Occupational Safety and Health Act


Does HR play any role in ensuring compliance with OSHA? Discuss why or why not.

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OSHA refers to the Occupational Safety and Health Act. This act states the responsibility of the employers to provide a healthful and safe workplace for their employees. The act lies down several guidelines among which few are the responsibility of the HR (Reason, 2014). The HR related guidelines are:

  • There should be an employee education and safety-training program.
  • The workplace should be free from all hazards, which are recognizable.
  • Employer reprisal has to be maintained for the employees for their protection.

The rest of the other guidelines and maintained by the OSHA compliance officer which are not essentially the responsibility of the HR.

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Reason, J., 2014, September. An OSHA Perspective on Combustible Dust Safety and Compliance. In ASSE Professional Development Conference and Exposition. American Society of Safety Engineers.