International Marketing(Market Entry Project):547316


  1. a) Briefly review the cultural norms and information from Hofstede as well as the infrastructure, political, economic, financial, and any legal issues in your country that will impact your marketing plan. Clearly identify the key country risks you need to address? (Using pictures and such will add meaning and bring a better understanding of the reality of the environment.)
  1. b) Identify the best way to enter your market. Consider the different market entry strategies presented in class and recommend an approach that best addresses the country risks you identified above, your product positioning and distribution needs of your consumer.
  1. c) How will you identify local retailers, distributors, agents? What value will you provide them to obtain their support for your launch?
  1. d) Where possible name likely partners and specific channel members you will be targeting to support your launch.


a) Include your completed scanning model, your market potential calculations, your positioning map, and examples of your promotion and communications concepts

b) Identify your sources of information using the MLA approach recommended by Humber Library.


ASK Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading manufactures for pharmacy products .With introduction of our new product maple Syrup. This has been of great help to Canadian people at large. We look to utilize its center abilities to accomplish an economical upper hand, in which contenders can’t give a similar incentive to shoppers that ASK Pharmaceuticals. We are looking to open new market in Germany as we try the best to offer the best environmental health with our Maple Syrup.

By forming strong relationship with purchasers, retailers, and suppliers of syrup and other remedial organizations, ASK Pharmaceuticals believes it can make a viable high ground over its rivals.

This paper goal is to build a promoting procedure plan ASK Pharmaceuticals in restorative market. The advertising strategy and plan was intended to incorporate the present and future methodologies the association can utilize so as to connect for more patients and grow to cover the greater part of the Germany and around the world.


Marketing strategic planning is a managerial instrument to bolster the association to improved work and understand how to go after what’s to come. It is a managerial procedure for individuals from ASK helping them to building up the important system and activities later on (Armstrong and Kotler, 2011). Like a determination anticipate the association movement as the way toward creating and maintaining a strategic fit between target association and capacity and its changing business sector prospects. It involves portraying a solid organization mission, setting steady objectives, arranging a sound business accumulation, and synchronizing utilitarian systems.

SWOT analysis

The qualities and shortcomings discuss the inward investigation of the organization, the open doors and danger alludes to the elements emerging from the outside condition (Reed, et al., 2010). In this paper, SWOT examination was utilized to arrange the market system for ASK pharmaceuticals. The quality and shortcomings in the SWOT examination are related to achievement. Quality depicts the benefit of ASK pharmaceuticals that has conspicuous status related with different pharmaceuticals suppliers. In basic terms, it is likewise signified to aggressive ability modern counter venture. Something else, shortcomings are inadequacy of condition in contention (Elok, 2012).

Strengths :Brilliant advertising ability, another, cutting edge item and administration, position of the business, prevalence procedures and systems, some other normal for business that increases the value of the item and administration (Caldwell, 2010). For instance, ASK pharmaceutical are situated in Canada and has set up data and research framework which is favorable to the association. Likewise, ASK pharmaceuticals have one of the biggest scholarly research labs in the Canada.

Weaknesses :Lack of showcasing ability in the country regions and different states, homogeneous items and administration for instance in connection to gatherings’ rivals, area of the association in connection with pharmaceutical producers , low quality of products and enterprises therefore of contracted people and gatherings (Caldwell, 2010). This prompts the harmed notoriety

Opportunities: A developing business sector for instance the web. The association could expand the development of web based promoting to connect for clients over the Canada which will be of extraordinary significance in Germany. This incorporate wandering into the new universal market and going into the market abandoned by an unsuccessful contender

Threats facing: Development of new rival in gathering home market, value wars with Competitors; The Competitors have new, cutting edge innovation. In spite of the fact that, the association has grasped the utilization of data and innovation, rising Competitors utilize the best in class hardware in assembling (Caldwell, 2010). Competitors have loftier course to systems of dispersion by advertising their administrations utilizing web and versatile application where the patient and doctors can cooperate at whatever time.