PART A Brand Positioning (Based on Competitive Analysis and STP Analysis- segmentation – Targeting & Positioning

i. Assess the product’s/brand’s category position (e.g. market leader), the product category need it satisfies, its target customers, and the key benefit it offers consumers, relative to other brands in its competitive set (i.e., how it is positioned, or USP). You will need to conduct some level of research in order to identify how this brand compares with its competitors. You should do this by identifying the important benefits the brand delivers (i.e., what the consumer derives from the brand’s product attributes), from most important to least important, and assessing how it performs relative to its competitors. The brand should be positioned in terms of the important benefit on which it delivers superior performance


ii. Determine a target audience(s) and objectives for you Advertising campaign

Suggested length : Maximum 5 pages .

Part B the Campaign:-

i. Develop a creative strategy for your advertising campaign. This will involve identifying a creative idea, or big idea, the appeal, the attention tactics, and pre-testing of ad drafts. You must include early and final storyboards of your advertising executions as an appendix.

ii. Develop a media strategy. This will involve the selection of media vehicles to be used to carry the campaign, and the scheduling pattern to be followed for each medium. You must choose one primary medium AND two supporting secondary media. You must also support the advertising campaign with either a sales promotion, direct marketing, personal selling or public relations, of, any combination of these tools you deem appropriate (choose one of these as a minimum), and provide a brief description of how this will support the IMC campaign.

iii. Indicate how the campaign effectiveness is to be measured.

Part C the Presentation

In 7 minutes you will be required to present your efforts which followed by question from students

Each student is expected to make an excellent Presentation on IMC creation. While a minimum requirement for this assignment is that your marketing communications execution tactics be illustrated by story boards (either soft or hard copy), you may wish to also present completed roughs of your ads (e.g. television commercial). Presentation marks will be awarded for the overall quality of the presentation and your creativity in designing IMC for the selected product/brands.


Brand positioning means positioning “brands clearly in target customer’s mind” (Kotler 215). There are three levels at which any brand can be positioned like: desirable benefit, product attributes or beliefs and values. The marketing and advertising strategies have placed Dominos at the desirable benefit level very successfully. The two exceptional advantages of Dominos are:

  • They deliver the freshest pizza, as they do to start making pizza till the customer places the order. This product attribute of Domino’s makes it unique against it competitors as they own large number of local stores which helps them in maintaining high quality standards of pizza.
  • The next desirable benefit which they offer is that they can deliver a pizza that too fresh one within 30 minutes. Thisshould not be considered as product attributes rather a service which is accompanying the product.

Thus the brand positioning of Domino’s through its versatile ads guarantees its association with an image of high quality fresh pizza which is delivered on time. This way the customers get to enjoy a delicious pizza within 30 minutes and that too just sitting at home. Thus Domino’s has created a niche in pizza market through brand positioning very successfully. (Bo Jiang 2010)


Dominos enjoys the market domination in the fast food market as the best Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) in the pizza segment and they target the families mainly and the customers which fall in the age group of 18-35 years and not the kids or children. (Kaul Ajay Brand Positioning)

Dominos was founded in 1960 by Dominos Pizza Inc. as an international pizza delivery brand and has it’s headquarter in Ann Harbor, Michigan, U.S. It enjoys the grand position n of being the second largest pizza seller with 9000 corporate and franchised stores all over the world in 60 countries and spanning all the 50 states of U.S.

It offers a wide range of products to its customer like oven baked sandwiches, pizza,pasta, boneless chicken, salads, cheese sticks and breadsticks and with the latest addition called the Chocó lava cake.


The target markets of Dominos pizza are the youngsters who love to eat out and the families who want to enjoy a warm pizza sitting in the comfort of their home. The unique choc lava is most appreciated by young children and kids so the menu is apt for the whole family. That is why it enjoys the position of number one in pizza delivery and most renowned pizza brand all over the world. The families where both husband and wife are in corporate sector or go out for work usually fall short of time, but they too can enjoy tasty food in the comfort of their home by ordering Domino’s pizza. However Domino’s I spanning to extend its target customer base to different age groups too.


The mission of Domino’s

“Sell more pizza, have more fun”

Clearly indicates that its main aim is to offer maximum benefits to their customers and make eating pizza a worth remembering experience every time they order. The main benefits offered to the customers are:

  • Fresh pizza delivery as their motto says “we do not move our hand till you ask us to do so” clearly indicates that toil the time a customer places and order they do not start making a pizza. This way the freshness is guaranteed.
  • On time delivery is the most quoted example in service industry today. The motto and the achievement of delivering all the pizzas all across the world within 30 minutes make sit a unique experience for the customer as they get served a warm and fresh pizza.
  • Customers get fresh and tasty pizza by just making a phone call with their toll free number.Thus the whole family can enjoy a pizza at home by just making a phone call.
  • The not too pricey pizza which does not boast of cheese filled or Italian crust and blah –blah things like Pizza hut offers quality pizza at affordable price. This makes them most sought after pizza worldwide.(Rawat , S. et al, 2011)







USP “ Free Delivery”

The Unique selling Position which Dominos has that it claims to satisfy the most important basic need of any human being that is hunger within half an hour and that too with the most delicious and relishing pizza and great accompaniments.

This is not what the topmost brand Pizza Hut can boast off. They have high priced several kinds and varieties of pizza which the customer can have best in their created ambience. But dominos does not care to create artificial ambience for its customer they want the customer to enjoy the tasty delicious pizza in the most comforting atmosphere that is their own house.

Moreover the basic best quality pizza which can be afforded by even college students with their pocket money or a low income group family is offered by Dominos only and not by Pizza Hut. You can get a small pizza for 45 bucks in Dominos but not in pizza hut to satisfy your hunger during lunch or dinner. They apply the Tri component model

Conation (do)

Affect (Feel)

Cognition (Learn) (Singh, S. 2009)

Target Audience of Dominos

The main target of Dominos is the consumer who issearching for an affordable pizza and that too very quickly. Price sensitive customer always wants lucrative deals and that is why high pricing will not help Dominos and they make it sure to keep the prices lower and appealing.

This is the reason why they do not have dine-in areas; rather they mainly focus on carry away or quick delivery which is their forte. If we see demographically, Dominos does not target any specific market segment, every person young or small, big or old who wants to eat pizza at home can be their customer. This automatically makes their target group bigger and better. That is why it has become the topmost in online orders for pizza and tries to reach maximum number of consumers by enhancing their abilities to keep up to the customers’ expectations. (Adkins, T.  Et al 2010)



Objectivesof Advertising Campaigns

The advertising campaign of Domino’s is to establish it as a special kind of pizza which has value for money and better than its competitors. They want to establish it as better brand and that’s why they say “less for much less”. The taste is not what they emphasize on; it’s the lower and reasonable pricing which attracts the customer through the ads. Through their ads they emphasize on the USP that is free delivery again and again. The ad says Hungry Kya which asks for basic need of human beings which will be fulfilled by Dominos. Here the message is clear, evident and in concise form for the target customer to understand. (Advertising Planning)


The Campaign

Creative strategy for Campaign


The creative Strategy that I would like to follow here regarding Dominos is to involve fact based as well as value based thinking. Here we need to find out or analyze what the advertising message would communicate or say to its target customers. We need to add freshness, exclusive and apt ideas to hit the consumers mind. After the home Delivery ad and freshness we can target pizza as a time saving healthy food for lunch or dinner.

Creative idea

It would be emphasizing the time saving aspect as we are targeting men and women girls or boys who want to eat wholesome meal , but do not have time to cook and they can enjoy it sitting in their home. Moreover when everything is going green so why not add some natural and green ingredients and highlight them to increase the attractiveness of the ad campaign. (Young 2009)

The appeal

The addition of green color and a time saver punch can be of great appeal to the consumers. Since the main competitor Pizza Hut and the frozen pizzas are fast catching on to Dominos, we need to add more eco friendly aspect to the advertising campaign along with presenting pizza and various other products as healthy food for working couples, families or students whose main priority is not cooking but saving time to devote to other better activities in life.

The attention grabbing tactics

It can grab attention by redesigning its logo and asking for various students and creative people from the public to send in their ideas which should talk about the greener and time saver aspect of Dominos. Thus the new advertising should talk about going green. They can grab the attention of the youth by holding contests in the college campuses and the offices can be tapped by targeting big corporate houses where they can interact and tell about the new greener and time saver pizzas which can be had in lunch hours or when they go back home for dinner.

Pre-testing of AD campaign

The pre-testing can be done by first launching the ad on the social media like Twitter and Face book as they are not very expensive and after checking the response we can shift the ad campaign to traditional media that is Television, radio and newspaper or brochure ads which are bit expensive too.


Media Strategy

A mentionedearlier first the campaign should be launched on larger scale on social media sites and the official website of Dominos Pizza and after that the regular traditional means should be tapped like television prime time, sponsorship in major famous television show and movies, newspaper ads .The creativity can be enhanced by keeping the tone of voice very natural while advertising .Just make the visuals more aesthetic and emotional story can be build around so that people can relate to it.


Sales Promotion and Personal Marketing Techniques

To create greater impact Dominos can use sales promotion campaigns like the choc lava cake can be given at nominal price along with pizza which will attract kids and peoples who have sweet tooth. The reason being both are very easy to deliver at home without any damage to their freshness and quality. They can do personal marketing when the delivery boy rings the bell and talk about the new campaign and offers. Same way since they do not have any dine-in cafes or restaurants so the best way to personally make them aware is whenever the customer is placing an order with them, be it online or through telephone or personally.(Chen 2010)


Measuring the Campaign Effectiveness

The effectiveness can be easily measured over the time through various modes like data collection asking about the profession and the age group of the customer while placing the order. Online also the bard awareness can be checked by holding a quiz contest related to the new campaign.


Integrating Advertising campaign with Integrated Media Communication

The whole new campaign can be effectively communicated with a deeper impact by integrating it with effective media and advertising. The main aim of advertising that iscreating an impact on the mind of consumers can be fulfilled by placing the new ad on hoardings in the shopping malls and by the road side. The main targeted market here is UAE so here people are a bit conservative in attitude so they do not surf internet much rather they are big shipping freaks and travelers . SO if we place these ads on such places the ad will gain more visibility.

Same way the housewives will also get targeted through these hoardings as they splurge in shopping most of the times in the conservative and restricted environment of UAE. They watch television too a lot so by placing the television ad just before or in between the TV serials will give Dominos more prominent visibility and they will be tempted to order more pizza and other products. A new local flavored pizza or choc lava with dates can also be proposed as Arabs are fond of dates and olives. Adding extra olive dressings or toppings will attract them more towards Dominos.





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