HR assignment essay help writing on: HR issues – ethical issues ( Mr. Tao Wong)

HR assignment essay help writing on: HR issues – ethical issues ( Mr. Tao Wong)

University Assignment Help AustraliaIntend of this essay is to discuss the HR issues presented in the case given. The reason for problem arisen has also been illustrated in the body part of this essay. Afterward, paper has highlighted different ways of avoiding the situations and HR problems. Moreover, ethical issues associated with this case has also described in further segment of the essay. Finally, advices and recommendations have been made for Mr. Tao Wong.

  1. 1.      The main HR issue in this case is ethical issues related to miscommunication with the job offeree, employer’s responsibility, briefing of proper cash & compensation plans, and employment issues (Ferris, 2007). All this started with the improper communication over the phone. Tao Wong was offered a job over the phone by Elizabeth Sinclair,the head of the management department of great Southern University in Australia. The offer was made at the time when he was in Hong Kong and after accepting the offer he moved to Australia. Human resource management of the said University did not make any attention to the job offer made to Mr. Tao earlier. All the terms & conditions dictated to Tao were not according to their job post in the University. The problem took place because Sinclair provided Dr Wong with wrong information and the plans told about cash and compensation was not correct and as per University’s rules and regulations under the job contract of employment.

Buy Assignment AustraliaHere, the issue relates to staffing, recruitment and employment of Dr. Wong which presents less evolving role of HR professionals in the organization. Moreover, the recruitment process approached by the University to hire an employee for the post of visitor scholar was not as per strategic human resource management. The issues included inappropriate process of recruitment, informal way of revealing company’s policies, procedures, terms & conditions (SHRM, 2012).

  1. 2.      In addition, situation could have been avoided if HR department would have conducted the appointment properly. Besides it, Dr Wong should have sent a formal offer letter for appointment approval by the University round of appointments with the University so that proper and correct plans, rule and regulations could be told to them according to the job offered. The employment offer to Tao Wong should have been made in writing and in a formal manner rather than over the telephone. In addition, according to HR employment policies, a written application should be sent to the candidate for an interview. Afterward, candidate is shortlisted on the basis of assessors’ report. Shortlisted candidate is expected to go through the selection process. Moreover, written comments are made with respect to shortlisted candidate’s suitability by the members of the selection committee. Then, committee evaluates the final ranking and decision for candidate’s appointment is made by after reviews. Finally, a formal offer letter is prepared by human resource department and sent to the successful candidate. The offer letter sent to the candidate also includes employment’s negotiated conditions agreed to between the committee and the successful candidate.

This theoretical description can be supported by the case of Turkey and EU candidates revealed their recruitment & training policies. It was found that small level organizations rely on multiple employment agencies to fill their positions of top level and on the other hand, large organizations used formal methods of recruitment & selection (Tanova & Nadiri, 2005).

Essay Writing Tutor SydneyApart from this, there are other examples which represent appropriate HR policies to be used by human resource department. UCL human resources present its HR policies that can be used to avert such issues related to Dr. Wong. According to their policy, a candidate is personified based on elements such as knowledge, experience and aptitudes. Afterward, company processes the applications, decides and selects the interview panel for face-to-face round of interview. Applicant is judged on the basis of selection tests and presentations. Then, decisions are drawn after the interviews and references are checked from each angle. Lastly, an official offer letter mentioning policies, terms & conditions of employment is offered to the appointed candidate (UCL human resources, 2012).

Furthermore, there are other means to solve the dispute such as grievance procedures, mediation and negotiation. Therefore, this situation could have been averted if Dr. Tong would have sent an official letter from the University when he was in Hong Kong. If Dr. Wong would have been felt any issues related to their salary package, allowances and other benefits he could have negotiate it with HR department of the University on phone before heading to Australia. Rejection or acceptance of the job offer could have made over the phone after negotiating with head of the department. As employer wishes to set the terms & conditions for every individual on the basis of their performance in interview and aptitudes, employees also wish to negotiate (Skwirk, 2012)

  1. 3.      Furthermore, the biggest ethical dilemma faced from this case’s point of view is employment issue. Moreover negotiations related to salaries, allowances and incentives were not decided upon between Dr Tong and the interviewee after their selection. The main issues cropped in HR when the salary and compensation plans were not consulted with HRD by the head of the management department before making a job offer to Dr Wong (Gravett, 2000).

One of the HR cases of Mayo can be presented in relation to its employee recruitment and selection policies. On the basis of analysis, it was found that they seek loyalty and a strong work ethic while hiring new employees for their firm. Consequently, the case of Mayo health firm also demonstrated that it finds out the innovative and effective ways to recruit and select the people for their organization (Ramlall al, 2009).

Sample AssignmentThe major ethical issues related to this case are corporate policy and changes to it. The University informed Dr. Wong about changes in offer of employment after he came to Australia. This was unbelievable for Dr. Wong to consider that he will not be paid airfares as he has already come to Australia from Hong Kong after accepting the offer of employment with the University (Blatner, 2006). In this context, University proved to be unethical in managing its corporate policy and its briefing to the employee recruited for the desired post. It is noticed that company’s human resource management has the responsibility and ethical burden of deciding upon HR policies and plan for an employee. But here, in case of Dr. Wong offer of employment, HR policies, compensation and allowances plan were told by head of the other than HR department, which was unethical (Rees esq, 2012).

  1. 4.      The case has presented a dispute between the Southern University of Australia and Dr. Wong, who was appointed over the phone. There can be a number of resolution methods which are also included in HR policies of the management.

First, Dr. Wong should come to the University to meet the head of the HR department regarding their problem and matter. In this case, he should discuss their grievances with concerned department. Later on, the dispute matter should be put forward to the senior management of the University and discussion should be fixed up so that Dr. Wong could brief them about their problem and the current situation. The judgement would be fair if both the parties are consulted so that each angle of the matter is taken into account (Fair work ombudsman, 2010).

 Then, senior department should listen to Dr. Wong and resolve his dispute or referred to an independent body of the University. Therefore, it would be an appropriate method to solve their dispute as it would involve all the concerned persons involved in making the appointment offer to Dr. Wong. In this context, negotiation can be done again for both parties’ satisfaction and Dr. Wong should be dictated about the HR policies, terms & conditions, salaries and allowances of the University. It is known as the classification of reassessment process (The University of Sydney, 2012).

This approach can be supported by many cases of conflict resolution available. In Los Angeles, more than 90% of EEOC cases were resolved with this approach of mediation. The process noticed to be fair when judged by the professionals and theorists. Similarly, this also provides quick and effective results and helps saving the time for conflict resolution (Allen, 2012).

Assignment Help AustraliaMoreover, BATNA (Best alternative to a negotiated agreement) can be approached to resolve the dispute between Dr. Wong and University’s management. This will help clarify the issues related to negotiation and reaching the best possible alternative for its resolution. Finally after consideration, Dr. Wong should be provided with a formal offer letter which will include the information regarding his annual package, monthly or annual allowances, and date for first salary, first-year vacations, job location, professional development, and opportunities and starting date of joining (Richard & Posthuma, 2010).

There can be other procedures for resolving the dispute such as arbitration, collaborative law and litigation which include legal actions. Through these actions, other options are developed and evaluated related to the issue. Afterward, these alternatives are put before the management and compliance offices so that considerable actions can be taken in favour of both the parties. These actions facilitate a generic approach to the problem of an individual and resolve it in an effective way (Seifert & McMurchie, 2012).

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