Project Scope Statement


How would you populate each element and what information should be included?

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Project Scope Statement

Project Justification

The purpose of the project plan is to install a new network that includes with software upgrade for 100 users. The old network of the company cannot keep pace with the expansion. The old network does not support the levels of network traffic that the users are generated. The business adds various network connection technologies and network hardware devices to connect to new users. The business needs to upgrade all the servers, notebook computers and desktop to upgrade a new software application (Brandenburg & Song, 2012). Therefore, the business focuses on the project plan to upgrade their network hardware.

Project Description

The installation of software application will allow the business to establish as well as efficiently maintenance of files on the network. It will also create increased network traffic. In order to resolve the issues, the business upgrade their existing copper wiring between buildings with the fibre optic cable and installation of virtual private network to access internal network with use of internet.

Project Deliverable

The business will receive the following deliverables for preparing the project plan:

  • A detailed project plan as well as document of schedule in Adobe PDF format
  • Regular scheduled reports on the project progress status (Randolph, 2014).
  • Wireless solution to allow for internet connectivity
  • A solution of Virtual Private Network allows remote access to the internal network
  • Full graphic documentation of the network

Success Criteria

Before the network upgrade is properly designed, the onsite technician should do a site survey in order to document existing network structure. The success criterion of the project plan is that it is required to manuscript the physical design of the building to ensure where the new equipment can be installing. The benefit of the upgradation is an increase in overall network speed that improves over email and other daily network retrieval operations of the business’s employees (Davidson Frame, 2014). It will measurable over time by enhancing the business output as well as improves the morale of the workers.

Time and Cost Estimates

The total time required to complete the project plan is 3 months with an estimated budget of $ 3, 00,000.


For the success of the project plan, the business makes some of the assumptions such as the desktops as well as servers have minimum of 1 GB Ethernet cards installed. The project should complete within the estimated period. It is also assumed that all the project resources are estimated properly before starting of the final network upgrade project plan (Meek, 2012).


There are three constraints within the project plan such as time, budget, scope as well as quality. The time constraint is due to delay in the design of the network infrastructure. Then, it affects the entire completion time of the plan (Randolph, 2014). It is communicated by the business is that at the initial phases of the plan, $50,000 is provided to the project manager to purchase software as well as hardware devices required for the upgrade the network. Quality constraints are due to limitation of the staffs to upgrade the network and lack of hardware devices to complete the project plan (Davidson Frame, 2014). The scope constraint is when the project manager does not provide the proposed quality network to the business.

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