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Singapore Cancer Society, a self-funded voluntary welfare organization based at Singapore, is dedicated to minimize impact of cancer by offering support for treatment and finical requirements of cancer patients at homeland. They require to raise funds through big charity event and project management methodologiesare essential to follow in order to manage this project such as such as PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) which has become de facto standard. This will help in ensuring the success of event as well as easiness in managing it. It is quite popular in the world of project management due to the use of proven methods, and it is applicable on all types of the project. The main difference between PMBOK and other popular methodology, known as PRINCE2, is the significant framework for contract and scope management provided by the PMBOK.


Project scope statement


The objective is to organize an event to raise funds for Singapore Cancer Society in the range of 50000 Singapore Dollars.


The goals of this event is:

  • Fund collection by selling hand-crafted goods.
  • Providing platform for interaction between craftsmen and businessmen.


This event includes following deliverables:

  • A craft-selling event on 31st December 2014 including 300 people.
  • A complete record of financial statement for the organization.
  • A lottery ticket drawing and prize distribution.
  • A formal public statement containing information about the charity event.
  • Weekly discussion with status report in weekly meetings.
  • Preparation of the project plan by project manager.
  • Project manager to get the approval on organizing the event.
  • Approval on the venue of the event.
  • Approval on the kinds of crafts to be allowed to sell at event.
  • Approval on resources with their roles and responsibilities.


The milestones are:

  • Support staff selection
  • Financial report preparation and updating
  • Preparation and distribution of invitation and tickets
  • Raffle tickets
  • Arranging the facility
  • Event for raising the fund

Technical requirements

The event has following technical needs:

  • The venue fire code to support 400 people.
  • The event to adhere the local police codes.

Limits and exclusions

The limits and exclusions of event are:

  • The event excludes responsibility of parking vehicles of visitors.
  • The event to be designed as per the owner’s approved specifications and theme.
  • Venue owner reserves the right of contracting services.
  • Venue owner is responsible to arrange food.
  • The event schedule will be Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Either the project has to get completed one day prior to the event day or extra resources to be allocated to finish the project on time. This may increase the project budget.
  • The project needs to complete as per project timelines.
  • The project needs to complete with assigned resources. There is no scope to put extra resources.

Customer review

Singapore Cancer Society trustee

Project Priorities

The event has a quite significant interrelation within time, cost and performance factors in terms of project management. A priority matrix is required to get implemented in order to identify the criteria which needs enhancement or constraint as explained below:

  • Constraint: The project has to meet its schedule (time), budget (cost) and specifications (scope).
  • Enhancement: It is about optimization of certain parameters over the others. Given scope of this project, cutting down the cost or reducing the schedule of project. Similarly, in terms of performance, it means to adda value to the project.
  • Accept: It includes not meeting the parameter requirement. The project cost may increase but up to the contingency of 10% only is allowed.

Once the priorities are set, it helps project team in determining the most essential activities, and it also assists in planning the scope, managing the constraint, decision making and optimization, integrated change control and negotiating the changes in project.

Priority matrix of the fund-raising event is shown below:

Time and craft items are the two vital elements of fund-raising event. The venue contractor may increase the cost if the project does not get completed by 30th December, 2014. This project has only 10% contingency, however, it should stick to the deadlines of project.

              Time Performance Cost






Work Breakdown Structure

WBS Task Name
1 Fund raising
1.1    Staff selection
1.1.1       Meeting of leaders
1.1.2       Volunteer selection
1.1.3       Finalize action plan
1.1.4       Staff deployment
1.1.5       Staff release
1.2    Staff allocation
1.3    Prepare Weekly account balance report
1.3.1       Prepare current account balance
1.3.2       Prepare project financial report
1.4    Account audit
1.4.1       Preform audit
1.4.2       Prepare finance statement
1.5    Prepare Invitation
1.5.1       Create invitation list
1.5.2       Design invitation
1.5.3       Design ticket
1.6    Event promotion
1.6.1       Distribute invitation card
1.6.2       Advertise
1.7    Sale of tickets
1.7.1       Ticket sale
1.7.2       Report preparation of ticket sales
1.8    Facility
1.8.1       Venue selection
1.8.2       Venue reservation
1.9    Venue preparation
1.9.1       Stall placement
1.9.2       Decoration
1.1    Theme selection
1.10.1       Select event theme
1.11    Onsite event
1.11.1       Charity reception table
1.11.2       Donation collection

WBS packages

The WBS includes following packages:

  • Staff selection– This package involves meetings of team leader and volunteer group. An action plan is prepared involving staff deployment and release plan.
  • Finance report – This package involves allocating personnel to prepare finance report.
  • Weekly account balance report – This package involves maintaining the current account balance and preparing finance report.
  • Account audit – This package involves auditing the account and preparing final account statement.
  • Invitation – This package involves creating invitation list, designing invitation card and ticket for the event.
  • Promotion – This package involves sending invitations to volunteers and deploying advertising.
  • Ticket sale – This package involves selling tickets and preparing report on fund collection.
  • Facility – This package involves selecting and reserving the venue.
  • Venue preparation – This package involves placing shops and decorating the venue.
  • Theme selection – This package involves selecting the theme and service delivery.
  • Onsite event – This package involves execution of the fund raising event.

Cost estimation

The basis of cost control in project is time phased project work. The project network is developed by work package duration. In addition, time phased budgets for the work packages are all time tables to lay down the fiscal measures for every phase during the project lifecycle. The real cash requirements of budget are emulated by the time phased budgets which is later used to control the cost. This specific information is very useful for cash outflow estimation. Project manager’s concentrate on the aspects like the time cost is going to occur, the time budgeted cost will be earned and the time actual cost will materialize. All such information is made up in order to measure the cost variances and project schedule.


The PMBOK principles will be followed in the fund raising project. We have learnt that clarity of the scope of work and requirements of the project are very crucial for managing a project. It helps in defining a clear roadmap to be followed by the project manager and his team. When the scope of work is clear, it becomes easier to execute the project as per the defined deadlines and budget.



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