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The Aim of this paper is to discuss personal development planning which is based upon the personal strengths and weaknesses accumulated from different tests and feedback. In order to building up a development plan, it is mandatory that I will be detailing every information gathered from the resources of academic studies and tests I have taken.  In order to find out personal strengths and weaknesses and how should I utilise these to find out opportunities in my future career, I have focused upon the interpersonal skills.  These are some very important aspects for improving the employment prospects and make me more competitive in order to secure position in a reputed international company in the future.  In order to become competent enough in the leadership position which is very much important that I possess in-depth knowledge about the subject and have proper control over the interpersonal skills based on which I will be able to manage the subordinates. This paper will be analysing personal development planning on the basis of five areas that I need to improve. These five areas are mainly the communication skill, core business skills, teamwork skill, leadership skill and behavioural management or social skills. The capabilities in overcoming these skill gaps can help me to achieve the career growth and improve my competency to get an important position in a desired organisation.

From the skill audit I have found out that I have scored 58% in my opportunity seeking, 83% mean my network, 90% in my creativity, 65% in my attitude and 57% in my communication. These have pointed out certain gap in the competencies and knowledge that are expected by the employers in most of the cases. This skill audit has revealed the gaps that I need to overcome as early as possible in order to prove my competency in the future occupation.

 These are very important skills which can lead me to barrier in the professional and personal growth. As it has been mentioned before that I have scored low in the communication, opportunity seeking and behavioural skill.  

Communication skill:

I want to utilise the network skills for effective communication within 3 months and measure them on the basis of feedback from my associates.

Core business skills:

I want to improve my result of business administration course in comparison to the result of last year.  

Team work skills:

I want to utilise my team bonding and knowledge sharing capability within four months and measure it through effective achievement of team objectives.

Leadership skills

My leadership skills is dependent upon the capability to motivate the team members and making them convinced with the strategies I will be developing which will be measured through increased retention of staff.

Social skills:

I want to enhance my social skills through enhanced emotional intelligence that will reflect in my attitude and behaviours and these will be measured through feedback from the associates.

As it has been mentioned before that employability self-evaluation test has revealed some of the exclusive strengths and weaknesses in my behaviour and attitude based on which I can develop personal development plan and overcome those weaknesses by transforming them into strength. In this regard it has been found out that I need to work more upon 5 most important segments like communication skills, core business skills, teamwork skills, leadership skills and social skills. The future me is established as a manager in a reputed organisation where I will be responsible to maintain authentic relationship with the stakeholders and make effective decisions which will decide the future of the organisation itself (Myers and Pronovost 2017). Based on these I need to decide the path I will be following in the future. The present I believe is the best time to develop myself because all the resources that I need for self-development are available around me. I have proper course to join, internet based learning and available offline articles and text books which can support me to find out every subtle differences in my learning. In addition to this I have working experience in a small farm where I have applied many of my efficiencies and competences to overcome challenges. Similarly in the university also I have gained support from my mentors and classmates who have proper knowledge about my features and understanding. I have communicated with all of them to find out what others think about me and how I can change the negative factors associated with it. It is very much important that I arrange all the resources in a particular way so that I get the best support from all of them. Improper time management or ill treatment of the team members are some of the barriers which can develop problem for my future skills (Tatham et al. 2017). Adaptability flexibility and acceptability are the three most important features of a learning person. In this regard I believe that I should be open-minded to accept any type of diversity or negative it so that I can see through the situations and enhance my analytical skills.

For my communication skill I want to apply this feature of open-mindedness so that people do not feel problematic while communicating with me. In this regard I feel that having exclusive listening skill is very important. Until and unless I am not ready to listen to the other points of view then I will not be able to share mine. Similarly others will not feel interested to talk with me and listen to my points. in this regard I also need to have perfect understanding of verbal and nonverbal use of words and meaning of words in different languages so that I can great communication skill without hampering interest of any other stakeholders. It is important for me as a future manager to deal with different types of employees and suppliers so that I can manage the operation in a proper way. In that case I need to understand their points of view and then share mine so that there is a situation of negotiation (Mamabolo, Kerrin and Kele 2017). In order to develop this skill I need to be more focused upon acquiring knowledge about communication process in different types of Business and different markets which I get from the online and offline sources. Along with this my mentors will be helping me to enhance my negotiation skill and reduce the scope for miscommunication in a team setting. This particular skill will be developed within 3 months because I am hard working and passionate learner (Bell 2018).

Core business skill is another factor that I lack already in my employability self-evaluation test. In this regard I have found that in finding opportunities I have scored only 58% which reveals that I do not have perfect knowledge about the expectation in the market as an employee or for that matter an employer. Business opportunities are always present in a market but what makes a successful entrepreneur is the understanding of the opportunity and grabbed them without any delay. This understanding of opportunity comes from business knowledge which I lack unfortunately. there is always a scope for improvement and I am already in a business administration course where I am getting exposure before eminent mentors who are prescribing effective journals and textbooks so that I gain in depth idea about business opportunities and operation. in this regard I need to enhance my study time and include research work so that I am not only limited to the prescribed articles or journals but also find out something larger than the common texts (Mackey et al., 2016). in this regard I have gained access of the libraries where I can get case studies available for gaining more knowledge about the business challenges and opportunities in this competitive world of business. By the end of course period I will be having ample knowledge about business and increase knowledge regarding business operations and opportunities. By then I will also enhance my problem solving skills.

Teamwork skills is such a competency which can never be understood without practice. From the very beginning which students are exposed to the teams of classmates. Therefore a collaborative approach is always present in our thoughts but in case of business organisation this teamwork is somewhat different. Here the diversity of thought and their explanation are more. People in the teamwork have their different points of view which can often leads to conflicts among the team members but this is the opportunity to understand the radical vision of any problem and then find the right solution and solving problem. As I have mentioned before I possess working experience in a team scenario. Therefore including thoughts and adapting skills from the others have been developed by me but I want to enhance this skill for other.

Leadership skills is one of the most necessary of all for a manager. In this regard I want to enhance my risk taking capabilities and motivating capability. As a leader I want to become a role model for my employees and they will feel free to contact me whenever they feel in type of pressure. In this regard I can develop a great relationship with the subordinates and empathizing with them for any type of problem. In this regard I also need to learn a lot from my mentors and online offline classes. attending seminars and workshops associated with leadership skills can also help me to understand the team scenario and the expectation of the companies in this competitive world of business this will help me to develop innovative and positive work culture in my organisation in the future and I can also pursue my dream to establishing my own company as an entrepreneur.

For becoming a successful manager I need to possess effective social skills in which developing emotional competence is one of the major aspect. I need to enhance my emotional intelligence so that I can understood my emotional changes and manage them as well as understand those of the others. This can ultimately help in my behaviour and attitude growth and I will be more acceptable as a manager in the future business. I need to test emotional intelligence and check my score for behaviour and attitude change. I can get feedback from my mentors and peers. This will enhance my decision making skill and reduce any type of conflict in the future.

Personal development plan:

What I want to learn What will I do to achieve this? What resources or support will I need? What will my success criteria be? Target dates for review and completion
Communication skill:   Opening up while using words Learning about the verbal and nonverbal use of communication Getting help from the offline and online courses of public speaking. Listening to others. Help from mentors Training of courses Three months Getting scope to enhance negotiation skills Reducing scope for miscommunication.
Core business skills:   Gaining more help from the course books and journals Increasing research work. Increasing study time Reading case studies off the national and international companies   Access of libraries Books and journals Case studies available Course period Increased knowledge about business operations Enhanced problem solving skills
Team work skills:   Gaining in depth knowledge about team building Understanding points of view of the employees Finding out their strength Encouraging in the knowledge sharing Supporting culture diversity   Support from peers and employees Case studies Courses Workshops Five months Enhanced employee enhancement Increased retention Enhanced productivity Ethical decision making.
Leadership skills   Enhancing risk taking capabilities Finding out scope to knowledge sharing Empathising with stakeholders Motivating others. Mentors Online and offline courses Attending seminars and workshops Practicing leadership in any team scenario 12 months Enhanced enjoyment  of the employees Increased scope to innovation Developed leadership role model
Social skills Growing adaptability Getting proper feedback from peers Enhanced emotional intelligence Test for emotional intelligence Checking score for behaviour and attitude Feedback from mentors and peers Six months Enhanced acceptability Reduced conflicts and mismatch in decision making More support from subordinates


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