Psychology Assessment help online report : Snapeo Analysis & Young people

 Psychology Assessment help online report : Snapeo Analysis & Young people

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Write a report on Snapeo Analysis & Young people??

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Young people are affected by a range of mental health, emotional and behavioral issues. Apart from these issues, mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders is also leading to a range of diseases in young people, especially mental disorders such as suicide and homicide, drug use and abuse, as well as unsafe sexual behaviors. However many of these issues can be sorted out with the help of psychosocial assessments. This paper has been prepared with an aim to present a case study where Mr. Peter Jose (Software Developer, 32 years of age), has been interviewed and examined using SNAPEO (Smoking, Nutrition, Alcohol, Physical exercise, Emotional/ mental health and Occupational history) with an aim to assess his health status. The report also throws light on some appropriate health promotion measures to maximize psychosocial health of Mr.Peter Jose.

 SNAPEO Analysis


Ques: How do you take your smoking habit and what do you think about its impact on your life? Are you trying to give up smoking?

I started smoking at the age of 15. However I still do not have an answer when someone asks me that why I started smoking. Though I was always of the opinion that I will never smoke as my father was a chain smoker and I always had an argument with him on this. Whether it’s our home or our car he would have started smoking everywhere. I really hated it, especially in the car because the ashes which he used to flick out of the car would have fly back to me. Today, I myself go for rollups. I smoke around 10-12 cigarettes in a day. Though there is nothing in smoking that I enjoy, it has just become part of my daily life which I think I have to do. Though I have tried to quit smoking many times but every time it’s a big failure. Two years back I somehow managed to stay without smoking for one complete day but next day I went to pub with my friends I was not able to control myself and had a cigarette. Actually it was the alcohol which aroused that desperation to fag. The key problem with me, which is also the biggest obstacle in my way when it comes to quitting smoking is that I keep postponing it for the coming time and that is why there never comes the right time when I can actually work on my bad habit of smoking. But now I have realized that every time is the perfect time to try and give up this habit of faging; one really does not have to wait for the right time. I am planning to switch to chewing gums or may be cold turkeys to begin with this process.

I have many reasons to convince myself that I should quit smoking. First and the foremost one is that my wife and my five years daughter hate this habit of mine and because I really love both of them so I can do this at least to make them happy. Second is definitely the health reason as smoking can just destroy your inner body entirely. Thirdly, smoking is gradually becoming an unacceptable habit in the society. For example when I go to someone’s house it makes me feel kind of alienated. Even though they also smoke but somewhere there is a feeling of guilt in my mind when I have a cigarette.

One of the problems I’ve got is a routine where the walk from my house to the bus to get to work is long enough to have a cigarette, so I leave the house, roll a cigarette, and smoke it on the way to the bus. And I’ve been trying to knock out that habit.

What do you think about your work shift? How is it impacting your health?

I work for a software development company and most of my clients are from Asian countries. So my shift starts from 1.30 in the afternoon and ends at 10.30 at night. So I reach my home at around twelve at night when my daughter is asleep and my wife is also in a sleep mode as she also gets tired after her daily routine responsibilities. In the morning I get up at around 8.30 as it is almost one at night when I go to bed. So in the morning also I do not get to meet my daughter as she would have left for her school by that time. Thus my work is definitely affecting my family life as I am not there with them neither on the breakfast table nor during dinner hours where generally family members share their day with each other and have fun. Similarly most of my friends gather in the morning to have a morning walk, there also I fail to join them as I can’t even imagine to get up at six in the morning because I sleep very late at night. Shift work has major adverse impact on psychological, social, family and conjugal life of shift worker. It has also seen that the shift work schedule curtails leisure activities, affects sleep and causes various health problems.

What are your views regarding alcohols?

Alcohols, if taken in small amount help one in relaxing and rejuvenating. But if the alcohols are being taken in large amount they create disruptions in your sleep and makes you more stressed. I am not an active taker of alcohols, for me it is more of a weekend kind of thing and that too in a very limited amount. In my case, alcohols beyond my tolerance level result in exacerbation of my inner feelings and depressions in front of everyone. So I really have to be very careful when it comes to alcohols. Alcohols also stimulate your heart rate, affect mood, behaviors and brain chemistry, and can lead to dependence. These are all things that will only compound the health issues associated with stress.

Do you agree that exercise is a boom for one’s health?

I believe, exercise is one of the most easiest way to change the mood in a positive manner, along with this, exercise has a positive impact on the health, and it also help us to overcome the depression. Adults and children, both get benefits from exercise, and they overcome the depression, as conducted by clinical trilas.The best medication for people who are suffering from depression is exercise, it has almost the same effect as of  antidepressant medicine. Other treatments, when compared with exercise, were of not much help in case of depression. Exercise has tremendous power, it cure people who are suffering from depression. Exercise can act as a tool for improvising the condition of people suffering from depression. Depression has lot of negative impact, it is a kind of disorder which can harm our mood, goal and can also spoil the relationship. It is important to have tool to fight with depression, and we can say that exercise play an important role. Exercise helps in maintaining the balance between the mind and body. Along with psychotherapy, or medication, the another option for the people who are struggling from depression is an exercise. It helps us to overcome the mood challenges. One should always start with a slow exercise, and should consult the physician, who will guide them with the right kind of exercise, so that they can live their life peacefully.


A good health is possible only through good nutrition. In my case I look forward for nutritional diet when I m in a stress as I believe that a nutritional diet helps us in reinforcing our resistance power against the bad effects of stress. Thus what you eat is very important in order to overcome your stress level. I have often observed that when there is some health related problem with me I feel more stressed out than in days when my body is in a better position health wise. Good nutrition supports the adrenal glands, which is of great importance in your fight against stress. Stress shrinks your adrenal glands, and a healthy diet helps to maintain good adrenal function. The kind of profession I am in, involves whole lot of brain work. Thus I always prefer food items such as liver, soy, broccoli, legumes, fresh meats, unprocessed grains, lentils, salmon, corn, nuts, sunflower seeds, egg and citrus fruit which are good source of vitamin B. Our nervous system and adrenal glands get great support from the B vitamins. They also are essential to energy production and provide support to the immune system. B vitamins also help maintain regular blood sugar levels, which may become irregular due to stress.


My emotions have their direct impact on my physical health. In times when I am experiencing some kind of emotional misbalanced, it immediately impacts my physical health and I start feeling lethargic. During this time I start feeling more and more deteriorated, and become totally hopeless. Negativity shadows my work, ideas, skills as well as behavior. Positive emotions, such as joy, curiosity, hope, and contentment, can broaden the cognitive capacity to be more flexible and receptive to new ideas and novel possibilities. People may be more creative and open-minded, be willing to seek out social support, and develop greater emotional and intellectual resources for problem solving. As positive emotions increase and broaden possibilities, relationships, and behavior, it leads to building greater personal resources. Specifically, have improved health, greater hope, optimism, and better quality relationships. Fredrickson is probably best known for her Broaden-and-Build Theory of Positive Emotions. In this theory she proposes, “that the positive emotions broaden an individual’s momentary mindset, and by doing so help to build enduring personal resources (Fredrickson, 2003, p. 332).” The experience of positive emotion leads to novel thoughts, activities, and relationships, which in turn provides more personal resources, such as social support, improved skills, and resilience to overcome obstacles.


Assessment of psychosocial life of young population has become an important activity in the field of medical world. Increasing number of mental, physical and sexual disorders have brought forward an alarming situation throughout the world that it is high time that we should take some major action towards small but significant issues such as smoking, alcohols, nutrition, physical exercise and nature of work as it has a great impact on the mental health of individuals. There is a fad among youngsters with respect to smoking, alcohols and drugs which they think make them more acceptable in the society but they do not actually consider the disadvantages that these habits will have on their lives. Awareness is the only way out to make people understand the disadvantages and importance of these psychosocial activities. Habits like smoking and alcoholism is very easy to develop, but when it comes to giving up these habits, people find it next to impossible. On the other hand habits like physical exercises and having nutritional diet is actually not an easy task to begin. Thus, it is our own hands how we want our future to be like, and thus it is our prime duty to start working on those grounds.

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