HR Management essay help on: Diverse workforce on organization

HR Management essay help on: Diverse workforce on organization

IntroductionSample AssignmentThis essay gives the brief overview about the generational diversity and the impact of the diverse workforce on the organization. It has been examined that there are various challenges experienced by the HR managers because of the diverse workforce in respect to gender, age and education. It is advisable to the HR manager to utilize some diverse management techniques in order to make a successful organization. It is very clear that differences prevail in the organization among the workers because of individual differences. It is advisable to the organization and HR managers that they should study how to manage the diversity in order to become successful in upcoming time.

Generational DiversityGet Sample AssignmentIt can be said that Generational diversity can be considered as one of the main component of the diversity. The groups may differ in their basic approaches to the work issues and they have distinct social values and lifestyles, all of which have a considerable consequence in workplace. It is very clear that each generation views the world with their influences and experiences and these are the factors which shape the basic values of the generation. In order to recognize the differences in the generational influences and experiences, it is important to recognize the distinct attitudes, work ethics and attitudes between other things (Benneworth, 2007). This is very 1st time in the history, where 4 generations are working simultaneously. The capability to retain and attract talent across the generations is considered as a basic element to the successful organization. Greater understanding and appreciation of generational diversity which prevails within the workplaces and diversity shall make us to compute the differences and offering organizations and individuals with greater competitive benefits. It is predicted that diverse teams make better solutions if they are well managed (Jongbloed, Enders & Salerno, 2007). There are some benefits because of recognizing generational diversity in depth such as enhanced awareness of the generational backgrounds and their consequence on communication styles, teamwork and leadership, higher understanding of generational differences and similarities and strategies to enhance efficiency when communicating with distinct generations (Fontes, & Coombs, 2001). It can be said that today working experiences of Generation X is different in comparison to their grandparents and parents. For e.g. Generation X could be faced higher demands and retrenchment throughout their workplaces in comparison to their predecessors.  These differences among the generations are reflective because of distinct economic, political and social climate, and in fact they alter throughout culture and time. In every generation, challenges shall be fulfilled at distinct stages in the life, it is considered as a part of the formation of life; difference is basically because of awareness and information.

Diverse WorkforceBuy Sample AssignmentThe sets of two or more individuals that are identifiable and distinguishable upon the basis of features such as gender, education, age and demographic etc is called as Diverse Workforce. In current time, organizations are faced with other challenges also such as discrimination, tokenism, prejudice and stereotyping (Rooselvet & Thomas, 2001). The world’s enhancing globalization needs more interaction and coordination between individuals from different backgrounds, beliefs and cultures in comparison to the earlier time. It is viewed that non –profit and profit organizations require diversity in order to become more open and creative to change. Capitalizing and Maximizing on the workplace diversity has turned out into a significant matter for the management today (Rooselvet & Thomas, 2001). It becomes important for the HR managers to understand the ways through which workplace is evolving, diversifying and changing. Due to diverse workforce, it becomes significant for HR managers and supervisors to educate them and other people throughout the organization to value the multicultural differences in customers and associates and everyone should be treated with full dignity (Robinson & Kary-Siobhan, 2002). Demographic changes such as women’s in workplace, opportunity legislation and organizational restructurings pose a serious challenge over the HR manager to re-look their practices of the management and form creative approaches in order to manage the people. It could be stated that need to recognize diversity is driven by the women’s in workplace (King, 2001). In current time, greatest level of the employment participation is done by the women in comparison to the males. The no. of working mothers and income families has enhanced. Any kind of the alteration in the structure of the family means that there are lesser women and men in conventional family roles. Hence, issues of diversity cut across both gender and race (Robinson & Kary-Siobhan, 2002). It has been examined that significant changes are taking place throughout the organization because of outsourcing and downsizing which has significantly impacted the management of human resource (Jongbloed, Enders & Salerno, 2007). Practices of working have been changed because of the technology and globalization. State and Federal equal opportunity legislations create discriminations in place of work illegal. These laws mention the responsibilities and rights of both employers and associates in the working place and support both groups responsible.

It is very clear that, there are various challenges faced by a HR manager in order to manage a diverse workforce. Managing of the diversity is considered as simply recognizing the difference in the people. It comprises, understanding the excellence of differences, promoting inclusiveness and combating discrimination. HR managers might be challenged with the losses in work productivity and personnel because of the legal actions, prejudice, complaints and discrimination against the Company (Boselie, Paauwe, & Jansen, 2001). Negative behaviors and attitudes could be the barriers to the diversity of the organization because they may damage working associations and harm work productivity. Negative behaviors and attitudes in workplace comprise discrimination; prejudice and stereotyping that must never be utilized by the management for retention, hiring and termination procedures (Boxall, 1996). The problems and challenges faced by the workplace diversity might be converted in a strategic asset of the company, if the company is capable to utilize on this melting pot of the diverse talents. Numerous local HR managers are required to take culture-based training in order to refine their capabilities to encourage a set of professionals which are greatly qualified but ethnically diverse (Huber, 1991). In order to make a successful varied workforce, the effective manager must concentrate on the personal awareness. Both associates and managers are required to be informed of their own biases. Hence organization is required to form, maintain and implement continuous training because one day training shall not alter the behaviors of the people.

Effective HR managers must be aware that certain group of skills is essential for making a diverse and successful workforce (Meadmore, 2001).  First, HR manager is required to understand the discrimination and its effects. Second, managers should understand their cultural prejudices and biases. Diversity is all about the differences among the individuals. Every individual is different and does not speak or represent for a specific group. Therefore, organizations are required to study how to control the diversity in workplace in order to become successful in future.Buy Assignments OnlineUnluckily, there is no any single formula for the success. It majorly relies on the ability of the manager to recognize what is better for the Company based upon the dynamics and teamwork of the working place (Amit & Schoemaker, 1993). It has been observed that managing diversity can be considered as complex process for making a work atmosphere which involves everyone. It is a challenge for the HR manager to concentrate on the personal awareness in order to create a lucrative diverse workforce. Both associates and managers are required to inform of their own biases.


At last, it can be concluded that the diverse workforce is considered as reflection of changing marketplace and world. Generational diversity is considered as one of the main components of the diversity and diversity is all about compute the differences in behavior of the individual. There is one example which explains the generational diversity such as working experience of the X generation is entirely different from their grandparents and parents. Generally, diverse working teams bring great value to the organizations (Wood, 1995). Admiration of individual differences shall benefit the working place by making the competitive edge and enhancing work productivity. But on the other side, management of the diversity benefits the associates by making a safe and fair atmosphere where everyone is access to challenges and opportunities (Jongbloed, Enders & Salerno, 2007). Tools of the management in diverse workforce must be utilized to teach everyone about the diversity and its matters comprising regulations and laws. At last, it can be said that most of the workplaces are designed with the help of diverse cultures. Therefore, it is advisable to the organizations to learn some strategies of diversity management in order to become successful (Sisson, 2001). In actual world, diversity may not be simply categorized and those companies which react to the human complexity by influencing the talents of the wider workforce and shall be the most efficient in developing their business and its base of the customer.

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