English assignment on: George Orwell analysis

English assignment on: George Orwell analysis


Get Sample AssignmentThe writings of George Orwell has always bordered on the political divide between opposing parties, the divide between the colonizer and the colonized, between the favored and the marginalized. The authoritarian or the totalitarian society has always been the target for Orwell. The writings of Orwell, more specifically, “1984” takes a descriptive, rather informative style. The piece is an extract from “1984”, where Orwell portrays vividly the harsh and inhuman society in a totalitarian regime.


The extract underlines the complete negation of logic in a totalitarian regime. The protagonist falls into a state of stupor as he realizes the chained state of his existence. The extract, in showing a complete negation of individualism, foregrounds the omission of logic in a necessarily totalitarian regime: “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears” (1984, Orwell, 1949). The unwillingness of the protagonist portrays the unwillingness of the common man in being rejected individualism. The extract echoes Ionesco’s Rhinoceros where the dictatorial regime, the Nazis, rejected individualism to man, where man loses the power to reason and becomes rhinoceros. The protagonist writes in his diary that Freedom means freedom where it’s as simple as two plus two making four. (1984, Orwell, 1949) The protagonist, much like Ionesco’s Berenger, resists the dictatorial regime.

Buy Assignment AustraliaStylistic analysis

The extract shows a vivid use of figurative language. Personification is a device that has been used in the extract. One of the instances is this line: “In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it” (1984, Orwell, 1949). Irony also finds use in the extract as the protagonist being the member of the much dictatorial Party thwarts the thought processes of the same; being a member of the Party, he highlights the lack of logic in the work of the party. The speech is more restricted. The objects of nature that are named, such as ‘stones’ and ‘water’, are the essential components that go into the formation of human body and mind. The connection of the stones and water and the human life is emphatically asserted. The extract maintains uniformity in its style throughout. The style of the extract is essentially bleak, that in turn suggests the bleakness pervading the society. As for the tonality of the extract, it is pessimistic, which expresses the views of the protagonist against the Party of which he is a member.

Linguistic analysis

The shaping of the new Language, the Newspeak, can be read as the tendency of the totalitarian regime to restrict the thought processes of the individuals to restrict the words they speak and their action consequently.

Assignment Expert AustraliaLiterary genre

The extract showcases a work of parody. The line which maintains that “not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality, was tacitly denied by their philosophy” (1984, Orwell, 1949), is an example of parody which finds strong echo in the first part of the extract, in the mention and the description of the ‘Big Brother’.

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The extract, in maintaining a uniformity of style, speaks the thwarting nature and character of the totalitarian regime, much implied in the Big Brother, while the common man battles to keep up his individualism and identity intact. The protagonist, being a member of the party, feels that his movement and thoughts are restricted so that he fears to think otherwise and speak otherwise than what is demanded by the Party.

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