage the occupational stress (ABC    2008). It can be managed by bringing people and change together as a new strategy. She has identified the factors that has been causing the stress such as the lack of job security, too much of the workload, controlling nature of the people, scheduling, people interacting in the social environment, poor relationship with the peer group, changes in the management, and opportunity not being given to learn and develop.  She has believed that changing the working style will help to reduce the stress. Change is not an easy task that has been negatively impacting this organization. Dr Niki Ellis now has been taking initiative to build the new structure for the change management strategy so that it can be linked with the employee’s performance at WA Police communication Center. It is well know that to implement the change it requires support of people and management. Failure of change management will result in negative results. She explains that change can be implemented from the top to the bottom (Alan Chapman   2005).  After consolidating the report she is presenting it to management and seeking help how to carry out the change management strategies to reduce the stress. She has been discussing that the shop floor employees should be engaged more and officials have been stating that it has been following the democratic structure. There is stressful environment where people have responded that they do not want to work in such a stressful environment. She is also pointing out that employees are not being recognized and the top management fails to know their actual output. The employees feel that whether they are doing their job properly or not. The forces that can be highlighted for the change in WA Police communication Center are implementation of proper performance management system which will result in providing positive feedback and reduce the stress level. Couple of things can be improved by participation of everyone in this organization. She had briefed the bosses of WA Police communication Center with her action plan to implement the change management strategy. The first was to management was provide the transparent feed back to know how stressful the job is at WA Police communication Center. After three month Dr Niki Ellis will come back to check whether things are properly implemented by management or not. When she moved on the when badly handled emergencies continued with several effects and immediate action was being lost. The performance of ten staff has been check to see whether they are polite, helpful and taking the relevant data’s. Standardization of process is required to increase the performance of the organization and manage the stress level at the workplace. The lack of understanding how to implement the successful change management initiatives was there. Ten of the staffs were asked to attend the remedial training programs to make them aware what is expected from them by the organization. Things should not be taken personally by the employees. It is being conducted to create a win -win situation for the employers and the employees. Dr Niki Ellis had after three months observed that training was received well and the management team has got maximum things right. The management had called the employees to access their progress with the stress report presented by her. The knowledge regarding change in advance will not make any difference to the employees when the actual change will be implemented. A proper communication can be held to resolve the queries (The Sydney Morning Herald,        2005). It is a balance between criticism and positive reinforcement bosses are listening the opinion of the ground floor employees and are recognizing their performance. The progress in made in stress reducing action plan. The performance management system resulted in increasing the ranks of the employees. It was done hierarchically and changed the autocratic style of management to the democratic one. Dr Niki Ellis has been recommending the suggestion to the employees who experience stress at workplace. It is also explained that stress at work is arises on the basis how it has been organized. Also the repetition of work results in the boredom of the job in an organization. She explains that people get satisfaction when meaning is attached with the particular job. The poor management system of an organization, inappropriate feedback mechanisms, confusion of the job roles and responsibilities, and aggressive nature of the boss and supervisors with aggressive nature will hamper the productivity of an organization. The proper structuring of the relationships and the management of result will add value to the organization. Stress of the employees results in hampering the success of an organizational. As per Kurt Lewin change management theory whenever the change is being implemented by any organization, then the system should be unfreeze, manage the change initiatives and refreeze the system. In the case of WA Police communication Center the change management strategy was being framed first and it was also unfreeze, and the change were managed by the action plan of Dr Niki Ellis and then after it was refreeze and positive result was being declared in front of management(Current     2011).  It has been observed that the forces driving the organization should be analyzed before implementing a change plan. 

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