Economics essay help on: Americans McDonald’s & Wal-Mart

Economics essay help on: Americans McDonald’s & Wal-Mart

Imagining America totally car-free is a dream, because cars are a vital part of every Americans life. Whether they want to reach office everyday or want to take kids to school or go for outing to McDonalds or want to go for shopping to Wal-Mart, the only prerequisite for every activity is a car. So thinking of a life without cars is a horrifying dream for Americans as they love to travel by their private cars, be it anywhere.

Essay Writing Tutor SydneyThe invention of motor vehicles in the 20th century and development of the automobile industry was turning point for the people in United States because they are fond of moving or travelling. Thus with time the cars became a part and parcel of their lives and the advent of automobile named cars changed the life of Americans. Thus we can well imagine what kind of life Americans will have if the cars are totally banned. The reason being there are only six American downtown districts which are dense enough to encourage mass transit, which is needed if they are planning to go carless (Rybczynski).

 Thus the real-time impact of United States going carless has many advantages like saving fuel, saving traffic time, greener and cleaner environment and healthy people and many more to go.

Buy Assignment Australia However to analyse the effect of elimination of automobile on social, cultural and economic arrangements in American Society we need to analyse the impacts closely. The economic growth of America and the road to becoming a superpower has been because of the good network of roads and infrastructure. America has about 3.9 million miles of roads which are utilised for transporting goods and people and make the transportation system of America enviable (Bureau of transportation Statistics). Economy grows because of good road network which makes the transportation of people and goods easier. This clearly indicates that if cars are banned there would be economic loss for America or society. The reason being automobile industry plays vital role in any countries economy and the Detroit  Big three organizations along with other international manufacturers like Hyundai, Toyota etc. provide employment to millions of American citizens who will lose their jobs because of this ban. Thus collapse of automobile industry will adversely affect the economy in America and world too.

 Considering the social and cultural impact, the American society is supposed to be very social wand people love to gather for various social events through cars. Cars are the source for meeting friends or reaching social gatherings. Along with that cars also depict the social class in American society and they express the social standing of any individual in the society (Balish).This indicates that imagining life without cars will have negative impact on social status. Changing cars after every two years is part of American culture which is not simple a practice rather a part of cult8ure and even the  America  pop culture is best depicted through ‘pimped-up’ cars. So banning the cars would rob American culture form its most attractive element.

Assignment Writing Tutor Australia Staying and adjusting to a society which is carless would be a task as they are born and brought up in auto mobile culture. They would be forced to adjust to automobile-free’ world where they would have to move on their feet or use eco-friendly means like bicycle (Balish). It would be very difficult for Americans to lose the comfort of cars and start riding bicycles as Japanese do and stay healthy and save fuel. Adapting to cycling would be a task for Americans. Individual effort should be needed to adjust to a car-free society as now they would have to reach social gathering on bicycle or pay hefty amounts for travelling through air.

Americans will not be forced to make such adjustments, but they will have to move with the car-free society. This is not something of great concern because before invention of automobile to the people used to conduct their daily business and moved around without cars, so why not today? We all know that the only thing which is long-lasting in the world is change and although it’s a bit tough to adapt to change, but it is the prime destiny which people cannot evade (Balish). Resistance is the first symptom of change but eventually the Americans will adapt to it realising the benefits attached with it.

Even I will have to make many major changes in my lifestyle in order to adjust to “automobile-free society” because even I enjoy the comfort and benefits of travelling by car every day. But seeing the benefits attached with a car-free society like we are sending on an average 16 weeks of our lives just stuck in boring traffic and the demand for oil  simply going haywire against the supply across the globe, I would love to envision and adapt to a life without automobile (Mackay).

Assignment Expert Australia I realise that every additional hour spent by me in the car is very unhealthy for me because it comes associated with 6% increase in obesity (Mackay), so I would definitely want to make my life healthier and be more than happy to make such adjustments. Since most of  us are living in urban  areas which have all the amenities like train, public transport to make travelling easier so why not dump the cars and  learn to thrive minus them.

Thus it is quite obvious that American society would be flourishing, healthier and much powerful than toady without automobiles. The society would be better off because you will get more time to spend with your family and friends instead of stuck in traffic jams, save lives as  in 2005  43, 200 people dies only because of accidents on American highways (Crawley). The society would be better-off as the environment will be saved from air pollution and walking is a great exercise to stay fit and avoid obesity. Moreover we all realise that oil is not forever, so we can save fuel and our natural resources. The parking lot land would be saved and the roads and pavements would be filled with greener vegetation. The traffic jams would not be a common or rather not at all to be seen phenomenon saving our time and energy.

However the American society or I would be worst off for some time that it would take time to adjust to a society which is car-free. Movement from pone place to the other would become more time taking and thus the number of social gathering would reduce. Thus social interactions will reduce. The long distance friendships and family ties would be broken because we would be able to visit only the friends and family staying near us. The economy of America would be worst hit because the places which are not well connected by trains or air will not get the things. The worst part is many people would be rendered jobless as the automobile industry will shut down.

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 Thus we know that car-free societies are possible in today’s modern world the living examples are Venice, Fes-al-Bali in Morocco and enjoy a high quality life which will cost much lower to the Earth’s ecosystem and save plenty of money too.

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