Main Factor that Promote Teamwork


Identify a small business you are familiar with an explain which element of the macroenvironment is most important to this business, and why.

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Communication as the Main Factor That Promote Teamwork and its’ Implementation

Communication is the main factor that promotes teamwork. According to Suter et al (2009), effective communication facilitates social interaction and understanding in among the members of the team. Communication ensures that the members learn each other better and promotes cohesion in among the members. The team members should be given a chance to give their views and opinions regarding particular issues affecting them in order for them to feel inclusive in the team. Communication facilitates interaction between the members which play the main role in ensuring that the members understand the weakness and strengths of their fellow teammate (Suter et al 2009). Effective communication also ensures that the teammates are able to prevent and solve their internal conflicts effectively as conflict paralyzes the effectiveness of teamwork. West (2012) argues that effective communication enables the team members to understand their responsibilities and duties that help the group and organization to move forward.

The communication can assist in the implementation of effective teamwork in groups or organizations. Communication implement effective teamwork by providing the information on the goals and vision of the team and each member encouraged to work towards the attainment of the vision (Suter et al (2009). Regular meetings between the team members should be encouraged in the implementation of teamwork so that the team members can communicate. Interpersonal communication should also be emphasized between the team members within and outside the office. Communication should also be encouraged when dealing with a conflict between the team members (West 2012). The team members should feel free to ask a question or clarification during a group discussion in order to support effective teamwork.

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