Spiritual and Emotional


Are You Heading for Caregiver Burnout?

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After conducting the survey, I have arrived to the conclusion that I love to worship God and believe in the fact that children are gifts sent by him. I love other religions as well. The questions that explored my insight made me realised that I have changed a lot. When I was younger, I used to share my feelings and emotions with others but now I prefer to stay alone. This change might have caused due to the responsibilities that I have to perform. I have also noticed that I do not blame God for any of my bad experiences that I faced in my life but I have always praised him and seek his blessings. I am more comfortable to lead my life solely than blaming others for any dispute that ever happened with me. I believed that forgiving people gives more inner peace than fighting with them.

I always try to rectify my faults and never fail to recognize my weakness. I have improved a lot by learning from my past mistakes. I do not remain completely depended on others and, ask for favours only when it is very urgent. I have understood that no one is perfect and sometimes situations make people to take bad decisions that can be rectified easily with passage of time. Rejoicing life peacefully is what ultimately matters in the long run. I feel comfortable with people who can understand me, irrespective of thinking about their cultural difference. I have merely developed the senses of what is good for me.

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