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Implement a simple football league system that will record and display the league according to the following specification:

Each Team will have the following attributes:

  • Name
  • Games played
  • Games won
  • Games lost
  • Games drawn (this should be a calculated value)
  • Points (calculate using 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw)


Your program must include the following functionality:

  • The ability to enter a team’s results from the keyboard. (25%)
  • All records entered must be written to a text file. (25%)
  • The system must allow new records to be added to the end of the file. (20%)
  • An option to read the file and display the information on the screen should be given. (10%)
  • Your program should run all the above functions without shutting down.
  • You can include any additional functionality that you consider would make the program more useful or user friendly. (10%)


You can find a sample program on Blackboard in the “Feb 2011 Intake Assignment” folder. This program has only the basic functionality (ie 90%).


Submission Instructions

Submit only the C source file via Blackboard. The name of the file should be student_no.c, for example s3232323.c. The final submission is 9 am on Tuesday 22 May. Class time has been allocated for the assignment and it is expected that progress will be demonstrated over that period. Students are expected to demonstrate their progress by uploading the c file to Blackboard at least 3 times during the assignment period. Students not attending or not demonstrating their progress will have to sit a verification examination in order to verify that the assignment work is their own. No extensions will be allowed without the proper process.


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