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Literature review

Formation of liver fibrosis.
Use of biomarkers of fibrosis in different stages
Grad score of fibrosis 1.

  1. Biopsy and diagnosis of liver fibrosis
  2. Comparison of biopsy and biomarker

6.Pitfalls of liver biopsy

What are the biomarkers for

Types of biomarkers

Biomarker Development

Biomarker Prognosis

  1. Biomarker Interpretation

Pitfalls in Biomarkers

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis B

Non-alcoholic liver disease

Alcoholic Liver Disease

Sequential Algorithm


Genetic Markers


Thus, it is concluded that liver fibrosis can occur due to the various viral infection that can change the pathology of the organ. This change is related to a number of other changes like accumulation of fat, scar. This changes can be identified by the use of various techniques including biomarkers, genetic markers and proteomics. These techniques gives a clear image about the pathogenesis of the disease and helps in the proper diagnosis of the disease.


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