HR assignment help on: Recruitment & selection strategy

HR assignment help on: Recruitment & selection strategy

AbstractUniversity Assignment Help AustraliaThis report takes into consideration the recruitment & selection strategy being adopted at Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited. The recruitment & the selection process give equal opportunity to all the potential candidates. A transparent and a merit-based recruitment policy have been adopted at the same. The employees at Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Ltd. are being classified under nine management grades ranging from I – IX.

The major objective of this report is to study recruitment and selection practices at Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited & to make a comparison and evaluation of current recruitment and selection practices with the theories. The major purpose of this report is to show and present research findings regarding selected organization’s recruitment and selection practices & to evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment and selection process by drawing links between practices and theories. The various limitations attached to this report would be in regards to the medium of communication, access the limitations & approach the limitations.Essay Writing Tutor SydneyConclusion

Hence, the recruitment & selection process at Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited is based upon the careful process. This gives the potential candidate an equal opportunity to get hired on the merit basis. The recruitment in case of this organization takes place either internally or externally. Equal weight age has been allotted to internal as well as external recruitments. Various job design strategies have also been undertaken at Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited. Some of them are Job Rotation, Job Enrichment & Job Enlargement. With the adoption of job rotation strategy at the workplace, all the employees would get a fair chance to try the different types of job opportunities at work. Job enrichment & job enlargement would also help all the employees to promote the lower level employee to a higher level.Buy Assignment AustraliaThe selection process at Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited consists of seven different stages. These stages should be kept in mind as it would help the organization to look for the best candidate. The seven steps of selection process would be pre-screening, test, panel interview, medical test, verification of the degree, selection decision & allotment of the appointment letter. Proper orientation & induction to the employees would also help the candidates to train themselves in their respective fields. . This orientation plan is very formal and Head of Departments across the organization participate in this orientation program and give the new employees information about their respective departments.

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