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Om Excel


In the following assignment it was expected that the examples provided in “Operation Management: Sustainability and Supply Chain Management” be replicated. For this “OM” software was used. The software is a macro-extension of MS-Excel. The extension enables one to choose from different aspects of “Operations Management.”

For the project 40 topics were chosen of a total of 53. The topics involved operations management functions of Forecasting, Statistical Process Control, Process Strategy, Location and Layout strategies, work measurement, inventory management, aggregate planning and scheduling.

The data for the specific chapter and module is taken from the book was used. In the software the chapter number and selected topic was chosen. The input page was exactly fit for the required data. The data from the example provided in the book was provided into the excel sheet. In the excel sheet the orange coloured cells were for input of the data. When the data was input the sheet automatically calculated the output. The cells for output and other calculating cells formulas are provided. Thus it became easy to understand how the calculations are taking place. We could see the formulas. For some of the modules it was essential that solver be used. In such a condition, a button was created. The button when activated ran the solver to provide the output.

With the help of the formulas and the result we can compare with the results provided in the book. The precision of the software is very high. It can provide results of up-to five places of decimal.