OB assignment essay help online: Emiratization policies – Etilsalat telecom UAE

OB assignment essay help online: Emiratization policies – Etilsalat telecom UAE

Essay Writing Tutor SydneyIntend of this paper is to research the organization change and impact of Emiratization policies On Etisalat Telecom UAE. In this regard, it is required to provide an outline of the introduced organization and Emiratization policies. Etisalat telecom is one of the largest leading telecommunication companies of UAE. This organization caters to consumers, international level telecommunication organizations, ISPs, businesses, content providers and mobile operators.  In addition, company connects more than 74 million consumers globally.  Headquarter of Etisalat is in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  It is considered as the largest operator in the regions of Africa and the Middle East. Moreover, the company holds a market value in surplus of AED 80 billion which is US$20 billion and annual revenue is more than AED 25 billion. Apart from this, Etisalat operates its business in more than 15 countries across Asia, Africa and the Middle East that is an area of coverage reaching more than two billion people (Etisalat, 2012).

Buy Assignment AustraliaFurthermore, talking about Emiratization policies, it cause an organizations’ cost to enhance as the number of emigrants augments in proportion to the number of nationals in an organization. Organizations compose an embedded form of taxation on emigrants’ hiring on the basis of the perception of these costs. Consequently, these costs help incentivizing the organizations to attract more nationals which ultimately enhance those nationals’ bargaining power and make an impact on their wages. Nevertheless, as the organization employ more nationals, the bargaining power of each added national gets down. Apart from this, Emiratization policy also impose job quotas on the organizations that are engaged in trade requiring assured levels of national employment of United Arab Emirates (Winckler, 1997).

Moreover, research question is whether Emiratization policies make changes and an impact on the said organization. Emiratization is considered as an initiative taken by the government of United Arab Emirates in order to employ the citizens of its country in an efficient and meaningful way in both public and private sectors. As Etisalat is a public company therefore Emiratization policies have made significant changes and progress in forming sustainable employment opportunities for the nationals of UAE. On the basis of research it was analyzed that Etisalat Company attempted to attract local talent of UAE at Al Ain Education and career fair. Emiratization policy framed by Gulf cooperation council demonstrates the nationalization of human resources. Although, the policy faced hurdles since its inception and implementation which were undefeatable, government of UAE had decided to deal with such difficulties faced by Emiratization as a nationalization undertaking. Thus, policy made an impact on Etisalat telecommunication to attract new talent from the country itself. The company supports Emiratization and believes on the potential and energy of young Emirates. Etisalat considered that nationalizing their human resources within the company will bring the opportunity and such environment which will enable the company to progress and develop (Abdelkarim, 2001a).

Assignment Writing Tutor AustraliaMore changes were noticed in Etisalat telecommunication when it provided most dedicated training & development programs to its staff for developing their leadership skills. These training programs were in line with Emiratization policy with the highest level of international standards for administrative and leadership roles. Besides it, the counted number of Emirati employees in Etisalat Telecommunication Company consists of more than 32% of company’s current workforce, which amounts to around 3500 Emirati employees. In addition, it can also be made a point that by supporting Emiratization, Etisalat framed its comprehensible strategy for hiring the best talent. The strategy of Etisalat created for Emiratization makes sure that UAE nationals would be employed within all key posts of the business including technical, finance, marketing, engineering departments, offering a affluent selection of proficiencies in a broader varieties of fields.

On the other hand, Etisalat also follow Emiratization policies in hiring for leadership positions where company’s more than 85% of executive management posts are filled by only UAE nationals. This reflects the implementation of Emiratization policy within Etisalat Company. Subsequently, Etisalat also focused on all-inclusive training initiatives supporting Emiratization in UAE, which in turn seeks to frame a generation which would be productive enough and of high performance. In contrast, the said organization also set its own academy named as Etisalat Academy which refers to region’s one of the leading training centers for leadership skills, telecommunications, businesses, information technology and governmental development. One of the studies done for both public and private sector of UAE demonstrated the fact behind the difference in number of nationals and emigrants in UAE organizations. Research presented that more than 65% of UAE national who are working in public sector organizations hold bachelor and a degree above that as compared to more than 43% people UAE nationals working in private sector. These findings revealed that organizational engagement plays a vital role in Emiratization process and a driver of it (Zughaibi & Kabbani, 2012).

Sample AssignmentMoreover, organizational culture, remuneration and career development affect the organizational change in UAE. It was also analyzed that there are vast differences in public and private sectors’ career development programs which in turn affect Emiratization process and policies of the country. Similarly, Tanmia has argued that UAE national employees lacking of technical skills therefore they cannot be trusted. In this context, UAE considers them less competent and is less willing to delegate major responsibilities to UAE nationals. Thus, UAE public organizations are based on firmly intended policies of human resource management (Tanmia, 2005).

As Emiratization policy discusses about wages and productivity in relation to both public and private sector, it recommends to pay attention to UAE nationals’ empowerment as a mean of getting the most out of organizational engagement. Afterward, policy of Emiratization also makes recommendations for the nationals of UAE in order to make the process effective and efficient. Research and findings of policies’ impact on Etisalat found the education and training the most crucial factors for development. To nationalize more and more employees in UAE to be employed in the organizations need career development and training programs. Emiratization policy is not a new agenda for United Arab Emirates; it is into practices in place that targets employment for UAE nationals (Salem, 2011).

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