Regression Equation: 1070479

The best model regression output from Excel is shown below.

The regression equation is given below.

Calories = 30.625 + 3.287 Carbs + 3.758 Sugar

Question 2

  1. Scatter plot

Regression Model

Regression Equation


c) The value of test statistics = 9.08

Since the p value is 0.000, reject H0. There is sufficient evidence of a linear relationship between points/game and yards/game.

Option C The coefficient of determination (R2= 0.733). This value is the proportion of variation in points/game that is explained by variation in yards/game.

My imaginary business for the semester is for sales and marketing of the ladies’ handbags. The name of my business is Elite Handbags Marketing. Among the forms of business ownership that we learnt in class I would like to pick on sole proprietorship for my preferred business due to some of the advantages that it has over the other forms of business ownership.

Advantages of sole proprietorship

Among the list of business ownership, sole proprietorship is considered as the simplest form of business because it has little and non-complicated requirements as compared to the other forms. Apart from the fact that most of the business people prefer it, it is also individually owned. One advantage is that the owner has overall control of the business and therefore easily makes decisions of the business without having to consult anyone. The second advantage is that the sole trader always enjoys the profits by himself without sharing unlike partnership where the profit is divided amongst the partners. The third advantage is that the cost for starting up and running sole proprietorship is low as compared to the costs for starting up other businesses for example partnership. The business only requires low legal expenses and the corporate taxes are not required (Zing 9).

Disadvantages of sole proprietorship

Anything that has advantage must have a disadvantage on the other hand and so is the sole proprietorship type of business. One disadvantage of sole proprietorship is that the owner may experience difficulties in raising the capital since he is the one responsible for generating the initial finances of the business. They may also experience difficulties in acquiring loans especially when they do not have adequate credit to secure the added money. The second disadvantage is that the business ca not continue when the owner dies. In case of death or incapacitation the business ends there and no more continuation because the owner is only one. The third disadvantage of sole proprietorship is that the owner of the business bares all the losses that occur in the business, when the debts become too many, the business owner takes the responsibility and at times he or she uses his own finances (Abdul, 750).

 I chose sole proprietorship to be the best for my business because it will not take me a lot of time to make the decisions of the business on how to manage and run it. I will also get accessed to all the profits that are generated in the business without having to share with anyone. The legal expenses that are required for my business are cheap and therefore I won’t require a lot of capital to initiate my business.

Second I would pick on the partnership form of business ownership. Partnership is a business operation between two or more individuals. The partners normally invest in the business and in the end share the profits or losses generated in the company.

Advantages and disadvantages of partnership

The first advantage is higher management capability. Due to the fact that many partners are involved in the operations of the business, they always work together to ensure the success of the business (Nguyen 59-66). The second one is large amount of capital is generated from the entity due to the combined hard work of the partners. The following are the disadvantages; disagreements rising among the partners may bring conflict in the business. There may also be misuse of the resources of the business by the partners, (Ding 115). The reasons as to why I did not choose this form of business are because of the disputes that might rise between the partners when making decisions and also unmoving investment in the business.

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An establishment of the state constitutional pillar is essential to protect the constitutional truth of the Federal system. This integrity depends on the principles of federalism of the US constitution, and it also depends on the vitality of the state constitutional law.  The American federal system and the civil law of the United States-based upon two constitutional pillars one is the united states constitution, and other is the 50-state constitution. “Does the Act’s attorney occupation tax violate the states’ intergovernmental tax immunity?”

Relevant Laws

The following study of the civil law and the state constitutional law will examine the aspects of the reinvigoration of the united states. The law and their amendment will be observed in various ways like constitutional integrity of federalism, the advisory commission on the intergovernmental relation and balance of the federal system with the strength of the state capabilities. Furthermore, it will sort out the responsibility of the federal system and the attorney occupation law to regulate an organization.

10th Amendments to the Constitution of The United States

The 10th Amendments is a postscript for the United States Constitution and has a presence in the Bill of Rights. It represents that, neither the powers are substituted towards the United States Constitution, nor the States forbids it, the powers are preserved for the States correspondingly and for the people (Walker, 2019). The 10th Amendment is created to confine the governmental power range and to preserve individual liberty. This Amendment is the last one that entered the Bill of Rights. The 10th Amendment was passed through Congress on 25th September 1789 and approved by the States on 15th December 1791(leGislATive Archives, 2019).

Civil law

Civilian law or Civil law is a legal system invented in Europe. The main feature of this law is organized into a referable system that serves as a significant source of the law. This also can be allocated with a universal law system, the intellectual context that originated from decision law made by the judge and provides precedential access to the decision of the prior court. On the other hand, it is not fair to treat some facts differently in different case scenarios (Born and Rutledge, 2018). Historically, Civil law is a set of legal systems and ideas that are derived from Corpus Juris Civilis but majorly overlaid by Germanic, Napoleonic, local practices, feudal and canonical including doctrinal strains like codification, legal positivism and natural law. The primary conception of the Civil law is proceeding from abstractions, distinguishing substantive rules and formulate general principles from procedural rules (Cassella, 2018).

Attorney occupation tax

The United States of America has different state, federal and local government, including tax obligatory at every level of these. Taxes are imposed on payroll, income, property, capital gains, sales, imports, dividends, gifts and estates, including various fees. In 2010, the imposed taxes were collected by the state, municipal governments and federal amounted up to 25% of GDP. Although the taxes imposed heavily on labour income than capital income. Taxes are mainly imposed on the total income of corporations and individuals by the states, federal and few local governments. Residents and citizens are taxed based on all income of the world and enabled individual credit for foreign taxes.

Law of the constitution

In the United States Constitution, Article VI states that the law and the constitution of the United States that should be made in completion and all the other treaties made or should be made under the United States Authority should be the Supreme Law of the Land. United States constitutional law represent the applications and scope of the constitution term, although not in a legal way. United States constitutional law is a significant body of governing law, the implementation and interpretation of the United States Constitution. The United States Constitution covers various areas, such as the relationship between state governments and the federal government. It requires the rights of citizens to be endangered by employees of the government federal and states.


Act’s attorney occupation tax violates the states’ intergovernmental tax immunity

The property of the united states and the united territory is a subject to the disposal of the constitutional liberty of the citizen, businessman and the government as well. After the world war, the US constitution divided into three parts for the merchant to run their business. The constitutional law bounds the three categories like fabricated products, termination in ventures and the production of the plant and facilities. There is a suspect attorney of occupational law for an organization to establish its business in the US market. There is a limitation of the company from the State government and the constitutional law of the federal system (Von Glahn and Taulbee, 2015). The intellectual people of the US state feel the importance of the attorney of occupational law is important for a merchant.

On the other hand, there is having an issue with the state government. In the absence of federal Immunity, the local taxation and the ownership of the state is subject to multiple local and state taxes. In the personal property, sales and to run a company, there is an individual occupational tax and their registration fees and different licences. The importance of this taxation rises with the application of property disposal and contract of termination to facilitate one-fifth of the total industry. The congressional committee estimates the valuation of the supplies and stocks for disposing of the attorney occupational tax (McCluskey, 2018).


In the above discussion, it can be concluded that the federal system of the United States and the local taxation system is different from another. The importance of the constitutional law and the attorney of occupational law lies upon some court mandate. The paper has discussed the bill of rights, civil of the US and the important constitutional law of the united state to run a company in the united territory. The court of states clashes with the state government at the time of taxation. And the local merchant has suffered from this for poor legal service. The establishment of the poverty act and execution of taxation law merged with state and local government.


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