Possibilities of Transformation in Life: 1520966

The story is all about an African ‘champion’ who moved from his native land to the land of whites, (those who are not colored). The author had a hard time trying to fit in the land of people who believed to superior that those from his native land. For he is colored, strangers that he comes across in the new land looks down upon him because their ancestors, once colonized his grandparents as they struggled to look for independence long time ago.
He only gets recognition when he exhibits his talent of singing and saying poems to the uncolored strangers. He undergoes through some social challenges in the new land but due to his personal interests, he chooses to persevere what he goes through. The story tries to show how someone’s ideas, attitude, feeling, perception and opinions can be changed with time.
Through the process of life, one may undergo some life time experience that bring lessons to their lives ( Martínez-Blanco,40). They may enlighten your thinking skills or even teach you on how to deal with hard situations that come your way. Other experiences may be hard to swallow as highlighted in the article ‘how it feels to be colored me’. The author explains that some experiences as he moved to the land of the whites were very tormenting, although they did nothing to register depression in his mind.
Possibilities of getting transformed, as the author narrates, are as a result of one’s personal interests (Błachnio,704). Such interests are; thirst for education, need to add personal skills or artistic work like writing novels, books, drawing or even choosing to exercise your profession in a different geographical region. This may also be as a result of fulfilling interests like touring new places to satisfy your eyes with what you have never seen. As one makes a progress to add values in their lives either by adding knowledge and skills or even adding financial values, people encounter difficulties that changes their lives. One may endure psychological pain but the only solution is to persevere and act as if you are okay so that you may achieve your goals and objectives.
Whenever people move to a different region to add value his academic knowledge for instance, they interact with new people. Others may not listen to your problems; Others may ignore you and decide to use your skills for their own advantage. They may discourage you in many ways by giving tormenting responses that may kill your dreams.
People vary in terms of their attitudes (Edwards,88). Some think to be so superior than others, others do not like competition and others like taking advantage of the less fortunate. Transformation depends on the kind of people that you come across (Lent,557). They may make life so hard for you and make you a different person from who you are. This is by hardening your attitude in a way that no hard situations in life can disturb your peace. the article encourages people to endure, and cope with the attitudes of others so as to satisfy those interests.

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