English assignment report writing help on: Communication & its functions

English assignment report writing help on: Communication & its functions


Essay Writing Tutor SydneyCommunication is possibly the only thing which lets an organization function and carry on the instructions which each and every individual is allocated. If the information is not communicated in the desired manner there could be harsh impacts to the information that needs to be communicated. It might be the exact opposite from the message which is being conveyed. Therefore it is the most essential element which needs to be taken care of by the organizations to carry out functions effectively.

Communication barriers are the term which is given to the causes for this loss as well as the distortion of the information while a message is being communicated. The essay below tries to evaluate the possible communication barriers within the organization and recommend ways so that ‘’Learn a Language’’ which has been doing a good business gets over the possible staffing issues and gets back to the main course of the business.

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Communication is defined as the process where it begins with the sender of the message in an encoded format and passes it on through various channels before it actually is received by the receiver and is further decoded. The entire process is only successful in case the messages sent by the sender are interpreted in the same manner as intended to. In case while the messages are in the process there is any kind of disturbances or blocks the message may get destroyed and prove harmful. Due this very fact the employees and managers in organizations face tremendous problems where they end up blaming each other and damage the operational environment. In the case of

The corporation ‘’Learn a Language’’ based in Brisbane the initial days seemed to have been good as they have become popular for providing their courses. However, it is in the phase of consolidation and day to day operation where there seems to be a glitch and a possible lack of communication system. It seems to be hampering the commitments of the teachers and creating an unfriendly environment between the Language Development Team and them.

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There are several possible reasons which might come in the way that may be causing the trouble for the proper management and hence carry out the operations in a smoother and healthier manner. The commonly faced barriers in this area are sender barrier, encoding barrier, medium barrier, decoding barrier, receiver barrier, and feedback barrier (Dr. Eduardo Bustos, 2011). The report below tries to evaluate the possible barriers and recommend steps to get rid of them.

Situational Analysis

While evaluating the ground realities, it is evident that the company has been offering numerous language courses where it has both Australian as well as international students. Now with the increased pressure there seems to be high demand for the staff members and the courses they are offering that keeps them very busy. However, a possible flaw or a glitch in the system seems evident where the teachers are not finding it comfortable to work in a disturbed environment. This seems to create a huge staffing issue. On the other hand the supervisors seem to face the problem of staff tensions which seems to be high whereby the morale to be lower.

There have been instances where the teachers have complained that the LDT is taking the credit for the efforts that the teachers are doing which is leaving them demoralised. Also, it’s been reported that the LDT has actually undermined the role of the teachers in front of the students as well. With this increased stress as well as physical toll teachers seem to have used all their holidays and even are choosing to take a leave without pay. This is an alarming situation for the company as this could lead to a possible revolt by the teachers and affect directly the business of the organization.

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The possible barriers leading to such Toxic scenario

Communication barriers are the only thing which seems to be responsible for the increasing differences between the LDT and the teachers. Now the possible reasons for that to happen could be as follows: (Small Businesschron n.d.).

  • Lack of Planning: One of the major things which can be held responsible is lack of planning. It seems that the management has laid stress upon the growth without considering the measures they need to take to define roles and allocate work accordingly. This actually makes both the concerned parties unclear of their roles where each tries to take the credit of every positive outcome which may happen within the organization, especially when there is intense pressure and increased workload.
  • Sematic Distortion: It may be that the LDT or the Teachers are facing this issue where the same word or expression is getting interpreted in a much different way than intended.
  • Un-clarified assumptions: This could be another issue where each of the groups is preoccupied with the assumption that the other party is well aware of what they should know without any formal communication (Management Study Guide n.d.).
  • Too much impersonal communication: This seems to be one of the major issues out here. It seems that both the parties have formed groups within the organizations and rather than working collectively they are working in groups. The frequency of communication between them seems to be far less than what is required. It is also seen that a reason for the differences is due to the fact that both are using the same workplace.  Sharing the same working space and yet not communicating regularly can bring out drastic disturbances among both the groups.
  • Threat, Distrust, and Fear: As already known that communication is a two way process the presence of trust and comfort is very important. In the case of ‘’Learn a Language’’ it seems that the events have brought in a sense of distrust by the teachers for the LDT. This is seen as a possible threat by the teachers as they believe that all the efforts they put in would go in vain with the LDT team continuously taking the credit and undermining their efforts (ENotes 2012).
  • Perception: Besides the above mentioned barriers the issue of perception is evident out here. The LDT seems to have developed the perception about the teachers that they are not doing anything whereby all the progress of the company is making is due to their efforts. On the other hand the teachers have developed the perception that whatever be their commitment levels their efforts would never get applauded and they would always be undermined irrespective of the contributions they make. This is one of the factors that are highly contributing to the adverse emotional imbalance and the leaves teachers are taking (Lee Hopkins 2012).


All the issues cited above could be solved and countered with some of the possible recommendations being implemented as mentioned below: (Unique Business Development n.d.)

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  1. Creating formal channels of communication: There needs to be a planned way where each and every department as well as individuals should be accountable for the work assigned. A formal structure defining the rules and regulations of the flow of information needs to be developed so that work harmony is created within the organization. Certain parameters should be developed where each of the departments is measured for their efforts and the possibility of the other taking advantage for the efforts by the other department is written off.
  2. An Authority Structure should be created: This means that the management should make an authority structure where it needs to define the places where the LDT team can question the teachers and vice versa. This will make sure that both the teams question each other on the matters which are a responsibility of the other team.
  3. Provide separate work space for each: This is one of the other things that the company needs to take care of. Although they need to communicate more frequently as separate workspace would ensure that both the teams do not interfere in the activities of one another.
  4. Increased Interpersonal Communication: As the director of the company along with the other management individuals it is important to increase the communication and discussions that take place. Involving each and every party that contributes to the organization and having a discussion on varied of topics would certainly help in communicating better and fighting out the possible problems that may be present. This gives a platform to the people to point out their views and understand the other party in a much better manner.
  5. Take Feedback sessions: As a Director separate feedback sessions for each group should be taken. This could help in understanding the possible things which both the parties are having issues with. After both the views have been taken separately it makes the process of understanding much easier to locate where the root of the problem lies in.


Assignment Expert AustraliaAn organization functions with the contribution of each and every member. Collective decision making and progress is what should always be promoted. Views of each and every individual needs to be heard and addresses so that the differences could be sorted out (Unique Business Development n.d.) The company ‘’Learn a Language’’ is pretty new to the arena and have more issues to deal with than just its internal environment. However if the above recommendations are implemented from the onset it would facilitate in smoother functioning within the organization and take care of every possible issue which might come in way while the expansion stage continues.

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