Psychology assignment help discussion: article on Maya Lin and Hawkinson

Psychology assignment help discussion: article on  Maya Lin and Hawkinson

Discussion 1 #

Student 1

Buy Assignments OnlineOn the basis of art work, I will go with Maya Lin and Hawkinson just because of the originality that is reflected in their work. The way analytical thinking has been used in Lin’s wall and playfulness that reflects in Hawkinson’s designs are beyond appreciation. I find both of these works very unique and priceless.

Student 2

Maya Lin’s work opens up whole lot of new channels in one’s perspective. The depth of thinking which she has applied in her wall clearly comes out when one go and touch that wall and that feeling of sadness and belonging takes birth in one’s mind. Similarly, analytical and organizational skill that has been presented in Hawkinson’s work open door to the world of exploration.

Discussion #2

Student 1

Branch of philosophy that is concerned with feelings aroused in us by sensory experiences such as seeing and hearing is called Aesthetics. Generally art is associated with beauty, but in Francisco de Goya’s Saturn Devouring One of His Children brings up entirely opposite emotions which are full of negativity. His painting clearly reflects, that the painter had an extremely disturbed life.

Student #2

study of sensory or sensory-emotional values, sometimes called judgments of sentiment and taste can be defined as Aesthetics.  If one will look at Francisco de Goya’s Saturn Devouring One of His Children arouse a sensory emotions in a person. This painting arouse the feeling of sadness, horror and definitely pity in the viewer.

Assignment Help AustraliaDISCUSSION #3

Theme of art is an approach where artists put the culture to which they belong on their work through which history can be traced chronologically. A precarious interweaved references of Jewish and Christians has been reflected in the Altar to the Chases High School of Boltanski which have been made with perishable materials such as photographs, discarded clothes, cardboard boxes, and candles. The major theme of the art are death, memory, and childhood and the same has been presented through black-and-white photographs of anonymous people which have been taken out of hobby. The idea behind these photographs is to remind people of their childhood and memorialize the dead. The theme which Meta Warrick Fuller has sought out in her poignant sculpture Talking Skull is to reconnect black Americans with their African heritage and take pride of the same.In this work, a boy who is kneeling before the naked and highly strung skull is asking for answers to his problems. The key theme here is that there is this universal desire of humans to communicate without boundaries. Warrick’s poignant sculpture Talking Skull is the human wish of talking to a person who is dead. It also reflects the belief that vast spirit community dead has the power to help us which is followed in many religions.


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Discussion # 4

Part 1

Buy Sample AssignmentPrimary colours are those colours which cannot be created by mixing other colours. Secondary colors are created by mixing primary colours. Through exclamatory lines around the dancing figures and barking dogs in his work, the images has been presented  in aggressive motion and the graffiti style makes Keith Haring an urban painter. Violence and anxiety is clearly reflected. His paintings are controlled through the shapes and movement present in it since the colour scheme used comprises mainly of primary colours . Use of strong colours have been made to reflect the power. On the other hand, objects that are present in our everyday lives has been used in the work of  Sarah Sze. Her work highlight the importance of these objects and difference they make to us by using minimum colour schemes and keeping her work sober and simple by using more of the basic colours. There are not much lines of graphics in her work rather they are very simple so that the person looking at it can get connected with them easily. There is no single viewing point, as reality and meaning shifts with each step, creating a sequence of visual experiences.

Part 2

Height, width and depth are the two dimensions present in this world but with the help of geometry of retima artist have brought the fourth dimension as well which is the dimension of time. Leonardo Da Vinci has given this illusionary impact in his work “The Last Supper” by painting vaults on the upper part of the fresco and deeper row of arches has been drawn to create optical illusion. In each lateral wall a window has been included to emphasize on the illusion. In the center of the mural, a real console has been included. Leonardo used one point perspective, which involves all the lines in the painting converging in one place, known as the vanishing point. This strategy was used to emphasize the importance and central position of Christ.

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