Science assignment on: Respiration

Science assignment on: RespirationAssignment Expert AustraliaAnswer 1

Fatigue is defined as lack of energy and motivation to undertake any physical activity. Many people say that they are tired, stressed or exhausted; these terms, basically, indicate that a person doesn’t have the strength and willingness to carry on with anything. If a person undertakes rigorous physical activity then fatigue can be considered to be very much normal. The fatigue that is caused due to overdoing of any activity can be overcome by a few hours of rest. It is always better to undertake proper exercises and food so that fatigue can be avoided and then more attention can be given to the task which is being performed (eMedicineHealth, n.d.).Assignment Help Australia100 meters sprint may seem to be easy but that is not true and hence, runners need to practice every day so that they can be better than that of their competitors. Warm-ups are one of the most important exercises that runners should take up as warm-up allows the body to be flexible. Warm-up for runners would be lifting their knees to the level of the chest and pulling the legs in parallel to the ground level. These exercises will allow the runner to move their legs faster and at a better speed. Running uphill is also one of the best exercises to reduce fatigue. The runner should run uphill and then walk down so that their stamina can be increased (Callaway, 2011).

To 400 meters, the runner should work out harder so that they can run comfortably rather than that of suffering from fatigue. One of the best ways by which runners can reduce the fatigue is continuous practice. They should run everyday so that they can be strong and get habituated to running. Every runner should run 500 meters to 1000 meters everyday so that they can keep up their stamina. Skipping is also an amazing exercise. The skipper should land on alternate legs so that the stamina of the legs is increased and the skipper should at least skip to 20-30 yards every day (Godman, 2011).Essay Writing Tutor SydneyAnswer 2

If Ventilatory threshold has to be described in layman’s language then it can be said that disturbance in the ventilation process that is going on. Ventilation is a process in which air is taken in and removed out continuously and when there is a disturbance in this process then it can be said that ventilatory threshold has occurred. When an athlete runs at a stretch for a long period of time then muscle and blood acidosis are developed. Development of muscle and blood acidosis is not a suitable condition of the body and hence, to fight against this process, the body starts producing carbon dioxide. Increase in carbon dioxide leads to non-linear ventilation. Due to this situation, the production of lactate in the blood increases and the consumption of lactate are reduced thus, leading to accumulation of lactate in the blood. This is the point when ventilator threshold and lactate threshold both occurs. Anaerobic threshold is defined as a situation where the oxygen supply to the muscles is reduced. Many researchers have stated that, in real time, anaerobic threshold doesn’t exist because the muscles cannot be deprived of oxygen as this fact hasn’t been proved medically (Dalleck, K). Talking about the relation between ventilatory threshold and anaerobic threshold, it can be said that anaerobic threshold follows ventilatory threshold. When the ventilation process of the body is disturbed, the oxygen supply to body muscles is stopped or reduced.

It is true that the respiratory exchange ratio is directly affected during intense prolonged exercise. Respiratory exchange ratio is the ratio of output of carbon dioxide and intake of oxygen (HongKongRespiratoryMedicine, 2001). When undertaking a rigorous exercise, the lungs and circulatory system tends to work faster thus, the exhalation of carbon dioxide is increased. With the increase in the exhalation process, the inhalation process is also increased; thus, the intake of oxygen is increased automatically (Cavazos, 2011).Assignment Writing Tutor AustraliaMotor unit is a unit of muscle and motor unit recruitment allows the athlete to count the motor unit that is present in the body. It has been noticed that the motor unit increases with the increase in the respiratory exchange ratio (Duchateau, S, E, 2006).

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