HR essay on: Use of Control Mechanism in an Organisation

HR essay on: Use of Control Mechanism in an Organisation

In today’s business scenario every organisation works on the basis of certain mechanisms of control. These organisations are supervised by managers who are responsible for using such control mechanisms so that the organisation functions in an organised and effective manner. These control systems are effective in monitoring and managing the organisation and its employees. Managers use various methods to control their organisation, which is done in accordance with the corporate mission statement of the organisation. The functioning and implementation of these control mechanisms take place by the managers assigning duties through reports (Epstein, 2004). These reports contain the roles and responsibilities that are assigned to the employees. With the help of these reports managers take actions for controlling and managing the progress of their organisation. The control systems used by managers are very important for the strategic process of the organisation. These control objectives serve the purpose of improving the performance of employees and ultimately lead to organisational objectives.

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In my organisation similar case has been discussed in, which a control mechanism was adopted by the manager to control and monitor the performance of the employees. The objective behind adopting such a control mechanism was to transform the functioning of organisation in accordance with the changing need of the environment. The performance appraisal system was meant to control the activities of the employees by providing disciplinary activities and policies. The act of manager to control the activities and functions of employees was an effective one (Camillus, 1986). The manager’s act was to provide rewards and incentives to the employees who worked in accordance with the policies and guidelines of the top management. The manager had to rate the employees on the basis of a scale that measures the performance of the employees as unsatisfactory and outstanding performance. This rating was then assessed by the manager to review the performance of the employees. The manager reviewed the performance on the basis of their jobs and structure of the organisation. After reviewing the report the manager came to know hoe employees are performing. For this purpose the manager used a method called written essay for understanding and analysing the employees. This method involves a written form in, which the employees write about their strengths, weakness, and their past performances. This written essay was helpful for the manager to review the performance of the employees and recommend and guide them to for improving their performance (Pfister, 2009). Then the manager adopted an approach called Management by Objectives (MBO). This process is followed in four steps adopted by the manager. The manager collected the entire data and information about what is to be done for improving the performance of the employees. The focus of the manager was to identify the key result areas and work towards it for the achievement of organisational goals. Then he made and action plan for the employees by clarifying their job duties and responsibilities. The manager provided appropriate support and other resources as required by the employees. Proper guidance was give by the manager so that the queries and other confusions of the employees can be solved in due time.

Assignment Expert AustraliaThis approach adopted by the manager was successful as it led to the committed and concentrated efforts of the employees. This finally improved their performance and increased their productivity. The reason behind their motivation was the provision of rewards and incentives to the employees who gave an outstanding performance and provided benefit to the organisation. In this manner the manager was successful in his control mechanism for managing the organisation (Sheng, 2008).

Another case in this concern was the initiative taken by the manager for shuffling the departments the employees so that the employees get to work in a diversified field. This was an attempt of Job Rotation, which could reduce the feeling of monotony among the employees and change their environment. The manager thought of motivating the employees so that they can put in their maximum efforts. This would finally lead to an increased productivity and timely achievement of organisational goals.

The objective did not turn out to be successful because of ineffective management review and support systems. The manager did not ask about the employee’s wish to go for the shuffling arrangements. Some of the employees were comfortable in their departments as they have specialised knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. The manager failed in his task of rotating their jobs as it was a time consuming task and required lots of efforts on the part of employees to understand the task of different departments. Therefore, the attempt of manager was not successful and negatively affected the morale and motivation of the employees. This created ambiguity and disappointment among the employees and ultimately reduced their productivity. The corrective action taken by the manager was ineffective as the steps taken were not appropriate for managing the organisation (Flamholtz, 1996). The reason behind this failure was that the manager was not clarified about the requirements of the employees and the end result of his task. The result of this failure was that the organisation was missing out various benefits and opportunities that could have been unblocked.


Essay Writing Tutor Sydney            Therefore, control systems play an effective role in monitoring and controlling the functioning of the employees and the organisation. For the effective adoption and implementation of these control systems it is important for the manager to understand and analyse the current situations and need of the organisation along with the need of the employees. With this understanding and analysis, manager will be successful in managing the organisational performance by bringing the right improvements at the right time. These control systems are beneficial for improving the productivity of the employees and help them in achievement of organisational objectives. These types of quality audits and control mechanisms should be undertaken on a regular basis in order to understand the current situation of the organisation and work towards its improvement. Thus, the main focus of the above paper is to explain the control mechanism and their implementation.

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