Psychology Assignment help of a criminal Behavior

Psychology Assignment help of a criminal Behavior 

The criminal psychology was applied in research and theories by a German-American psychologist, Hugo Munsterberg (1863-1916) for the first time. There are many theories which talk about the psychology of a criminal’s behavior. Few of them have been discussed below.

Get Sample AssignmentMany criminologists believe that, Choice theory which was developed by Dr. William Glasser, MD, is one of the most common reason behind the criminal acts done by individuals. According to this theory, the decision of committing a crime is rationally taken by an offender (Siegel, 2005). Personal needs such as greed, revenge, need, anger, lust, jealousy etc are some predominant reasons which leads to offended action taken by a criminal. Classical criminology which was developed by Italian “social-thinker” Cesare Beccaria and according to this theory every individual has freedom to choose behavior which is criminal or conventional in nature. This theory forms the basis for choice theory.

British psychologist Dr. Hans J. Eysenck proposed theory on personality and crime which suggested that criminal behavior is a blend of conditions prevailing in the environment and nervous system features (Bartol & Bartol, 2005). Thus people who follow this theory of criminal psyche believe that when some specific neuro physiological traits get mixed with certain environmental conditions they give birth to criminal behavior (Bartol). An extension to Eysenck’s theory is the trait theory which suggests that certain abnormal biological or psychological traits produces criminals.

Assignment Expert AustraliaThen there is another theory by Sigmund Freud which was developed in late 1800 and is one of the most referred theory in case of criminality (Siegel, 2005). Sigmund suggested that interpersonal relationship of an individual is guided by certain emotional attachments which he/ she has experienced in their childhood. Id, the ego and the super ego are the three key ingredients of this theory and according to Sigmund these three factors constitute the character of an individual. Basic instincts and needs such as food, sleep etc are controlled by id. The id of a person is controlled through ego as it lay down the boundaries for things covered under id and last but not the least is the super ego where an individual judges a situation on the basis of morality.

To summarize, be it any theory, but the belief expressed in all of them is criminality which is present in almost every aspect of society and needs an immediate addressal. All these theories has been developed with an objective of understanding criminal behavior so that methods can be developed to prevent the same. Focus of choice theory is on decision of an individual regarding what they want to be, thus adopting criminal behavior is the decision taken by an individual rather than a forced one. On the contrary, trait theory argues that an individual develops criminal behavior because of some neurological behavior and the environment in which he operates. Social theory suggests that criminal behavior is the result of influence of environmental factors on the state of an individual. To conclude, there will be development of theories on constant basis. Psychiatrist will keep working on new studies, testing new behaviors and bringing out new researches but the bottom line is to understand and bring down level of criminal behavior operating in the society.

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