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Executive Summary

 The main purpose of the module is to develop the effective communication strategies in the space of the health promotion. In the following, the management needs to develop some of the sophisticated communication strategies and the tools in order to communicate with the individuals and to aware them about the harmful effects of the drinking and the drug addiction. Some of the tools like the blogs, opening the ages in the twitter and the face book will help the individuals in gaining the proper knowledge and thus it will help in the process of strategic and functional communication.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: 2

The work break down structure: 2

Work breakdown structure dictionary: 2

Risk Register. 4

Conclusion. 6

Reference: 7


Work breakdown structure helps project manager to plan the work more efficiently. The project manager of Nova Millwork has very limited time to concentrate on a particular project, apart from time they have limited money. So develop a work in fixed time frame and money to fulfill the need of the stakeholder is the duty of a project manager (Haugan, 2014). WBS helps to execute the plan in effective way. There are several risk factors in the company that are financial risk, scarcity of material, quality related issues. To maintain the time framework company need to improve their transportation.  For this work organization needs to employ more workers, to engage them in work they need to train their employees (Okayama and Chirillo, 2012).

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The Civil Wars: Appian-68113

Cn. Octavius was an individual from the Plebeian gens Octavia. His father, likewise called Gnaeus Octavius, was Consul in 128 BC, while his uncle, Marcus Octavius, was a key figure contrary to the changes of Tiberius Gracchus in 133 BC. He was remotely identified with Gaius Octavius, father of the future Augustus.

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Plan and Manage International Trade-69644


Introduction.. 1

Importance of Frozen fish, Caviar imports to Australia. 1

Importing Caviar – Russia to Australia. 2

The Best Way to import Caviar from Russia to Australia. 3

Conclusion.. 4


The business idea behind the proposed project is to establish a caviar and sturgeon fish production facility in the territory of South Australia. Sturgeon and caviar represent delicacy food items traditionally consumed by middle and upper social classes.  In the past these products used to be obtained from nature, mostly from the waters of the Caspian Sea.  The end of the 20th century witnessed sharp decline in natural sturgeon stocks, and the production went drastically down leading to a complete ban on sturgeon fishing in the Caspian basin and other natural sources. Due to this, the international markets today experience shortage of sturgeon and caviar, which cannot be quickly satisfied by aquaculture (fish farming).  This fact has established very attractive prices for sturgeon and caviar with luxurious profit margins.

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Change Behaviour TR LTD-66725

Needs to answer one question in the TR Ltd


Change is one of the most challenging tasks to perform for any organization. As the word defines its definition, it is the beginning of the new era. Whether it is any organization or any kind work or in any household, the word ‘change’ brings smiles on the faces of the people. Everybody likes the changes which are done for the betterment of the society.  From the business point of view, change is need of organization to compete in today’s competitive business environment and to perform corporate planning efficiently (Agboola& Salawu, 2011). In order to perform change organizational managers have to work together to develop a strong organizational culture that would not resist the change. Different organization use different techniques for performing this changing process.

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 Competing in Global Markets

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Student Name

Institute Name


HBS MINOLTA CASE…………………………………………………………………………………………………. 3

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Deakin University : SIT322 Distributed Systems -59592

Application code must compile the code into one or more assemblies to service requests by users. Assemblies are files that have the file name extension .dll. We write code in C#. When the code is compiled, it is translated into Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) which is  a language-independent and CPU-independent at run time. The context of the .NET Framework translates MSIL into CPU-specific instructions for the computer processor  that  running the application.

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Big energy case study-54090

Question: Refer to attachment.

The essay needs be well structured and coherent such that it clearly communicates insightful and critical thinking. This assessment piece will be assessed primarily on their ability to recognise, analyse and discuss the key issues, theories and practices relevant to the case study. Students will be assessed based on their ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of the scenario and the OB theories that underpin the particular case study. When completing the essay please refer to the specific criteria provided within the essay as well as the assessment rubric that has been published on Blackboard.

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Question: Choose two of the four organisational theory perspectives and discuss how and why they provide us with alternative ways of understanding and analysing Coca-Cola and its relationship with its organisational environment. Draw upon the required textbook and Coca-Cola readings, and your own research to answer the question.

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Enterprise Information Management-54259

Task 1

Download “data.csv” and “header-description.txt” from CloudDeakin. Produce an Orange loadable file based on your experience in processing the data in the last workshop.

Task 2

Using your knowledge of classification, regression and data exploration, answer the following questions

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Cadbury marketing strategy assignment-51424





1. PROFILE OF CADBURY                                                                                                3

2. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS                                                                                            6

3. LEGAL AND ETHICAL REQUIRMENTS                                                                     6

4. DEVELOPING MARKETING OBJECTIVE                                                                  9

5. RISK MANAGEMENT STRATEGY                                                                              10

6. SWOT ANALYSIS OF CADBURY DAIRY MILK                                                        11

    REFERENCES                                                                                                                   13


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THE REALM OF BIG DATA-Business report assignment-50209

Select a new (developed/implemented from 2012/onwards) E-Business Technology/Application. Discuss the key advantageous features of the technology/application when compared with the alternatives available. As well as the key advantages, identify and discuss key limitations of the technology as well as the risks associated with its implementation

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ELSM LL4181/LL5181 Skills Portfolio-49157

The ELSM summative personal skills portfolio contains the following items:

  1. Westlaw and Lexis certificates, already submitted and completed. Candidates should not attempt to submit or resubmit, in any form. All candidates who submitted their certificates on time will be given a grade of 100% for each of those units of assessment.
  2. The candidate’s answers to TB 1 seminar 7, questions on statutory interpretation, except for Q13. (This item of the portfolio carries 35 of the 100 marks available for the portfolio document).
  3. The candidate’s answers to TB1 seminar 8, questions on precedent and case analysis. (50 marks).
  4. A brief comment on what the candidate learned in executing the court report and receiving feedback. This includes anything relevant, such as comments on the type and jurisdiction of the court, anything about the visit, the court users and staff, court procedure and so on, and anything learned from feedback. (10 marks).
  5. A very brief explanation of what plagiarism is, and how to avoid it. (5 marks).

Submit the single document, called “ELSM portfolio”containing items 2, 3,4 and 5, into the portfolio TURNITIN electronic drop-box on StudySpace, in the “portfolio” folder, in “assessment” by 09.00 on January 8th 2015. The word limit is 3,000 words. Words over this limit will be ignored. Title, subtitles and question numbers are excluded from the word limit. Candidates should not replicate the questions in their answer document.The work must be in 12 point font, in Ariel, or Times New Roman. Candidates should use footnotes to provide citations for any material referred to. Oscola formatting MUST be used. TURNITIN will detect plagiarism, including copying from another student, or a PowerPoint, any book or article, or any teaching material. TURNITIN is calibrated to ignore small matches, such as titles of Acts of Parliament, and legitimate material placed in quotation marks. Please see the StudySpace front page and follow the hyperlink marked “plagiarism” in the top left corner of the screen, and read the academic regulations on plagiarism.The portfolio document will be given marks out of 100% and will be graded according to the KU and KLS grading criteria.All candidates are expected to realise by now that they will be penalised for using internet crib sources, such as the Law Teacher, Sixth Form Law and similar sites and they will be rewarded for using legitimate sources such as the module textbooks, Westlaw, Lexis and so on. In accordance with KU regulations, module leaders are not permitted to grant extensions. In the event of illness, please follow the procedure in the regulations and contact the business and law undergraduate office. Contact details for the module administrator are in the handbook.

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Answer 2

A) In a limited company there are wide number of expenses, however all expenses are not allowed under income tax. Only genuine expenses are allowed, that means the expenses which are incurred wholly for running the business of the company. On determining any expenditure, one has to check if the expense was incurred wholly for running the business, if the answer is yes then that expense is a business expense. However it may not be an allowable expense. In this case the company has to book its expense in asset form, so that it does not impacts its taxability.For recording an expense under the asset head, one have to check if that expenditure gives future economic benefit to the company then it can be booked as an asset.

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Assignment on Observations during EEG experiment

Abstract: This objective of this study is to measure the EEG of diverse individuals on distinctive circumstances. We measured the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta of 7 individuals while reading and after presentation of troublesome Horror Pictures. An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test that catches electrical movement in your mind utilizing little, Niedermeyer E. and da Silva F.L. (2004).  Level metal circles (cathodes) joined to your scalp. Your mind cells convey by means of electrical motivations and are dynamic constantly, actually when you’re sleeping.

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Process Technology and E-Business-187294_571069291_MAH_44469_1


            The advancement in the field of technology has allowed businesses in performing their business processes in a highly efficient manner in satisfying its customers. The application of technology is evident in respect to all the major business areas of organisation including the management of various processes and functions. There has been rising overall importance of the concept of process technology which implies the use of equipment in transforming the products that creates value to customers. Businesses are making used of highly advanced and sophisticated process technologies in performing the management of their business processes, and this in turn has resulted into the attainment of improved level of efficiency in their operations. Apart from this, the role of technology is also evident in respect to the ways in which business processes are being carried out. As for instance, there has the rise of e-business concept whereby products and services are offered online to the customers. There is significant level of benefits being possible as a result of process technology and e-business as adapted by businesses.

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Written Questions-185617_1837416800_KHA_44015

Written questions

Student name:  Insert your name

Unit Code:   SITXCCS502

Unit name:    Select event and venue sites

Instructions to Candidate

Using this form, answer all 4 questions. When complete, upload this form in the online area for Event 2.

  1. For each event type below, you are to list 4 specific points you must consider when choosing an appropriate venue
    1. Exhibition


    • Space Requirements: This type of event needs spacious venue for facilitating demonstration of several items. Also for making the exhibition more interesting activities and interactive games could be organized for increasing guest’s involvement within the event. Hence spacious venue is highly needed (Allen, 2009, p. 38).
    • Location: Choice of location is also another important aspect when organizing exhibition by the event management company in Australia, Victoria. Location should deliver logistical support, space for social gathering, meeting space, resting spaces, dining area etc. Also the location should be easy to access by the guests.
    • Audio-Visual Requirements: The venue should be well equipped with audio-visual facilities for smooth execution of an exhibition. This type of event needs to display the items effectively to the viewers and for this reason these amenities are necessary.
    • Attendee Capacity of Venue: The venue for event like exhibition should have provision for over capacity. This is one of the vital points to be considered while arranging exhibitions. For instance Verve Creative Events, an Australia based event management company, is a popular company organizing exhibitions for notable clients such as NSW Food Authority.
    1. Festival


    • Space Requirements:  For organizing festivals such as Christmas in Australia, the venue needs to be vast for accommodating numerous guests and should employ an extensive range of entertainment facilities.
    • Food and Beverage (Catering): The venue should have adequate space for dining arrangements and Food and beverages should be well organized for the guests as it contributes to their enchanting experience.
    • Staging Requirements: Festivals such as Christmas calls for huge celebration along with dancing. To serve this purpose the venue needs to have space for construction of stage which would be helpful in providing a dedicated space for dance only.
    • Audio-Visual Requirements: The event management firm should organize for all the musical amenities that make the actual theme of the festive event.
    1. Meetings / Small Conference


    • Facilities Requirements: The venue selected should comprise logistical facilities, restrooms, storage areas, power facilities etc.
    • Technology Requirements: For conducting conferences the venue should be well technologically equipped and should have advanced infrastructure for supporting the activities throughout the event. All conference sessions should be recorded with the help of various cameras and the highlights of the conference can be posted in a well secured website within two hours of concluding each session (Peters, 2007). Highlights can also be displayed in the form of video as a part of the closing session of the conference.
    • Food and Beverage (Catering): A gala dinner is to be planned in the venue for catering the guests attending the meeting or conference.
    • Audio-Visual Requirements: The venue should be well equipped with audio-visual facilities for enabling presentations and speech during conference and meetings.


    1. Convention


    • Technology Requirements: For conducting convention the venue should be well technologically equipped and should have advanced infrastructure for supporting the activities throughout the event. The venue should be well equipped with audio-visual facilities for enabling presentations and speech by notable speakers during the conventions.
    • Facilities Requirements: The venue selected should comprise logistical facilities, restrooms, storage areas, power facilities etc.
    • Staging Requirements: There should be enough space for the construction ofstage for enabling keynote speakers to deliver speech.
    • Food and Beverage (Catering): A gala dinner is to be planned in the venue for catering the guests attending the convention.
    1. Social Functions


    • Space Requirements: Social functions need huge space for music performance, dance, interactive games etc. Therefore venue can be either outdoor or indoor with huge space.
    • Facilities Requirements: The venue selected should comprise logistical facilities, restrooms, storage areas, power facilities etc.
    • Audio-Visual Requirements: The event management firm should organize for all the musical and sound amenities that make the actual theme of the social event.
    • Attendee Capacity of Venue: The venue for social function should have provision for over capacity.

    1. Describe how you would manage the following environmental and social impacts when planning and running an event
      1. Parking

    When running an event, parking comes up as one of the most significant challenges for the event management company. Most of the guests have their first interaction with the event at the parking lot; hence managing the parking issues is highly significant for the event managers for ensuring a positive experience for the guests. Parking, if not managed properly, can cause huge traffic problems therefore it should be controlled effectively (Carter, 2007). At the very first step, proper research needs to be done on the amount of space that is needed with respect to the number of guests. For instance, in business conferences, there is probability of more single-car drivers. Therefore atleast 75 percent of the event attendees are expected to drive solo, which can swiftly fill the available spaces. Hence, extra parking zones in nearby localities needs to be arranged in advance for accommodating more cars and control traffic in extreme cases. Skilled parking attendants should be arranged who can efficiently prevent slowdown, direct traffic and supervise the lots for safety.

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