The Tipping Point: 1083414

The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell is a great book for all the people who are looking forward for to make a mark in the business world. The key lessons which can be learnt from this work, based on the various theories and epidemics, are as follows:

1. The Law of few
It’s based on the concept of viral; which states that not all people have the same potential to transmit the same sort of conversation ahead. It states that there are three types of people available- Mavens, Connectors and Salesmen. All of these people have a different role to play in the scenario. Which Mavens are the compassionate people, connectors bridge the gap by connecting different people while salesmen sell the ideas between two parties (Christensen 15-16).

2. The Power of Context
This refers to the attitude and behaviour which a person carries. This theory shows that human beings are the product of the environment which they live in and not the personality which they have. It states whatever the personality a person might be having be, it is the external environment which makes the difference (Goyal, McCord and Kapoor 23-32).

3. Idea diffusion
There are various subheads under which they can be bifurcated depending upon the stage of product life cycle they fall under.Hence, above are the few ideas which can be gathered from the work of Gladwell- ‘The Tipping Point’.


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