Project management assignment homework help : Project management communication

Project management assignment homework help : Project management communication

Sample AssignmentAs projects turn out to be larger and more complex in contemporary environment, the effective execution and supervision of them becomes proportionally more important. For these kind of particular projects, the outcomes of decisions on, how well the project or assignment is to be handled, with dedication to communication and coordination, will commonly prevail over the consequences of how well the skills, knowledge and competencies are used by the project managers. This essay will further discuss the skills, knowledge and competencies, a project manager should have or develop to cope up with the project complexity in order to accomplish their tasks and responsibilities. Moreover, the reason for requirement of these skills and knowledge has also been discussed.

But the skills and competencies will be discussed here in this essay are quite dissimilar from the technical design/approach, engineering or construction skills by and large related with most of the projects. Then, it can be said that if project managers want to accomplish their tasks and responsibility in order to meet the project objectives, there are many other aspects outside of the technical approach or areas that have to be well managed and supervised by them.

Buy Sample AssignmentFurthermore, there are some keys to the successful management of any complex project which could be defined. Firstly, there should be a demonstrated guidance provided by the organizational management to help in effective planning for project management. Secondly, the knowledge of suitable project management system according to the larger and complex project to use it as a model for management strategy and viewpoint. And finally, the right use of established and contemporary project management theory and practice by the project managers to plan, direct and control the use of project resources (Varanasi, 2010).

Apart from this, a project manager (PM) should have innovative approach to put this into action in case of executing the larger and complex projects. Moreover, PM can go for the group problem solving sessions as one of the innovative approaches. To bring this session effectively PM should have the leadership and team-handling skills. This activity/session would be very helpful in reducing the project complexities because it will help out each project team member to simplify their particular project role, jobs and responsibilities. With the help of this clarifications PM would be able to develop plans and coherent schedules that the whole project team will contribute to. Additionally, these skills will also benefit the organization in terms of optimize use of their resources. Nowadays projects are more complex and also faced with tighter financial plans and lesser resources. In the framework of complex projects, this innovative approach helps in maximizing the available resources and keeping everyone focused and motivated for the time period of the project (Vancouver, 2001).

Buy Assignment AustraliaFurthermore, in complex project environment, it is desired to have the proper management style. Management style includes the skill and right knowledge to delegate in a fair, convenient and practical way. It is required by the project managers to have the ability to delegate that is to allot the right work to the right person and to define the roles and responsibilities clearly. This also includes the skill to keep the personality clashes and conflicts to a minimum level and to monitor all the activities related to the project on a regular basis. Besides, the more complex a project would be the more formal processes, approaches and techniques would be required to effectively manage the work. Furthermore, to accomplish tasks, responsibilities and to successfully manage the complex and high-level projects, the project managers are required to have the leadership feature resulting from a grouping of professional and individual experiences and personality attributes. Some of the competencies in a project manager should have to deal with the project complexities such as; leadership engagement, self control, assertiveness, relaxation, openness, creativity, result oriented, efficiency and consultation. Moreover, the special attributes a PM should have are; negotiation, good communication, reliability, specific knowledge related to project management system, values and ethics (Hass & Lindbergh, 2010).

Furthermore, on the bases of web based Delphi method, top ten competencies and characteristics for project managers were defined in relation to complete their tasks, jobs and responsibilities in complex project environment. Some of the competencies discussed are; to know how project success is measured, to listen effectively, and to know the available resources for the project in terms of funds, equipment and people and finally to have strong verbal communication to deliver and define each role and responsibility to the project team members (Brill, Bishop & Walker, 2006).

Assignment Writing Tutor AustraliaThe key skill, which is required by the project manager to carry forward and to use during the project is, human skill. It entails the ability of the manager to work in a team and to engender the teamwork effort in the group. Proper Communication among team members is also a vital part of this skill, which is expected by the project manager to bring it forward. Moreover, human skill encompasses few points such as mobilizing, communication, coping with the situations, delegating authority. In sum, conceptual and organizational skills are also supposed to have in project managers to achieve the project objectives and goals. These skills involves the ability of managers to view the organization as a whole and understanding how the diverse functions of a project are mutually dependent and how alterations to a single part can have the unfavorable impact on other. In this context, a project manager should have the skill and experience to take the sound decisions regarding complex projects (Elizabeth, 2012).

Going more to the point, Intellectual level of project managers is also taken into consideration from the perspective of complex project environment. In this critical analysis and judgment knowledge should be improved and developed by them. It promotes them to ensure that important and relevant information is being gathered from a wide range of sources and make them responsible to highlight the facts, advantages and disadvantages. Project managers should have the ability and knowledge to set a vision and mission related to the project. The proper understanding of SWOT analysis is also necessary to develop by them to seek the strategic perspective for project because opportunity and threats are identified on a broader scale and wider issues are defined with their implications.

Assignment Expert AustraliaA general understanding of overall study of this essay leads to the conclusion that there are various factors affecting the success of complex project. But one of the crucial factors is the skill set which a manager posses and his influence in delivering a successful project. Compiled study depicts the skills, knowledge and competencies required by the managers which they can develop to accomplish their tasks and responsibilities. Moreover, different types of skills that are needed to be developed are planning and organizing ability, supervision, better communication, leadership quality, innovative approach, flexibility, creativity and analytical ability. In general terms, specific skills and competencies can be adopted and developed by them to deal with project complexities. For this, they can create a high performing team by getting the right people in team to complete the task. A framework should be build    for effective decision making and project oversight. Moreover, web based Delphi method also played a role to identify and assess the topmost competencies to be developed by the project managers. The knowledge of SWOT analysis set the strategic perspective for project managers to cope up with the project complexity in carrying out their tasks, roles and responsibilities.

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