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Research Design: Factorial Experiment-122799

  1. The major purpose was to focus on the survival and the growth of the mice. Hence, there were efforts made as per the animal distribution based on the below table:


Description Level



A Sprouts —- Free
B Frequency of Weighing One per day One per 3 days
C Nest Box No Yes
D Remove young No Yes
E Male Yes No
F Exercise wheel Locked Free
G Food 80 % Free
H water 80 % Free

The generators 28-4 which fractional design were:



The 7 strings of estimable confounded two factor interactions:

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Statistics assignment-76734

  • Statistics assignment
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Question 1 (9 marks in total)

Cans of Fizzy Cola are believed to have contents that are Normally distributed with a mean of

305 ml and a standard deviation of 10 ml.

(a) If a random sample of 25 cans is selected from a day’s production, what is the probability

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Descriptive statistics assignment- MAH090614_14663_28546


SAVE OUTFILE=’E:\Nishant Work\Project\ABSAS\28546\28546.sav’


FREQUENCIES VARIABLES=Gender Age Resident_HKG Education_level Monthly_Income Q1 Q2 yes_times Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q6_participating_terms Q6_venue_facility Q6_ticket_price Q6_professionalism Q6_Accessibility_HK Q6_Accomodation_HK Q6_Souveneir Q7 Q7_ticket_price Q7_location Q7_quality Q7_facility Q7_accessibility Q7_participating_team Q7_participating_players Q7_Game_Quality Q7_directions Q7_Toilet Q8 Q9 Q10 ifnot_country

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Data analysis of pacific church Assignment


The pacific conferences of churches are generally secretary related which has remained silent for too long and therefore this will play a serious part in the victimization of Papuans. Many of pacific partners known their first hand including their worlds are changing. In the pacific countries the church is the central community to their life. The life partners of the pacific churches have a significant opportunity to support, educate and prepare all the local communities for climate changes impacts. This program will support them up to nine pacific church partners including their exploit. By this their contexts and the main way of enabling grassroots communities to adapt to increase an impact of climate change. Mainly it is part of house of community by which the people were not much concerned with their earlier health at the earlier stage. The pacific church has many community vision among of them The HSPT is most popular which will support to empower women with their families and their communities to achieve a healthy life style including self care and self responsibilities (Libby, et al 2001). This program is very popular and very successful to help the pacific church women fellowship’s group access health information including lots of information and proper service. The main purpose of this report is to produce and analyze the data and the figures given by the church to reduce obesity and the government also supporting the Church for getting the data to them. The success of the innovative thinking by HSPT is promoting and building a suitable relationship with all the pacific communities and collaborating between them. These collaborations takes place between the main pacific health providers in Auckland and delivery of the pacific strategy for national program.

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China’s Inflation Rate Drops-MAH080514_13743_26550

China’s Inflation Rate Drops to 1.8%


An article is published in The Sydney Morning Herald on May 9, 2014 reporting about the present inflation rate of China. The reason behind choosing this article is it is a contemporary economic issue and significant too. Inflation is an important economic measure which represents the present economic situation of a nation. The concept of inflation and deflation is very relevant in the economic discussion. Additionally, this will give an in depth idea about the theories of inflation and its implications. These are the major reason for selecting the article for composing this essay. In this article, significant information has been published. The annual inflation rate is estimated and declared. It has depicted a significant fall which may be referred as deflation. In April of 2014, it is estimated that the annual inflation of China is 1.8% which is seemed to be the lowest in the last eighteen months. The major implications of the sharp fall of China’s inflation are the major objective of this paper. In the following section, the concept of inflation, relevant theories and the findings of the newspaper article are discussed. Moreover, with the help of the economic theories, the major implications of this incident will be identified.

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OMGT2186 Quantitative Analysis and Decision Making

Semester 2 2012

Assignment 2: Individual assignment


Assignment tasks

Of all the quantitative concepts and methods that this course has covered;

(i)       Which one do you think is the single most useful one from a supply chain and logisticsmanagement decision making perspective? Justify your selection.

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200032 Statistics for Business
Assignment 2

Due date: Wednesday, 23

Value: 25%

This question sheet provides the basic outline of each assignment question. The data for this assignment
will be supplied separately with each student receiving different data. Your data set number should be
written clearly at the beginning of your completed assignment.

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Part A


  Mean Standard Deviation
1. Distribution Cost 71.26208333 12.92979437
2. Sales 456.5 81.53206891
3.Number of Orders 4393 737.0807873

The above values have been calculated as: mean=

And the Standard deviation is calculated as S.D. =  where  is the sample mean and x is sample value while N is the sum of the total terms

4. The Skewness table for Cost:

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MAS284: Applied Statistics and Process Management
External Assignment 4
Internal assignment 3
Due: Wednesday, May 23.
Semester 1, 2012
Where appropriate, you may use MINITAB/EXCEL or any suitable statistical package; not
all questions will need the use of a statistical package. Should you use a statistical package,
you should cut and paste the relevant part of the output next to your answer. If you hand
in an unedited output, it should be annotated and be placed immediately before or after your
comments/answers to the question; outputs placed as ‘appendices’ or not properly identified
may not be marked.
The data for question 1, 2 and 4 can be found in the MINITAB/EXCEL file
a4 2012.MTW/a4 2012.xlxs in LMS.
(14 marks)
Monthly loan applications for a local bank over a three years period were as follows: (read
across from left to right):
20 22 26 30 36 35 40 41 36 32 34 22
19 19 22 30 31 30 36 39 37 36 36 32
29 30 28 32 38 37 39 44 48 47 33 28
(a) Graph the time series and identify any distinctive features of the plot.
(b) (i) Fit a linear trend line to the data.
(ii) Is the trend line significant? Justify.
(iii) Explain briefly the reasons for the significance or non-significance of the trend
line and the small R
(c) An AR(3) model is fitted to the loan data with the results given below. Based on
these results, would it be reasonable to fit a smaller order autoregressive model?
Final Estimates of Parameters
Type Coef SE Coef T P
AR 1 1.3677 0.1738 7.87 0.000
AR 2 -0.4707 0.2996 -1.57 0.126
AR 3 0.1007 0.2094 0.48 0.634
Number of observations: 36
Residuals: SS = 697.749 (backforecasts excluded)
MS = 21.144 DF = 33
(12 marks)
In a random sample of 33 junior executives, each is classified by potential for promotion
as good, poor, or uncertain. Each is given a test to measure his or her level of anxiety.
The coded results (the higher the value the higher the level of anxiety) are as follows:
Good 4 5 4 3 2 5 3 2 5 4 4 4 3
Poor 4 8 7 5 5 4 9 9 6 7
Uncertain 5 4 7 4 7 5 4 5 3 5
What are your conclusions about this study? Write a brief report which should include
the appropriate hypotheses and an evaluation of assumptions.
3. (12 marks)
Suppose that a golf association wants to compare the mean distances travelled by four
different brands (A, B, C and D) of golf balls when struck with a driver. A randomised
block design is employed utilising a random sample of 8 golfers, with each golfer using a
driver to hit four balls one from each brand in a random order. The distance travelled is
to be recorded for each hit.
Why is a randomised block design employed and why is randomisation necessary?
(b) The experiment was carried out as designed but the results were erroneously analysed
as if the experiment had been completely randomized (i.e. no blocking) with the oneway
ANOVA output given below. Based on this output, is there evidence that the
mean distances associated with the brands differ?
Suppose the sum of squares due to the golfers is 4264. Set up the ANOVA table that
will incorporate this information. Is the conclusion the same as that in (b)?
Analysis of Variance for dist
Source DF SS MS F P
brand 3 2652 884 2.51 0.079
Error 28 9832 351
Total 31 12484
4. (12 marks)
The temperature and pressure used in molding a certain plastic affect its tensile strength.
The following table show the tensile strength (coded) of specimens of plastic molded at 3
different temperatures (coded 1,2,3) and under 3 different pressures (coded A,B,C).
temperature A B C
10 10 8
1 11 10 8
12 9 8
12 8 9
8 12 9
2 9 12 8
9 11 9
8 11 9
8 9 10
3 9 9 10
9 10 11
9 9 11
(a) Calculate the means for the four observations in each temperature-pressure group.
Plot the means of the nine groups on a graph with tensile strength on the y axis and
temperature on the x axis. For each pressure, connect the three points corresponding
to the different temperatures. What does the plot tell you regarding interaction and
main effects? [ Note that you can alternatively plot the nine points on a strength vs
pressure graph and for each temperature, connect the three points corresponding to
the different pressures.]
Run a two-way ANOVA on these data. Summarize the results of the significance

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Refer to the Scheme of Work (on Blackboard) for details of how the Learning Outcomes for the module are assessed in this assignment.

This assignment and graph paper are available on Blackboard.


This is an individual piece of work. You are liable to be awarded a zero mark (and fail the entire stage of your programme) if any part of your assignment is plagiarised. You should understand that all alleged plagiarism is pursued vigorously.

Read the current student handbook, on the I drive, concerning Academic Impropriety especially plagiarism, collusion and cheating!!


Take note of the policy on Late Submission of assessed coursework and Personal Mitigating Circumstances (PMCs).


If you refer to the ideas of other writers you must always acknowledge your source, including those from the Internet. The Harvard referencing style is to be used.



The assignment must be printed single-sided, not double-sided. It must include spreadsheet outputs where requested. It must have page numbers.

Complete an assignment front sheet to indicate your name, enrolment number and lecturer (John Flynn). Attach it to the front of this assignment before submission.


You have recently joined International Distinctive Hotels Ltd (IDH) as an assistant to the Marketing Manager of a chain of hotel restaurants.  Your predecessor left the company in a re-organisation and you have inherited some data collected on 30 restaurants in a recent survey of overseas franchises.

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