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Total Length 1800 – 2000 words
Assessment Marks available – 20 marks
Due Date – Week 10 QUESTION 1 (4 Marks)
Nicola and May are partners in a business which operates a second-hand book
shop. They have two employees working for the business. The shop is located in
leased premises. The business is doing well and has been profitable for them.
An opportunity has arisen to purchase two second-hand book shops in nearby
suburbs. Nicola and May are keen to expand their business. They will need a
large injection of funds to purchase the additional businesses. They will need to
appoint a manager to at least one of the shops, as they will be fully occupied by
the other two.
Nicola is concerned about her potential liability for the debts and liabilities of the
partnership. Also, she is concerned about the future of the business if one of
them should decide to leave, as the lease is in both of their names.
Advise Nicola on the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating. If you
recommend incorporation, what form of incorporation would be the most
appropriate? Why?
QUESTION 2 (8 Marks)
Marcia is an entrepreneurial 17-year old with a busy window cleaning business.
She is studying for a commerce degree. She wants to incorporate her business.
She wants to become an employee of the business so that she can be covered
by workers’ compensation and superannuation. She completes the registration
documents for a proprietary company. She uses her own name as the sole
director/shareholder but falsifies her date of birth (showing she is 19 years old).
ASIC subsequently registers the company having no knowledge of the fraud.
A) If the fraud were discovered what could ASIC do about the company?
Now assume a slightly different scenario. Marcia does not register her company
until she is over 18. She wants to call the company “Marcia’s Guaranteed Sparkle
Pty Ltd”.
B) Will Marcia be able to register the company with this name? If so, how can she
ensure that no one else uses it before her company is registered?
C) Is Marcia required to have a registered office? If so, can she use her parents’
home address and, does the office have to be open to the public?
D) Does she have to display the company name and/or ACN/ABN
– on her accounts?
– outside her parents’ house? QUESTION 3 (8 Marks)
Mr. Shifty, Ms Avoider and Mr. Marginal call to make an appointment with your
firm, Fees Ruthless, solicitors. You have been asked to establish their new
company (No-Tax Agents Pty Ltd). You advise them not to bother with their own
constitution, but instead to rely on the replaceable rules in the Corporations Act.
Advise who should be appointed as directors of their company in view of the
following information:
A) Mr. Shifty states that he does not want to be appointed a director or secretary.
He suggests instead that:
• his family company be appointed as a director; and
• the company not have a company secretary;
B) Ms Avoider is currently unavailable for meetings as she has five months still to
serve for her last conviction for falsifying company accounts;
C) Mr. Marginal is 72 years old and has Alzheimer’s disease. A trustee has been
appointed to administer his estate.
Assume that Mr. Shifty’s family company subsequently goes into liquidation. In her
report to AS1C, the liquidator states that the secured creditors have been repaid
in full, but the unsecured creditors will not receive more than 20 cents in the
dollar. The liquidator does not find any evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Mr.
Shifty or any of his fellow directors.
D) What (if any) ramifications does this have for Mr. Shifty, assuming that ASIC’s
records show that Mr. Shifty has, over the last nine months, had a similar track
record with two other small, proprietary companies?

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Due Date:  4:00 PM, 26-05 2012


Individual Research Assignment: Marks:  20


Description of Assignment: 

This assessment will give students the opportunity to investigate and analyse a particular issue associated with doing business in the world today and:

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Enterprise Architecture Concepts

Assignment 1


BSA Paperless Office

                                               Student Name:  
                                               Student Number:
                                               Date:         16/04/2012

Structure of the assignment

Title: BSA Paperless Office

1.  Identification of the changed Business

  • Short description of the business of BSA and how it fits and how it will fit into the larger context (the business and regulatory environment).  Note that the envisioned change may allow BSA to give new services that it does not, at the moment.
The business of BSA suggests that it is primarily concerned with regulating the entire building industry through imposing a large number of regulations to a large number of parties. As for instance, it regulates contractors through licensing, educates customers about their rights and obligations, protects customers through insurance, enforcing legislative reforms etc. The business of BSA thereby implies that it is primarily concerned with regulating the development of buildings within the society by way of enforcing a large number of regulations so that better development of buildings can be ensured. The business of BSA seems to be a perfect fit into the larger context of the business and regulatory environment, as enforcing regulations to ensure the development of sustainable buildings have been the primary task of BSA. Since, it completely aims at regulating the entire building industry, the regulations are aimed at ensuring the most effective and sustainable developments of buildings. However, BSA at present provides a large number of services including education and advice services, BSA home warranty insurance, dispute prevention and dispute resolution etc. However, the envisioned change as proposed to make all of their business paperless, for the purpose of facilitating information handling and to speed up the processing of applications will allows BSA to achieve higher efficiency in the current services provided by it to its customers.  The technological change as envisioned would allow BSA to deliver new services in the form of delivering license permit to contractors online, providing live tutoring to customers regarding their rights and obligations, providing 24 hour online support, ensuring effective regulations and assistance to developers etc.

2.   The Business concept

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The online market is gaining momentum like no other industry.  Avoid clichés


Online Retail and the UAE

The online market refers to a business using an online store to sell products and services to its customers. There was a time when online transactions and engagements were considered with the highest levels of skepticism. Reliability and quality of products and services available online were always a big question mark (The National, 2009).  Today almost all successful companies are using this as a channel for marketing and sale of their products and services. Brownbag.ae which is considered one of the first online retailers in the UAE claims that in 2009 the number of visitors to the site has risen by 25% between the first and the third quarter and therefore they plan to come up with more storage so that deliveries reach customers within the stipulated time and at the earliest. Also, despite the economic downturn the orders and traffic on sites like QuickDubai. Com had risen by 20 percent in 2009 compared to 2008((The National, 2009). The demand for online shopping is on the rise with new players entering the markets and existing ones trying to expand their reach. Research has shown (Mckinsey Quarterly) that those retailers that have physical stores captured a larger chunk of the internet market compared to those who did not have physical stores. This proves that cultural sensitivities around online retailing still exist; however, the window of opportunity is getting wider for online retailers.

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Go to www.casequest.net and select the Zara CaseQuest from the menu.
You will need the Zara: IT for Fast Fashion case to complete this assignment. Please follow the instructions and process outlined in the Zara CaseQuest.
You will be required to hand in a five-page paper as outlined in the instructions in the CaseQuest. Essentially your are required to describe, compare and contrast the industry business model, using The Gap as your proxy, and then Zara’s business model. Please note that we are not trying to resolve the technology issue presented in this case. This CaseQuest has been designed for you to analyze and understand the different business models, which are present in an industry, and thus understand competitive positioning of competing firms. You are not required to hand in your work sheets from the case quest, but you are required to submit, as an appendix, a diagram of Zara’s business model. This can be built using power point or hand drawn.
This is an individual assignment. The body of your report must use 11⁄2 line spacing with 12-point fonts, must
not exceed 5 pages and must use proper APA referencing.
You will be required to hand in both an electronic and paper version of your report. The electronic versions must be in Word or Adobe format and must be submitted via Blackboard on or prior to the due date. Paper versions must be handed in at the beginning of class on the due date.

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You are required to study the country of the United States of America (USA) and its socio-cultural norms that affect its business practices. You will provide a report detailing that country’s social and cultural behaviour, including but not limited to the aspects of religion, language, non-verbal communication, contrasting cultural values and negotiation techniques within a business context.

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