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Master of Business Administration

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Why do you want to do the MBA?

A masters in Business administration will enhance my leadership capacity and strategic skills. Besides, we live in a very competitive world where advanced business and managerial skills are required. An MBA will also enable me to study and learn about different functional areas of business and in diverse industries. This will give me an understanding of the different fields thus expanding my career prospects. It is therefore one of the most excellent channels in both career development and personal growth.

What is it going to add to your career as an accountant?

The knowledge acquired will reinforce highly valued accounting knowledge. Besides, the knowledge will expand my financial skills thus giving me a competitive edge in today’s dynamic and global environment. An MBA will equip me with the necessary tools and experience to advance in my career with increased confidence levels and authority. Besides, the wide scope of knowledge will set me up for diverse managerial positions in diverse fields. This means that the knowledge acquired will position me in a place where I can leverage my accounting proficiency and even pursue other careers.

What are your strengths and achievements?

Some of my greatest strengths are;

  1. Adaptability and honesty – the rapid changes in the accounting industry have enabled me to be highly flexible to change. I also take pride in my ability to adhere to any ethical standards issued and treat clients with honesty and integrity.
  2. Strategic decision-making skills – As an accountant there is increased automation of administration tasks that require excellent decision-making skills. The experience and training acquired has also sharpened my commercial skills as well as my problem solving and analytical skills.
  3. Leadership and teamwork – I have attained various leadership skills such as relationship building, excellent communication, creativity and innovation. Besides, I can work excellently within teams to enhance collaboration and performance.

Some of my achievements are;

  1. Ability to use systems effectively and productively – I have been able to set up budgets and actual reports specifically as requested by the departmental heads. Besides, the use of accounting software has enabled to integrate business functions for easy evaluation and decision making. Ability to develop internal controls that have successfully scaled the company’s revenue tremendously.
  2. Enhanced relationships – ability to build relationships within the firm both internally and transnationally. This enhanced teamwork thus increasing performance and productivity.

What are your weaknesses?

My greatest weakness is that I am a perfectionist. I give too much attention to detail that it becomes difficult to let go of a project. I always find something that needs improvement or change. To improve in this area, I work with deadlines for any modifications and/or revisions.

I am a highly self-motivated individual that sometimes I find it challenging to delegate tasks especially when I feel that I can successfully accomplish the tasks. However, in my career as an accountant, I have learned to delegate tasks. To maintain this, I normally execute a project management system that allows me to oversee and delegate responsibilities.

Why should the American University of the Middle East in Kuwait accept you in the program?

Firstly, the facilities in this university are the best and it would be a great opportunity to learn and study new and various approaches in business related to my course. This chance would help various skills and expertise required in my career path as well as give me a competitive edge in the business environment. Besides, I am also an enthusiastic person who enjoys creating networks with different people and learning from them. This will also enhance my contribution levels in class discussions.