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’Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic’: Talks at Google–132659





Your Case Analysis is based on the Topic:

“’Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic’: Talks at Google”


Your Case Analysis (also refer here to as “paper”) should address the Topic and demonstrate an understanding of relevant key concepts and appropriate conceptual frameworks.

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MN6003 Strategy: Choices and Change

Individual Strategy Assignment Briefing

 (20% of module mark)

Due: 3pm on Monday 18th January 2016 (submit as Weblearn Personal Journal entry)

Your Individual Strategyassignment (e-portfolio 2) is a case study analysis of 1150 to 1500 words. You must analyse the Browns Sports Footwear case (case study is on weblearn and is 4 pages long) by applying appropriate strategy models from the core module text book, ‘Exploring Strategy’ (e.g. PESTEL, Five Forces, Strategic Grouping, Value Chain or Seven S, Porter’s generic strategies or Bowman’s strategy clock). You must summarise the strategic position of Browns using SWOT analysis and then make recommendations for the future direction of the company using your analysis and the Ansoff matrix.

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Personal relations (PR), its challenges and opportunities (A case study of Nike)-125911

Assessment criteria for essay

Your work will be written in essay style. It will have an introduction

that signposts the structure of your essay, clear sections, and a

conclusion. Please see the notes on the portal about essay writing.

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Case Analysis: Air Asia Berhad–126903

analyse the case study.
The student is required to Identify ONE strategic problem or issue that is deemed highly significant and that should be given a high priority by management. Then write an intellectual discussion of the said problem or issue. The student is encouraged to critically analyse and offer a recommendation on its solution. There is no set format for this assignment; the student must, however, show creative and strategic thinking in addressing the issue.
this included porters, pest, swot, opportunity matrix, and races model

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Personal Detail


This research study has intended to evaluate the challenges of local content of corporate social responsibility of Ghana. The researcher has taken Tullow Oil as the case study analysis of this research. Tullow Oil Plc is a multinational company of oil and gas. This oil and gas exploration company has been founded in Tullow region of Ireland. The headquarter of this company is situated in London, United Kingdom. This company is considered as one of the leading independent companies of oil and gas exploration industry among the whole world. Focus of the business operation of this company is to find as well as monetize the oil within the region of Atlantic and African margin.  Main production of this company comes from the major six countries of Africa. Main discovery of Tullow oil is the offshore Jubilee Oil Field of Ghana. Tullow Oil has invented this oil field in 2007. However, this field has started its production in the year of 2010 for Tullow Oil Company.  This company has obtained huge success within the oil exploration field of Ghana, Uganda, Kenya and other African countries. However, the researcher has done effective qualitative analysis of secondary and primary data of the research. The researcher has analyzed that, activities of CSR are very useful for maintaining the reputation as well as image within the competitive sector of the market. The activities of CSR have been remained as one of the most important attributes towards the successful operation of an organization. The researcher has chosen interpretivism to deal with the issues of research.

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Digital Forensic Investigation-103697

Case Study of Impact Financial Services Australia (IFSA)


Executive Summary:

 The technical issue of the Impact Financial Services Australia (IFSA) is recognized in this report which can cause harm to the organization if not prevented. For this reason, a Digital Forensic Investigation plan is conducted by the organization to find out that, where and when have done this fraud with the company. The actionable information that deals with the issue that arises in IFSA can be analysis with the help of digital forensics methodology. SANS methodology is used in this case. The 8 steps are performed very carefully in SANS methodology. The major professional Digital Forensic plan for investigating the above-mentioned issue can be done b following the below-given plan in an appropriate manner. At last some recommendation is given to improve the situation in a better way.

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Case Study: The Probuild Constructions Story-70153

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Case Study: The Probuild Constructions Story

Prebuild Constructions was established in 1987. The company has been involved in such major projects as the new Grandstand at Flemington Racecourse, the Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre and Toyota’s corporate headquarters in Port Melbourne. ……………

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