My passion about dance was since I came into my senses with tapping over a tune and entertaining my relatives. But as I advanced in my age, my devotion, dedication and determination towards dance increased exponentially.

Last week I participated in inter-college dance festival after nerve stressing and perspiring practice. It was one of the biggest dance competition and I was lucky enough to get selected to represent my college. Me and my mentor were waiting desperately for The Day. We chose the best suited costume and tried to practice more and more.

Finally the day of competition arrived and I had a mixed bag of feelings with excitement, nervousness, anxiety and happiness. I heard the announcement “Let’s put our hands together for the next contestant” and then my name was loudly announced. My heart skipped a beat and then I geared up all my strength and remembered my God to give it the best shot of my life. When I entered onto the stage, the countless eyes gazing snapped the stress inside me.

Though, I loved dancing but I was an awfully shy person with no like of any sort of attention. And now, with a wave of audience, the drops of sweat ran down my forehead. It was the time to step out of my self built cocoon and show the world the grace and aura of my dancing talent.

My mentor gestured me All the Best and this was a shower of encouragement. The track started and I danced with glory. I covered up the whole stage and was graciously dancing like a peacock in the rain. To my surprise, the audience along with the judges broke out into rapturous ovation and cheered for the dance. My heart was bubbled with happiness and I bowed down before walking down the stage and I was glowing out of delight. My teacher infused enthusiasm in me by praising a lot. I felt proud and joyous and it was one of the best feelings of my life.

The wait for the results was equally killing. Winning was not much expected but I was sure that I did well. And if I was satisfied, I was the winner in my eyes. After all the performances, the result was declared. And when I heard my name as the first prize winner I was awestruck. I became numb for a period of time and then my mentor pushed me on the stage to grab my award and have picture clicked with eminent dancers. This was a lifetime moment and I thanked my God at the same time.

We went back to the college and saw everyone cheering for me and the beautiful trophy. M parents blessed me and appreciated my talent and my mother hugged me and asked to me participate in other competitions and reach the level of zenith of horizon.

That night I penned down my day in my diary and this was one of the golden pages of it.


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