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Business Capstone Project: 205948

An Upload Assignment link has been set up for documents that are required to be submitted for Business Capstone. For a start, create your assignment in a MS Word document using the instructions available under ‘Assessment’ in Blackboard. To upload your assignment: 1. Choose Assessment from the navigation / menu panel on the left. 2. Choose the applicable assignment you want to work on and click the relevant >> View/Complete Assignment. 3. Use the Comments field to send a message to your tutor regarding your assignment if required.
4. To attach a file, click Browse and choose the assignment from your hard-drive. If you have submitted the wrong file by mistake, use Remove (on the right from the name of the file). 5. Press SAVE if you wish to continue working on this assignment later (remember, if you only save it, your tutor would not have received it). 6. Press SUBMIT when you are ready to turn in this assignment. Please note that – once you have submitted your assignment, you cannot work on it anymore. To view the feedback from your tutor Once your assignment has been assessed, you can see the feedback from your tutor by going to My Grades in Blackboard. If you encounter any problems along the way, contact your tutor.

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Business Ethics Articles Folio: Order number: 510091


Assessment Feedback:

  1. When do I get my marked assignment back?

In accordance with the ‘Assessment (Higher Education Courses) Procedure’ (clause 18) feedback on the assignment will be provided within 15 working days of the due date or extension date of the assignment task. Exceptions will be where an assignment maybe being second marked (for a combination of reasons), or reported for academic misconduct (

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Financial Status of Emirates


Explain which pricing methods are appropriate within the airline industry and the importance of costs and volume in financial management?

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Introduction and Background

Ryanair: Ryanair entered an industry with vast snags to succeed. Regardless, it had the capacity bust the business by working with low costs while looking after benefits, separating itself with predominant client administration, and accomplishing expense funds through its utilization of the web. As a consequence of its Market Busting techniques, Ryanair has turn into the biggest low toll transporter in Europe.

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Immunity from Negligence


Critically analyse the protection from negligence liability enjoyed by the police service in relation to the investigation and suppression of crime, arising from the decision in Hill v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police [1989] AC 53 as recently upheld by the Supreme Court in Michael v Chief Constable of South Wales Police [2015] UKSC 2?

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Reflective Writing of the Theories


Discuss about the reflective writing of the theories learnt in the course?

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This reflection report has been developed by the reflection of three different theories learnt in the course. The three theories are cost leadership theory, decision making theory and the transforming leadership theory. The cost leadership theory has been analyzed in the context of the intense market competition of the retail sector of the resent market. The retail market is full of competitions worldwide. The effective way of achieving the competitive advantages can be achieved by using the cost leadership theory. The second theory is the decision making theory. It is very important to take the most superior decisions for conducting any business successfully. In this area, the decision makers should take the proper decision by following the steps of the decision making theory properly. Besides taking the right decisions for the management of the business processes, it is also very important to manage the human resources of an organization in an effective way. The transforming leadership theory provides one of the best approaches for managing the human resources by the effective leadership style.

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International and Global Marketing


Give a brief discussion on international and global marketing?

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Globalization is a word that has been mistily described as a process, a state, a phenomenon or a concept. Globalization has been partially increasing trade across the nations and continents through the business activities in various countries (Kotler and Armstrong, 2012). It is the process that describes the growth opportunities for the organizations operating in the global markets. Globalization is a never ending process which has being going since 5000 years, but the significance of Globalization accelerated in 1991 (Asmussen 2011). The integration of markets, technologies and national states enabling the individuals, social groups, corporate and national states to reach out the world in deeper, farther, cheaper and faster that it was in the free markets. Globalization in the 20th century has reached its apex, according to Potter and Biukovic (2011) with increasing integration of corporate, production, operation, communication of various resources, ideas, goods and services, cultures and environment.

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Marketing Mix Assignment Help & Elements of Marketing-148693






Lecturer’s name


The process by which products or services reach to the hands of the customers from the production site is known as marketing. The whole management process of marketing depends on four tools which are also known as the elements of marketing. Primarily it is important to recognize, select and develop the product. Secondly, the determination of the goods and service’s price is outstanding. Thirdly the most important aspect or element is the selection of the channel through which the product would be delivered to the hands of the customers. The fourth and the last cog is the strategy by which all the promotion would be done to attract the eyes of the customers towards the product or services.

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GLOBAL MARKETING Assignment Help-130237


Global marketing

The Uber service is banned in Malaysia. Which strategy in Global Marketing should be used to enter the Malaysian market?
Identify and apply global marketing concepts of Licensing, Investment and Strategic Alliances strategies in analyzing the issue.

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Principles and Practice of Marketing-136242


Principles and Practice of Marketing

For centuries mankind has been trying to find the secret to eternal youth, the elixir of life, the key to turning off the aging process. Con-merchants have sold all manner of potions claiming to do just this and in the seventeenth century arsenic was used as make-up, and led was dropped into the eyes to make them appear brighter! You are the marketing team for a cosmetics company which, while working on a new face cream formula in 1995, made a very fortunate mistake and achieved what con-men and scientists have been dreaming of: they accidentally developed a substance which will actually stop the aging process in its tracks.
This breakthrough has been kept quiet for the last fifteen years while the Chief Geneticist used herself as a guinea pig. She has bathed twice daily in a bath into which the substance is added, much as you would with bubble bath. Not only does she not look a day older, but at a genetic level she is exactly the same age now as she was fifteen years earlier. Other than this, the cream has had no ill effects.
The Board is ready to go public with the product, subject only to achieving clearance from various health and safety agencies, which they are certain will happen.
Your task by 6pm, submit a 1,000-1,500 word report for the board to outline the following:
1. where do you see your key markets and who would be your main customers?
2. What pricing strategy should be adopted?
3. What promotional techniques would you recommend?
2. 4. Who are your competitors, and which ones will be the most important?
3. 5. How will the various elements of the marketing environment impact on your plans?
In all cases you must explain why you are making your recommendations and justify them fullyby using quality academic referencing.

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Marketing 494-120489

Solution 1:

The steps for conducting quantitative research are:

  1. Develop the research methodology: A basic methodology is essential in determining the method for that can vary as per the need
  2. Developing the sampling frame: The sampling frame helps in determining what exact number of people are needed to complete the research
  3. Determine the resources needed i.e. people, equipment, etc.: All the resources need to be listed and considered along with costs
  4. Developing the Timeline: A timeline helps in understanding the position at which project currently is
  5. Developing the budget: Budget development ensures that total cost remains within bounds
  6. Conducting a pre-test before fielding the survey and revision of questionnaire if needed: A pre-test helps in error rectification and improvement of data collection process
  7. Programming the computer for data entry: A computer program ensures that data entered is in order and can be easily processed.

Solution 2:

A stratified sampling technique is preferred because it offers greater precision for the same sample size taken. This leads to a reduction of costs significantly over the other techniques and makes the technique advantageous over the other techniques.

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Netflix Marketing Strategies-101025


Introduction.. 5

Competitive position.. 5

Market profile. 6

Competitor analyses. 7

Presto. 7

Customers of the company. 8

Sales and launch strategies. 8

Conclusion.. 10

References. 11


Marketing plan for Netflix is to increase brand awareness and sales for the company. The company offers DVD on rental basis by email. Customers can steam the available movies and rent the services at an affordable price. An increase in the competition level has reduced the DVD portion of the business, as customers demand for streaming system for viewing the videos. The proposal of the company is to target large number of customers, of different age groups. For this, customer segmentation is prepared as this enables the management to increase sales and product visibility for the clients. Netflix proposes to launch new products, for increasing the sales. Analysis is done for analyzing the challenges associated with the marketing strategies (Teo, 2000).

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Short assignment on supply chain management-MAH_170615_47174_1_86234

Table of Contents

Introduction:-. 1

The key drivers of supply chain performance in a complex environment:-. 1

Barriers which companies face during the implementation of new supply chain strategies. 5

Potential unexpected disruptions to complex supply chains and the resilience required to overcome these disruptions:-  7

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MARKETING PLAN PROPOSAL-MAH_150515_37000_4_76766



Reef HQ is the largest aquarium of the world where it houses around 130 species of corals and 120 species of fishes. Along with this it also has sea urchins, sea stars, sea cucumbers, feather stars, snails, brittle stars, sponges and worms. But though Reef HQ has a variety of marine species it needs to be marketed properly to draw the attention of the people and increase the number of daily visitors. The Reef HQ is one of the important venues for entertainment in Australia (Blythe, 2006).

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 Competing in Global Markets

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HBS MINOLTA CASE…………………………………………………………………………………………………. 3

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Final year project on target marketing relating to football betting shops in Nigeria-50456

The Aim of the project is to know the impact of target marketing and also find out whether it is necessary for all business to focus on specific customers?, and why some businesses decide to target only specific customers, instead of  making it general for all customers. THE proposal literature review should focus mainly on target marketing. < `Structure of the Dissertation first should be. < A brief overview of the research study conducted Chapter 1: provides an overview of the research topic and states the problems, statement and defines the main objectives of the study; Chapter 2:  provide a detailed view of the literature which will be based on the previous studies conducted by different researchers; Chapter 3: should be methodology section how the data’s will be collected. To defines the sources of information and the methods applicable on the sample population in order to test whether the hypothesis of the study is accepted or rejected. Chapter 4: provides a detailed analysis of the data collected in order to help us in drawing conclusion related to the research topic of the study; Chapter5:  conclusion. Chapter 6: Referencing should be Harvard style of reference please.

Table of Contents
Chapter1:    4
1.0.    BACKGROUND    4
1.1.    RESEARCH AIM    7
Chapter 2:    10
2.  Literature Review    10
2.1. Introduction    10
2.2. Target Marketing:    10
Chapter 3:    18
3.2.    METHODS OUTLINE    18
3.3.    RESEARCH ONION    18
3.6.    RESEARCH DESIGN    20
3.7.    DATA COLLECTION (Primary and Secondary)    21
3.8.    RESEARCH METHOD (Qualitative)    21
3.9.    SAMPLE METHOD    21
3.10.    SAMPLE SIZE    22
Chapter 4:    23
4.    Data Analysis    23
Chapter 5    30
5.    Conclusion and Recommendations    30
5.1. Conclusion    30
5.2.    Liking with objectives    30
5.3.    Recommendations    31
5.4.    Further scope of the study:    31
6.    Reference    32
7.    Appendix    35

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Cadbury marketing strategy assignment-51424





1. PROFILE OF CADBURY                                                                                                3

2. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS                                                                                            6

3. LEGAL AND ETHICAL REQUIRMENTS                                                                     6

4. DEVELOPING MARKETING OBJECTIVE                                                                  9

5. RISK MANAGEMENT STRATEGY                                                                              10

6. SWOT ANALYSIS OF CADBURY DAIRY MILK                                                        11

    REFERENCES                                                                                                                   13


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Scenario Bobbys Biscuits -50196


Please see the below for the take home scenario.

Scenario ¿ Bobby¿s Biscuits

You are Kerry Jones, the successful applicant in a recent job recruitment process with established company Bobby¿s Biscuits. You have been appointed as a supervisor in the Brisbane branch and today is your first day of commencement. You arrive at work to discover that the person who has hired you, Senior Manager Michael Jackson was suspended yesterday and you are advised that you will now be reporting to Jill Smith, the Operations Manager who has herself only recently transferred in from an interstate branch. Jill greets you at the door and asks you to meet her in her Office to appraise you of the current situation in half an hour. She asks Roy Rogers, the Acting Personnel Supervisor to give you a brief tour and show you to your desk.

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