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Sample Report Assignment


Executive summary: 2

Introduction: 3

Goal setting, theoretical aspect: 3

Goal setting theory is dependent on four mechanisms: 4

Goal commitment: 4

Goal specificity: 4

Goal difficulty: 5

Feedback: 5

SMART goal setting methodology: 6

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Assignment Overview: Decision making capabilities in Digital Media

Assignment Overview: Contemporary issues in digital media

In previous reports we have looked at various concepts of visualization in digital media and also evaluated the views that have been presented on visualization where the comparisons and approaches were also looked at. However, at the same time there is a need to look at the issues that are there and how they can be tackled. To ensure that the issues are understood, it is important to understand few things that include knowing your client, know your consumers and prove results beyond direct response (Greg, April 21, 2010). It is very important information visualization systems to focus on the end users capability to understand and benefit from what is being presented in the form of data, more importantly as the decision making entirely depends on the providence and user experience rather than on the design. In this proposal we will look at analytic gaps that are an epitome of obstacles faced by visualizations aiding towards analytic tasks likes decision making. In this report, a proposal will be presented for a framework that helps design and evaluate information visualization systems (Amar Robert and Stasko John).

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