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1       Introduction


I noticed the high demand in the entertainment sector for information about night life in foreign places. So I came up with the idea to design an android mobile application that will let users know what night club venue or bar is around them within a certain radius. The app will gather information of the user and will be used to determine which of the club venues are best for the user. Tourists who loves to party will find this app really handy because it’ll help them find a club venue with no stress.


This report details the development cycle and all the steps followed for developing a mobile application on Android Operating System. The android mobile application is addressed to users who needs help finding the nearest night club and/or bar when on holidays. The functionality of the final product does not only aid the users while they are on holiday but also whenever they feel like they need help locating the nearest night club or bar. A crucial part of the application in order to provide some of these features was to determine the user’s physical location. Using the coordinates of the current location, the system is able to suggest the nearest night club or bar.

2       Aim


Given the rapid growth in smartphone ownership, the project aims to consider how a smartphone application on Android OS, might be used by users. To provide users with the best possible support, I aim research the steps of a complete software development cycle and in what way the Android Development Tools(ADT) can be utilised for such application.

3       Overview & Objectives


This project’s aim is to exploit the rapid growth in smartphone ownership, especially in devices running the Android OS, by providing a mobile application which will assist users during their social night life. The application will display the nearest night club or bar and give users information about the venue.


The main objectives of the project in more detail are to:

  • Investigate and evaluate any existing smartphone application that is similar to the project.
  • Gather information required to implement the android mobile application.
  • Design and develop an android application that meets the requirements of the project.












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Chapter 4: Background Research

4       Introduction


This chapter focuses on the background research conducted to provide solid foundations for the project. Relevant background work was vital in order to gain better understanding of the objectives and deliverables of the project. Additionally, by conducting a thorough background research, the risk for errors during the analysis, design, implementation and evaluation phases was minimized.

Summary of Research Domain

According to the research work done on the functional areas that identifies that there are huge demands for night clubs and bars at night within foreign domain. The craze for night clubs and bars are increasing rapidly. Additionally this is also identified that the international students as well as tourists generally faces issues due to their lack of knowledge about new places. As a result of this fact, the students and tourists face various issues in satisfying their needs while searching for nearest bar and night clubs for meeting their need for great music and drinks. The same happens with the tourists who entered into the foreign land.

Related Researches

In accordance with the elaborations studied from the point of view of researchers it is found that there are various solutions available within the target market that provides satisfactory output to the new students and tourists within international universities and foreign states, such as Facebook and Google Map is providing solutions for satisfying the needs for location of night clubs and bars. These establishments and research works revealed that this project needs to be managed finding nearest locations should design one new mobile application that makes the searches for night clubs and bars easy. Therefore, the researcher is developing one new Android based mobile application that helps the tourists in finding bars and night clubs.

Rationale of the Project

According to the analysis for new ways in developing easy solutions for finding nearest places related to bars and night clubs is the main objective behind this research process. This research has chosen this research domain because the researcher has noticed that new students and tourists faces various issues while searching for nearest bars and night clubs that help them in enjoying great music and drinks within that foreign country. Therefore this particular research is feasible enough in order to manage the demands and needs for tourists and newly entered students within universities.

5       Highlighting the problem


As a student I notice that most international students find it hard to locate the nearest night club or bar. Upon their arrival, new students come across the problem of locating a venue to socialise and drink to great music. It’s so difficult knowing their way around the town yet alone finding the nearest night club or bar. Apart from students, tourists find it hard to locate the nearest bar.

There is a high demand for information about the night life all over the world. Due to diverse languages, it is very difficult to ask for direction or help when placed in a foreign land. During most holidays tourist want to enjoy their time, night clubs and bars as always been the best place to enjoy your time away and to socialise.  Due to the size of the town or city you may find yourself, it may be very difficult to find your way around and locate these venues.


The document must use IEEE Software referencing. Here’s an example: Somerville states that “because of the lack of physical constraints, software systems can quickly become extremely complex, difficult to understand and expensive to change” [1, p. 11].

6       Existing Solutions


This section will concentrate on the research done on existing attempts to provide a suitable solution to the problem described in previous section. An investigation was carried out before developing the app, highlighting the characteristics and weaknesses of already developed solutions.


Facebook at the moment is the world most popular social media network. It allows users to connect to other users all over the world. It provide users with access to information all over the world. Facebook allows users to share all type if information, such as pictures, videos, posts, news, sports, events, etc. In this case, the main focus is events.

Facebook allows users to create an event and share it across the network either publicly or privately. The user can post up a description, date, time, and location of the event and share it across the network. Invited guests are giving permission to invite their own friends, allowing a massive global connection. Apart from sharing events on the network, Facebook allows users to share events on other social media networks.

Facebook has always been a mean of knowing where the best night club is and the event that is going on. But the problem with that is that not everyone uses Facebook, plus certain night club or bar might not be on Facebook. The social media network  also doesn’t let user know how far the venue is from where they are, even though it gives the location.

Google Map

Google Maps is a web mapping application developed by Google. It provides satellite imagery, street maps, and route planning for traveling by foot, car bicycle, or public transportation. Google Maps provides an API that allows maps to be embedded on third-party websites, and offers a locator for urban businesses and other organizations in numerous countries around the world.

Google Map Marker allow users to expand and update the service’s mapping worldwide. It provide users with markers for different businesses and buildings al over the world. It is also use to calculate distances between two locations. Google Map can displays all sort of buildings such as shops, schools, hospitals, banks, night clubs, bars, etc.

Google Map has always been the best way to find any businesses or buildings around you.

7       The use of Smartphones


Smartphones are being used on daily basis across the world. Since their invention, it is said that smartphones have taken over our everyday life. People use them everywhere and anywhere at all times. Today a smartphone can be used not only as a phone but also as a map, a music player, a camera, etc.


8       Android

Android is one Mobile Operating System that is developed by Google. This is mainly used by different smartphones and tablets. Examples of some of the smartphones that are using android mobile operating system architecture are given as follows: Sony Xperia, the Samsung Galaxy, and the Google Nexus One etc. The android operating system (OS) is based on the Linux kernel. Additionally, Apple’s iOS, android is also one open source that modifies and customizes the OS for each phone. Henceforth, different android based phones often have different graphical user interfaces GUIs which generally uses same OS.

Android phones generally introduced with different built-in applications and also provide support to third party programs. In addition to this, the developers can easily operate programs for developing android applications with the help of Android software developer kit (SDK). Android programs are written in java and it is operated through one virtual machine that is known as JVM. This development is mainly optimized for mobile devices. The Dalvik was used with the help of Android 4.4 and it was replaced by the Android Runtime or ART. In addition to this, in case of Android 5.0 the users are able to download and install Android applications from Google Play and also it is available for other locations.

9       Why Android


The android applications are one of the most effective solutions selected for the development of mobile applications with respect to contemporary development aspect of the mobile applications within competitive era. Therefore, there are lots of competitive advantages of android applications over this technological era of mobile application development. Henceforth, some of the critical advantages are being elaborated as follows:

 Android Google Developer: The most effective and innovative advantages of Android is that it is owned by Google. Google is one of the most trusted and reputed products available within Internet. In addition to this, Google provide easy operational faculty and access to the number of applications of mobile phone with the help of Android applications development methods.

Android Users: As android is owned by Google, this provides effective brand value to the users and therefore, all the customers of Google are attracted by Android users also. For this brand value Android have billions of users all over the world. There are different kinds of software under the name of Android.

Android Multitasking: Multitasking is considered as one of the most effective advantages of Android applications. Users are capable of lots of tasks at a straight for using various significant approaches and conditions available within the devices. The users of Android are able to control multitasking facilities within android applications and products available within the market.

Free downloads from Google play store app: This is another advantage available within the development as well as using the android applications within mobile devices for managing various needs and functional areas. In addition to this,

Android Notification:

Android Widget:

10    Technologies

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Chapter 5: System Design5

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[1] Sommerville, Software Engineering. Boston: Addison-Wesley, 2011.