Technology Transfer in a Global Economy


1.What personality traits do leaders like Todd McFarlane possess that distinguish them from other individuals?
2.How have global competition and technology advances changed business conditions and leadership challenges?

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1. The traits of personality that distinguished Todd McFarlane from the other individuals was that he always aspired to become an eminent person. Though he was taken by sports to the place, where he wanted to be and he relied on the drawings that were made by him. He took an initiative to start his own organization in order to deliver the best meaning of sketches and drawings. He had a confidence on himself of producing a master art work which would attract others and would buy his materials. Though he initiated off small and he knew that he has several other tasks just around the corner that was to be completed by him and therefore the organization continued to be successful as well as not getting into any sort of difficulty in terms of copyright infringements (Bartenschlag & Funk, 2013).  As a sports collector, he also established himself by means of an expensive memorabilia which has lead to the generation of big buzz in the world of sports. To me, these are few of the qualities that should be possessed by a leader and are the best instances of what the leaders should do (Yukl, 2012).

2. The global competition and advances in the technology have changed the conditions of the business and the challenges of leadership to a much more extent. According to me, it is a challenge for those individuals who are not very much used to the technical applications or more precisely we can say that they are not tech savvy and a few of the newcomers that belong to this industry (Audretsch et al., 2014).  As the world is changing in every minute and the advances in the technology are altering in every second, an individual must be cautious regarding the alterations that are taking place and they also need to know how to plan their activities accordingly. Global competition is enormous in all the industries and it signifies that the world is involved with it. Therefore, it takes the concept leadership to an entire new level with respect to a leader so that the organization remains at the top or bat the position which is comfortable.


In the present scenario, to achieve success is not easy for the individuals as they may encounter hindrances in their life to reach to a position for which they have aspired for so long. In order to be successful in life the individuals need to take risk at some point in their lives and have to deal with the problematic situations in an efficient manner. There is also a need of an effective leadership by which the individuals can influence their followers or cohorts. Hence, effectual leadership together with the ability to take risks is the necessity of today’s professional life (Christensen & Møller, 2014).

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