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The presentation is formed on the basis of my previous research for Portfolio 2 hence similarities might occur.

The PowerPoint presentation aims to discuss the company “The Body Shop” and their successful marketing strategies for expansion and growth of their business. Thus it provides a detailed analysis of the macro as well as the micro environmental factor that emphasizes on the marketing structure for the successful business expansion in Southampton. This PowerPoint presentation will include company profile where the history and details such as founder and foundation year of the organization will be discussed along with the mission of “The Body Shop”. This is followed by SWOT analysis of “The Body Shop” will be broadly discussed to identify the challenges and overcome the weaknesses faced by this organization. Here the presentation will provide a detailed analysis or discussion about their internal advantages and disadvantages through which they can overcome their shortcomings to prevent business setbacks and also analysis of external environment such as opportunities and threats to resist any obstacle. On the following slide segmentation, targeting and positioning of the brand will be discussed focusing on their target market and brand positioning. Further slides discuss the recommendation for their marketing mix, which includes price, promotion, place and products. Marketing environment is also vital as that helps to recognize the potential benefits and areas of losses of the company, hence the slide explain about the political, technological, social as well as the environmental factors apart from market factors. Lastly, the PowerPoint is summed with conclusion along with overall some brief recommendations.

The Body Shop was founded by Anita Roddick in the year 1976, in Brighton, England (thebodyshop 2020a). The company specializes on selling range of perfumes and also skin care products across the world (thebodyshop 2020b). They also have expanded their range of products to brush, combs and others. The business consists of various products which they target to sell to the men and women, however their range of products are targeted to mostly women and now they have aimed to expand their target market to the men as well. They have international distributors and they manufacture products for approximately 65 countries (thebodyshop 2020a). Presently they are aiming to grow their business to Southampton and this presentation is aimed to provide the detailed analysis of their business market on the basis of their SWOT and other marketing models. The mission statement of this organization is to build most sustainable as well as ethical company in the world. The company witnessed a rise in their total sales as the profit rose to 11.4 percent (Danziger 2020). This reflects their rise of profit margin and also their effective marketing strategies in their business.


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Analysis of SWOT model will help to develop a clear understanding regarding the internal and external environment of the company (Phadermrod, Crowder & Wills 2019). This company has unique positioning of products in the market along with franchising strategies which help them to create a sustainable business environment (Aspelund, Fjell and Rødland 2017). The brand value of the company is high as they have already established themselves in the skincare market; hence the brand reputation and identity will provide them a greater advantage for the expansion of business in Southampton market. As a result of high brand value their customer loyalty is also high which helps them to attract a large number of customers in every market (Piehler et al. 2016). In addition to that the role of pricing strategy is vital as they offer their products with very affordable range it helps them to eliminate the maximum number of competitors (Kienzler and Kowalkowski 2017). Diversity in products is another biggest advantage for their business market because they are concentrating on men along with women customers (thebodyshop. 2020b). This all factors are enhanced by their supply chain management system where the business have strong networking and global distribution system. Alternatively they do not use much updated technology along with that their marketing strategies for each product are irrelevant (Latini 2019). They also face internal challenge with the similarities in every product portfolio. On the other hand their product development strategies are very effective; they hold high business opportunities in the extension of product range which automatically increases their chance of successful market expansion. Alternatively economic inflation and business traffic due to the small traders or the local trader causes threat in the highly competitive market (Gomber et al. 2017).


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Segmentation is an effective technique or tool for analyzing STP model, the segmentation of “The Body Shop” is classified into geographic and demographic; in geographic segmentation the company targets mostly women (Chun 2016). Through segmentation the company will be able to better analyze and separate their potential customers (Luzhkovoy et al. 2017). This can be done through proper observation of buying behaviour of the customers (Camilleri 2018). Additionally as they are extending their services for men grooming products, it will help to boost the market sales. The segmentation is further classified into teenagers, adults, housewives and working women (thebodyshop, 2020b). However their target market is more specified and here they will analyze their target customers which include examples such as attracting the women who are conscious about their appearances and glamour. As the company will analyse the customer needs based on their buying behaviour and segmentation, it will benefit the company to decide their target customers for each category of products. In case of positioning the brand will have an advantage through the segmentation and targeting which will further help to frame or implement suitable positioning strategy for the products of this company (Camilleri 2018). They can even implement positioning through the help of marketing campaign in digital media, radio or television. The marketing team will analyse customer feedbacks regarding their products in Southampton through primary research, apart from determining their customer requirements. However in secondary research the marketing team will review the research conducted to improve their sales.


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Marketing mix refers to the overall marketing strategy of a company (Išoraitė 2016). The marketing mix generally consists of 5P which includes Product, Promotion, Price and Place. “The Body Shop” focuses on green marketing mix (Chairunnisa, Fahmi and Jahroh 2019). Thus their range of cosmetic and body care products are based on herbal or natural ingredients. The products of this company are much diversified and they offer more than thousands of products of various categories (thebodyshop 2020b). They should focus on extending their range of products with more innovative techniques. As the company is inclined to sell environment friendly cosmetic and skin care products to their range of customers, they witnesses high market growth (Mezzanatto-McNair 2019). The aim of their business is to provide nourishment to all types of skin, they also manufactures shampoo, brushes, combs and conditioners. Also they will use extensive social media or other forms of digital marketing to promote their wide product range, apart from traditional marketing through television, radio and holdings. The aim is to reach the maximum customers in Southampton through different communication channels.


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The herbal skincare manufacturing company has their product presence to several countries and regions which provide them with additional benefits and an edge of competitive advantage in the market (Fauziah and Mulyana 2018). Southampton is an opportunistic place for the business to grow, as customers tend to buy fashionable products as well as the grooming products (Smigielska and Stefanska 2017). “The Body Shop” aims to target all people through the support of their effective marketing campaigns with the affordable product range (thebodyshop 2020b). This is because their pricing strategies and cost structure of each product are very affordable; they aim to serve the maximum number of customers in all market while maintaining their quality standards. The affordable pricing structure will provide them with huge benefits regarding the success rate in market competition and also it will benefit them to increase their brand exposure (Kienzler and Kowalkowski 2017). Lastly, it is recommended that by focusing on their business operations the company can make effective outcomes in extending their new venture in Southampton.


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Marketing environment is one of the crucial factors that represent threats and opportunities for the company, hence analysis of marketing environment is very important for every organization (Tresna 2017). It consists of five major factors such as political factor, environmental factor, social factor, technological factor and market factor. The marketing analysis of “The Body Shop” can be analyzed with the help of these five factors, political factors includes government policies that is associated with every corporate sector which impact the business. The UK government is supportive in the growth as well as development which further helps in developing the economic growth in the country (Blair and Hitchens 2018). The key components of economical factor are rate of GDP growth, rate of currency exchange among many others. It has been observed that inflation in the economy affects the business to a great extent. On the other hand social factor includes social values and the cultural beliefs apart from other factors in society (Gherasim and Gherasim 2016). Customers interested in fashion and grooming are influenced by the social factors. The technological advancements support the growth of a country and government of UK focuses on technological advancements or developments. Hence all technological factors have a direct influence over the overall growth of a country.  Lastly, the market factor of “The Body Shop” consists of range of customers of all skin types (thebodyshop 2020b). Hence they should attempt to diversify their product range even more on the basis of individual culture and preferences. 


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Lastly, the PowerPoint presentation can be concluded by saying that the company has brand reputation and effective business strategies that will support their business extension in Southampton. In order to successfully expand their business the company will have to study the income group of their customers and targeting will be conducted on the basis of segmentation outcomes. The organization will conduct research through primary and secondary source focusing on the reviews of each customer. In order to promote their individual products they will use both modes of marketing. This Presentation also includes analysis of macro environmental factor as well as micro environmental factor of their business environment.