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Marketing assignment help essay writing on: Corporate Social Responsibility

Marketing assignment help essay writing on: Corporate Social Responsibility


University Assignment Help AustraliaCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a term used globally by the Organizations. These days’ board rooms have been discussing and conducting meetings to find new ways to perform their responsibilities towards the society. It basically explains how Organizations have been managing economic, social, and environmental impacts within boundaries for maintaining sustainability in a competitive business environment (The President and Fellows of Harvard University    2008). It is a duty of organizations to contribute some part of their profits for the welfare of the society. CSR is linked with the philanthropical activities to make a social value among the stakeholders. It is a process of producing and distributing wealth for the benefits of their stakeholders by following the ethical practices. The drivers of CSR are Globalization, Interest of the Employer, Public Investment, increasing social awareness, increasing stakeholder’s expectations, and Transparency in business activities (ASOCIO   2004). Right now more than 8000 companies have being doing CSR activities globally. It should not be used as a trendy concept by organizations. The more it is spoken the less it is being practiced by the corporate. As per 2008 survey done by McKinsey 84% of CEO’s world-wide believes that society has been expecting from Corporate (True Volunteer Foundation Ltd   2008).There are various importance of CSR activities for any organization. It helps to know what customers think about the organization from the ethical point of view. A good organization dealing with transparency will attract and retain best talent. It will help to manage the cost by recycling the products and conserving the energy. Strong Brand image and reputation of a company can be maintained globally. The CSR activity will help to know about working culture and employee’s good conduct

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Marketing assignment on: Social networking and market dynamics

Marketing assignment on: Social networking and market dynamics

Executive summary

Essay Writing Tutor SydneyFacebook has been a revolution in the arena of social networking. The company that was started just to build the online directory of college students turned out to be one of the fastest growing companies in a very short span of time. The study analyses the key factors behind its success, its revenue model and its offering in a brief. Like every business, the company is influenced by external market dynamics.

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Assessment 2: Movie Analysis
1500 words equivalent
Answer ONE (1) of the following:

Referring to ONE film we study, investigate how the themes of the film are
communicated to the audience. (HINT: look at techniques and motifs used by the

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Assessment 3: Media Plan and tactics

Based on the client brief and your media relations analysis (assessment two), develop a media plan and set of tactics to resolve the client need. This assignment has two parts (Part 1 and Part 2). You must complete both Part 1 and Part 2.

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Film Analysis:

Bigger, Stronger, Faster (2008)

The film is a documentary on the use of steroids in American athletics and directed by Christopher Bell. In a quick glance the film appears to be an entertaining exploration of the use of steroids by Bell and his two brothers. When viewed succinctly it appears that steroids have been used as metaphor to predict the modern life in America. The film views the constant drilling into the children by their parents and the teachers that winning is everything in modern society. This view is also reinforced by the media. In this exercise, moral injunctions requiring us to play fair, display sportsmanship and doing the right thing have taken a back seat. It is not difficult to guess the way children are likely to go when their role models like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hulk Hogen who preach clean living but have openly revealed their own reliance on steroids. A superhero with spectacular muscle is an irresistible role model for any child of impressionable age. Almost every child dreams to be a superman and change into the skintight blue superman suit. The movie Bigger, Stronger, Fasterportrays the evolution of an action hero like G I Joe from a physical fit soldier to a mountainous hulk with a v-shaped body an idea which is becoming increasingly achievable due to the steroids.

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The referencing is defined as the method of approving the sources of information’s and the ideas that has been used in the project. It conveys that whenever you are writes any assignment or project that you will need some references and you are expected to refer these resources in your writing. This is the expectation from all the university. Referencing is the part of the process which will provide the clear information about your report by citing the proper reference. This type of method will help the other writers to reference the source of information’s. Referencing the other work is more important which will build the trust among the people to reference the cite. Without the reference of high personality it is very difficult to get name as author and you will not regarded as content writer. And the people will hesitate to refer your report or project. Referencing is more important to demonstrate the depth of the knowledge of the subject and strengthen your views by providing the support. These references are playing vital and it is very necessary so that the readers can know the value of information’s and they can refer if it is required. It is necessary to referencing the other work which will make as confirmed facts and the information is to be found very quickly whenever it is needed. Normally referencing the work are preferred to   small sorts of information instead of reading the assignment from the top to the bottom. The writing work involved in this type of assignment which will be more informative. More number of reference works is compiled by the couple of contributor who are really good in the field and they will evaluate the best writer and acknowledge them with the approval which will be benefited to other people to reference their work.

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Communications- assignment



Description In this assignment you will simulate a simple end-to-end digital communication system, and compare the performance of two simple conceptual modulation schemes in terms of bit error rate.



The block diagram of the system is given in the following figure:

In each transmission cycle:

  1. The “Random Bit Generator” produces a 0 or 1 (by tossing a coin, for example), with equal probability.
  2. The “Signal Constellation” box maps the input bits into complex S0 or S1 vectors according to the following two schemes:
  1. The channel box produces a zero mean complex Gaussian vector withand adds it to the transmitted vector to produce the received vector Yi.
  2. The detector box implements a MAP detection scheme to detect the transmitted bits from the observed received vectors.

At the end of these steps you will need to compare the detected bit with the transmitted bit. If they are the same, the transmission is considered to be successful; otherwise, a bit error will be recorded.

You will need to repeat the above procedure for 1 million bits for

and record the values of BER for each value of energy per bit.

Report:you are required to submit a report including two sections:

Section 1:

  1. The plots the BER against                    in dB for both schemes in two different plots from your simulations.
  2. The plots of BER predicted by the theory for both schemes. These results should be represented on the same plot from the simulation results in order to let us compare the simulation results with the theory on the same figures.
  3. Compare and discuss the performance of Scheme 1 and 2 using a separate plot that shows the BER against                     for the both schemes.

Useful note: plot theoretical results using solid line and simulation results with only marks (use mark ‘o’, please) on your plot.

Section 2:

A printed version of your source code.


Submission A single printed report – pages must be properly together.


Date: April15, 2012


Questions Please contact me atadammeclearn@ymail.comif you have questions.
Important  Notes
  1. If the evaluations of the submitted materials indicate any kind of plagiarism, the result will be a zero mark for the assignment.
  2. Please note that you must use MATLAB, not Simulink, for your mini-project. I think you will not need to write more than 100 lines of code for this project.
  3. Explanation for the code (result) must be provided with final submission.
  4. Don’t forget to send all pages of the report together.



1.According to queation—SECTION-1








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