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Software Testing

1          Introduction

Software testing means check the actual result match the expected result.It involves execution of software component and system component.We are using testrail for testing the phonebook datasets.The datasets contains the firstname ,lastname,company,address and phone number.The testing depending the phone number.The second process is team member work.We are using the trello board for spllited the work to the team member.The next process is calculate the punchtime for employee.

2          TestRail

2.1        Overview

The testrail using to testing the given datasets.First step is create a project and the project name is phone book (Ament, 2013).


2.2         Todo

Add the cases to testing the datasets.


2.3         Milestones

Further add the milestone to testing the datasets. Run the project and display the results.


2.4         Test Runs

Test runs using test the project and display the results. Add the results. It has the four types of results. The results are passed, failed, retest and blocked. It displays the results by percentage. In our project we get the 20% of passed results (Sandler, Badgett & Myers, 2013).


The passed results 20% of the datasets.


It displays the passed results.


2.5         Test Cases

The phonebook form contains the id and title. It has separated cases. We denote the first name as priority, last name as estimate, company as reference, phone book as titile.The whole datasets based on the phonebook.


3          Trello Board

In this board using split the work to the team member. We are testing the four type of testing. The work can be split four members. The four type of testing are functional testing using test rail, performance testing (Load testing, Stress testing, Volume testing).



4          Punch Time

4.1        Punch Time(Before Working)

Punch time calculate the employee working time. We are started the project in lunch time. And we are end up the project after few hours. It display the employee working hours and where he working.


It also displays the working place and his project details.


5          Conclusion

In the project based on software testing. We are using the test rail website for functional testing, load testing, stress testing and volume testing. Trello board for team member work schedule. And the punch time for team member working hours and project details.


Ament, J. (2013). Arquillian testing guide. Birmingham, UK: Packt Pub.

Sandler, C., Badgett, T., & Myers, G. (2013). The art of software testing. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley.