Economics essay assignment on: Poverty and sustainability

Economics essay assignment on: Poverty and sustainability


Essay Writing Tutor SydneyThe concept of poverty defines the idea of definitions and measures. This also focuses that there is no inability to participate in the society. It also emphasizes that there is lack of participation and voice. (Shah 2005)

This also creates the lack of participation so as it is not unique towards the condition of poverty. To define the poverty, the term functions and capabilities describes the poverty effectively. Human needs depend on both at the relation of the poverty and other important reasons. ( 2012)


  1. Global poverty to sustainability

Gender equality is the sense of equality of opportunities that plays an important role in development. It creates the access to education, land, technology and it is associated with lower levels of poverty. Higher economic growth is really important for the people so that they can achieve their goals.

Buy Assignments OnlineThis creates the disparity between the rich and the poor people in terms of the countries. (Lusigi 2008)

The degradation of the environment and the poverty alleviation are the global issues associated with the following descriptions such as:-

Different types of human activities describes the high rates of poverty in the society and this creates the inequality in the human societies. This also creates the issues in terms of billions of people and this also creates the inter-related issues through the way in which the humans interact with the surroundings and many others. Poverty focused the environment in terms of resources and it also increased the pressures from companies and also it raises the concerns associated with the major source of environmental problems. This creates the situational risks associated with the blaming of victims. This also is largely responsible for many problems in terms of the impacts of the environment. Sustainability is critical for the world’s majority to develop the environmental damaged process with the current nations or the industry. This also adds high amount of complexity with respect to the increase in efficiency. ( 2007)

b. The main ethical issues concerning extreme poverty is as follows:-

The poverty defined and represent population proportion that is living between $ 0.81 and $ 1.08 a day, medical poverty defines between $0.54 and $0.81 a day, and ultra poverty as below $0.54 a day. All the data derived is as per the year 1993. (Frankenberger 2007)

Poverty is associated with social, political and human rights.

Assignment Help AustraliaAccountability: The flow of the income and budget should be introduced in such a manner that addresses the poverty but the problem is that it does not meet or address the issues and there are lot of mis-behavioural activities. It is important for government and the contribution of the annual income needs to be dependent on the government in terms of managing the goals, promises so as commitment.

Violation of human rights: The human rights violations are the major issues that cause poverty. This increases the poverty in the society. In the society, individual’s efforts can really make a difference and thus the power tries to reduce the efforts of an individual. This also will help to eliminate poverty and other related issues in the society.

Education system: Education system is not good and people are not good at planning that affects and increases the poverty level.

Corruptions: The daily corruptions and non-employment had increased in a huge number which is also the reason of poverty. This decreases the level of ability and also creates various issues in the lives of the human.

Gender discrimination: There are still issues associated with gender discrimination and if the person is not able to deal with such issues especially the issues associated with gender discrimination for example: women are still facing trouble associated with opportunities, employment and chances of success. For instance, the case of widow – she didn’t get opportunity to move on, to work for her and this leads to increase in poverty. (Meijs 2008)

Unethical traditions child mortality: The mortality of the child is increasing because there are number of children who are dying every year. There are different causes such as malaria, diarrhoea, infection, lack of oxygen and other issues that increase the child mortality. It carries lot of dimensions associated with society and political issues. Thus most of the children die before completing their one year. This is due to poor nutrition, polluted drinking water that cause because of improper distribution and contribution of income as well as other appropriate reasons.

Buy Assignments OnlineLack of education and skills: This also increases the level of poverty so as it also causes poverty. The lack of education and other inappropriate tools reduces the level of better understanding, better job employment and other important necessary parameters. Education can offer greater means of better paying and safer job. This can also help to understand the social network and also it could influence the one’s policy. Thus by respecting an individual will also helps to reduce the poverty and hunger in the society. (McNeill 2012)

Concept of capitalism: People who are rich getting richer and poverty influences the billions of people in this developed world.

c. Business can help alleviate poverty in certain parameters such as:-

As discussed earlier, poverty is a major issue and it needs to be resolved quickly. This is creating issues in the life of the people and also it needs to be reduced from this society. Poverty alleviation and social inclusion both are the dangerous issues for the people. There are poor people who represent the world’s most vulnerable people and business needs to have proper right with respect to the license and also with respect to the new rules.

There are different approaches associated with the reduction in poverty like the business should generate indirect jobs for people that could help to support the households and it will also not charge any extra cost. This could provide the tremendous boost to the jobs of the people and also it could create the positive outcome.

The cash and the money should flow in a local manner so there is a requirement to make the service possible with respect to knowledge as well as development. Companies are active in poor countries and the resource allocation should be on the basis of knowledge, skills and requirement of development. Thus it will last in the company forever. At the same time, business can develop some or the few innovative ideas and technologies or solutions with respect to the increase in accessibility to the new markets. Thus the education is the top priority that needs to be encouraged with the help of building new schools and classrooms, encouraging people to do well in terms of job search and many more. Companies can also deal with increase in productivity and it could address the issues and risks associated with employment so there is a requirement of local employment. There should also have huge amount of opportunities to meet with the structure and also to meet with the people in the developed world. (Sanders 2009)

Sample AssignmentBusiness can highly contribute to reduce the poverty and in the poverty alleviation thus there is the requirement to play an important role in terms of encouraging the entrepreneurship and also in terms of developing new technologies. This will solve problems such as education, housing, shelter, food, healthcare and other issues. Thus there should have specific measurement in terms of economic, environmental and social impact of business.

Thus the use of business skills will also help to alleviate poverty and they can combat poverty with the help of sightseeing, reflection on next steps, food as well as relaxation in good company. ( 2012)

This will also increase the strong growth and significant reduction in poverty. Thus it also helps to meet the needs with proper increments. This can help to meet the needs of the poor and also there is an opportunity associated with it. Companies could look for ways such as growth and other tax related positions in terms of expenses. There could have employment opportunities in terms of various strategies to deal with the level of issues associated with employment. Companies could also utilize its corporate social responsibility programs and other programs to create new employment opportunities and jobs so as to introduce the short and flexible working hours. This can help to achieve the both profitability and objectives of job creation. Companies will need to expand its market with strong growth rates and market positions that could help to create more jobs and also will increase the long term global prosperity. Business can play an important role in addressing the issues and also in terms of reducing the poverty related issues. ( 2012)

Essay Writing Tutor SydneyBusiness can also run their business establishments so as they could share the profits accordingly. This could also measure the relief and poverty is known as the major issues in the underdeveloped countries and also in the developing countries such as India, Bangladesh and other countries such as Africa. This will help to improve the conditions of the poor in the business people. The poverty could also be reduced with:

Charity work: Through this, the business could share high prosperity with respect to clarity. They also could run the business with greater level of establishments. The business could provide food to the poor people, also could provide great opportunities to the widow, improvement in the health of the poor and all expenses could be done free of cost. Businesses could also set up its market with respect to provide them great opportunities and also by providing higher levels of education. The houses could be built for better opportunities and this could also educate the poor as well as the business could offer high amount of employment opportunities for supporting the family. Therefore the set up and the foundations of the business could also increase its profit towards the development of the community and thus they would be able to focus on social work. This will help to alleviate poverty in the business with the respective countries. (Shukla, 2009)

d. The ethical and sustainable societal response to global poverty alleviation is as follows:-

Poverty alleviation or poverty reduction is a systematic process that defines number of approach that addresses the issues, challenges and problems that seek to reduce the level of poverty in a community, society, group of people or countries.

The above introduced programs and defined approach addresses the economic and Non-economic poverty.

Structured Education system: The structured education system will help the people to increase their growth as well as development. This also helps to decrease the level of poverty so as it will meet the huge opportunities of the society.

Get Sample AssignmentEconomic development: The measurement of poverty will create the strong economic development and also there will be the better control in terms of prices, wages and salaries and other controls.

Income redistribution: The better distribution and flow of income will also help to reduce the poverty. This will also increase the purchasing power in the economy and there will not be any imbalance in the society.

Central control concepts are specifically focuses on the investment planning and restrictive codes on private and public sectors

Price control concept

Redefine Policies and procedures for wages and salaries in private and public sector

Introduce numerous financial instruments for better opportunities for employment


Buy Sample AssignmentTo conclude, the above sections are provides complete information about the Poverty in terms of ethics and sustainable analysis. As per above discussion the Poverty is defined and represent population proportion that living between $ 0.81 and $ 1.08 a day, medical poverty define between $0.54 and $0.81 a day, and ultra poverty as below $0.54 a day. All the data derived as per the year 1993 that indicate that the level of problems face by the communities, societies and countries in terms of arrangement of food, shelters, cloths and other necessary needs the environment called Poverty. Apart from the concept of poverty, the overall section provides information about the following topic a. Link global poverty to sustainability, b. The ethical factors and reasons that  influence, affect and impact the extreme poverty, c. Business and area of approach to create employment that help in alleviate poverty and d. The key steps and approach for ethical and sustainable societal response to global poverty alleviation.

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