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Assignment Topic and Review: Feasibility report in San Diego Market

Assignment Review on: Business Planning Capstone

Feasibility Analysis Template

The following is the feasibility study for a business plan related to opening up a hair salon in the San Diego CA Area. The salon will cater its services to all age groups and also all demographics and psycho graphics and specially the military style. It has been estimated that the company will be able to make an amount of $ 250000 per year. The analysis is for the purpose of analyzed whether or the not the business is feasible or not. The following feasibility study will provide an idea as whether to move further or not. The study includes all the factors under study like the industry analysis, market and customer analysis, products analysis, founding team analysis and the financial analysis of the company business under consideration. This study will help the entrepreneur to analyze whether or not the business will make a profit or not in the coming time period.

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import java.util.*;

public class Puzzle {
private static Map<String, Integer> checkList = new HashMap<String, Integer>();
public static void main(String[] args) {

int[] inputList = new int[7];
Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);
int count = 0;
while(input.hasNextInt()) {
inputList[count] = input.nextInt();
int[][][][] finalOutput = new int[7][3][3][3];
int[][][] workPlace = new int[3][3][3];
ThreeDMatrix shap = new ThreeDMatrix();
int x = 0;
int n = 7;
for(int i = 0; i < count; i++) {
while(x < count) {
if(moveP(inputList, workPlace, x, shap) != null){
int[][][]seek = add(moveP(inputList, workPlace, x, shap), workPlace);
if(checkL(seek)) {
workPlace = seek;
finalOutput[x] = workPlace;

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1.2 Case Study

Swift and Shift Couriers was a small courier and logistics company headquartered in the Mel-bourne CBD that provided same day delivery services. Founded by Bill Wiley, the company grew from a one man show into a striving business employing two drivers. Bill stayed in the warehouse and controls and coordinates pickups and deliveries. As he thought about how his business grew and the services he provided to his customers, Bill began to itemise the kinds of information he will need to maintain. Of course, he needed to maintain information about his customers. Some of his customers were businesses; some were individuals. He needed to have basic address and contact information for every customer. Also, for his corporate customers, he needed to identify a primary contact person. It was mostly his corporate customers who wanted to receive monthly statements listing all their shipments during the month and the total cost. Bill needed to distinguish which customers paid cash and which wanted monthly statements. In fact, for those that paid monthly, he needed to keep a running account of such things as when they were last billed, when they paid, and any outstanding balances. Finally, when payments were received, either for individual shipments or from monthly invoices, he needed to record in-formation about the payment: type of payment, date, and amount. Although this was not asophisticated billing and payment system, Bill thought it would su ce for his needs. Next, he started thinking about his packages and shipments. At the time that a request for a pickup came in, he needed to keep track of it as some type of delivery request or delivery order. At that point in time, Bill mostly needed to know who the customer was, where the pickup location was, and what date and time the package(s) would be ready for pickup. He also recorded the date and time that he received the order. A delivery order was considered open until the delivery van arrived at the pickup location and the packages were all retrived.

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You have been requested by your Senior Engineer to design an Engine Control Unit (ECU) and
prepare a report detailing your proposed solution. The client requires a design for a microcontroller
based control unit for a new engine to be used in passenger vehicles.

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EEE2025 Data Structures and Computer Algorithms:
2011/2012 Assignment

Data storage and retrieval: a comparison of hashing and
directed search of sorted data

This assignment involves writing C programs and functions which will store
lists of integers in (a) a hash table and (b) a sorted array, and then will find
given values within either the hash table or the sorted array. An evaluation
and comparison of the run-time and complexity of these algorithms will be
performed. The particular algorithms chosen for study are:
• Hashing
• Insertion sort
• Binary search

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