Compare and Contrast between the “Eiffel Tower”’ and the ‘ArcelorMittal Orbit’

Report Outline

Essay Writing Tutor Sydney            The purpose of this report is to make a critical analysis regarding similarities and contrast between the “Eiffel Tower”’ of Paris and ‘ArcelorMittal Orbit’ of London. In the first section of the report a brief introduction regarding both the structure would be provided in order to develop an in-depth underrating about the history of these great works. In the next section of the report the similarities between these great works would be discussed so that it could be identified that in what context ‘The “Eiffel Tower”’ of Paris and ‘ArcelorMittal Orbit’ of London resembles each other. The next section of this report aims at highlighting the contrast between both the glories of these two cities. At the last section the report would conclude the key findings of the discussion and analysis through this paper.


The “Eiffel Tower” is considered to be the heart of Paris, the city of Love and the capital of France. The monument has become synonym of Paris and it is not possible to visit Paris and escape the beauty of this great work. Its legacy can be reflected with the fact that in May 2012, the Tower has completed 120 years of its foundation. As the The “Eiffel Tower” of Paris has been centre of attention for the people around the world, in the same way ‘ArcelorMittal Orbit’ of London has caught the attention of visitors of this year’s Olympic (Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Committee of Public Accounts, 2012). This great structure was not a part of original ‘London Olympic 2012’ plan, but was built in the view of beauty of city and for attraction of visitors during the Olympic games in London.

Buy Assignment AustraliaSimilarities between the “Eiffel Tower”’ and the ‘ArcelorMittal Orbit’

There are several grounds upon which a comparison can be made between both the structure and the first among them can be identified as their beauty and ability to attract the visitors. In the same way both the great work reflect similarities up to a very large extent in terms of their complexities and construction amount. The construction work of The “Eiffel Tower”’ was complete in 21 months and it has made up of 18,000 pieces of iron held together by 2.5 million rivets.  The weight of this world known structure is somewhere around 6,350 tones and reached a height of 300 meters (Marsh, 2009).

            The glimpse of complexities is visible in the case of ‘ArcelorMittal Orbit’ as well, as the structure is 114.5 meter tall and is made up of around 9 km of steel tubes. In addition to this, the complicated shape has been connected with the help of 900 plates which help in formation of trusses and interconnect the bulk of structure. A major part of the construction cost has been funded by ArcelorMittal Group, as the company is paying £19.6M and £3.1M of total £22.7M is being paid by the London Development Agency. In the case of this monument it would be quite difficult to make any changes in later stages, once the construction work has been stated (LeBoutillier, 2006).

            Another similarity between both the monuments can be highlighted with regard to their actual usefulness while comparing the involved direct and indirect cost. It has been accused by many of experts and scholar that the “Eiffel Tower” does not have practical usefulness other than the beautification of the city, and even this concerned was raised during the time when the tower was built. In the response of this question the engineer, Gustave Eiffel who built the tower defended through arguing that it would serve the purpose of science due to its height, from several perspective including meteorology, astronomy and physics. The same question related to practical usefulness of ArcelorMittal Orbit has been asked by the critics of complex and cost-oriented structure (Dalton, 2012).

University Assignment Help AustraliaContrast between the “Eiffel Tower”’ and the ‘ArcelorMittal Orbit’

            In addition to the above mentioned similarities, there are several differences which can be identified and analyzed in these two great works. The first among them can be recognized as the use of computer system and technology for the purpose of giving a final shape to these towers. In the case of the “Eiffel Tower”’, the art of construction was not the result of computer system, whereas the case of ArcelorMittal Orbit’ the use of 3D and other technology has been done so that it can be ensured that final design does not show a higher degree of variation from what has been set up in first stage (Littlefield, 2012).

In the case of later structure, the use of 3D has ensured a perfect correlation between the position of steel and the connection between and among other steels, used for construction work. It was assumed by many of structure experts that the “Eiffel Tower” would not going to be stand for more than two decades due to some limitations of the structure but it has surpassed such assumption has celebrated a century of its foundation. It is worth emphasizing here that during those days limitations of technology has not enabled the engineers to analyze the several aspects of construction in the initial phase as in the case of “ArcelorMittal Orbit’. Along with the use of computer system to provide the final touch to the structures, the degree of complexities can also be taken into account for evaluation of contrast between the “Eiffel Tower”’ and ‘ArcelorMittal Orbit’. The design and structure of the later monument is more complex than that of former one (LeBoutillier, 2006).

Buy Sample AssignmentConclusion

On the basis of above discussion and analysis of the architectural issues of the “Eiffel Tower”’ and ‘ArcelorMittal Orbit’ it can be said that both the monuments are exceptional examples of structure work and art. One of them has been built a century ago and has evolved as an identity of the city, whereas another one is a symbol of complex and beautiful construction work. Both the monuments are known for their style and presenting a unique way of construction but belongs to two different era. The shape and size of these two monuments are the primary reasons of their glory and attraction around the world.

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