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Formative Assessment-130982


I need to finalise an online course for my Diploma in Childcare Education in Australia. The unit is HLTHIR404D – Work effectively with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.
There is a formative assessment with 15 questions, each requires at least 150-200 words. And there are 2 summative assessments for which i require help on the second one. I need to submit a 2000 word paper.

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Wellness and Wellbeing-112544

Kids, characterized by and large as those people who are underneath the age of 18 years of age, have yet to ascend to their capacities and parts in the public eye. As per a registration made last 2002, youngsters 0-14 years old were appeared to contain around 2 billion of the worldwide populace and dwarfed the various age bunches. The study has additionally made projections of the gathering populace and manages that the youngsters age gathering will remain generally consistent at 30% up until the following fifty years. An unmistakable indication of wellbeing and wellbeing in the public arena is confirmed by sound youngsters, making groups more dynamic.

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Experiment No- XXX-102248-2381

Objective: To determine the hand-eye reaction time of the experimenter by reading the left hand and right hand distances.

Apparatus Required: Two rulers, Observation table

Theory: For determining the hand-eye reaction time average distance of the 20 trials for each hand is calculated using the formula:

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Holism vs. Reductionism Assignment-93551-51425


Holism.. 3

Validation Holism.. 3

Holism about justification. 3

Reductionism.. 4

The limits of Reductionism.. 4

Holism versus Reductionism.. 5

References. 7


Holism is a perspective about the interior association of specific frameworks. The case can be summed up along these lines: Holistic frameworks are such that their constituent parts have a percentage of the properties that are healthy for these things just on the off chance that they are composed in a manner that they constitute an entire of the kind being referred to. Holism is acknowledged in epistemology (Schroeder, 2010). Frameworks of convictions of persons, exploratory hypotheses lastly our arrangement of material, all is supposed to be the inclusive basis. It is asserted that knowledge can’t confirm or disprove single convictions or articulations in segregation. Experience dependable affirms or discredits an entire arrangement of sentences or utterances. Also, the significance and the legitimization of a conviction or an announcement comprises in inferential relations to different opinions or explanations inside of an entire arrangement of convictions or communication. On the off chance that these presumed relations are taken to be dictated by social practices, social holism follows. Methodological holism is the perspective that frameworks must be mulled over by considering the things that are their parts in the connection of the whole. Holism as process applies to all-encompassing frameworks in any case, yet it might likewise be a fitting experiential way to a pact with study different structures (Jackson, 2003). Methodological holism is across the board in the human sciences. In metaphysics, holism is in the final stage the case that the entire world is one all-encompassing framework.

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Paraphrasing Discussion Board-93565-51425

Discussion Board


Paraphrasing. 3

IT Metrics- Applying Measurement to solving a business plan. 4

References. 6


In case of APA formatting, paraphrasing can be used in an impressive way. Sometimes paraphrasing can be a tricky option. In academic writing, one need to be sure of not copying the author’s whole writing part from a selected portion either from a book or a journal. Therefore, paraphrasing can become an impressive source in writing to avoid author’s writing style or wording from being copied. Whenever one uses an author’s writing style and texts, proper citations have to be presented with the same. But in many cases, such borrowing of style and texts from the original sources can be considered as plagiarism (Blanco, 2009). As a result, paraphrasing can be used tactically to make a note of understanding from a particular written paper. The paraphrasing must present only the idea of the source, not the style or wordings. Also, a writer can use his grammatical skills and sentence making capabilities to make sentences different from the original sources to avoid plagiarism that is strictly avoided. Apart from that, a writer can indeed utilize the main points of the source to stay away from unintentional plagiarism. To use the paraphrasing technique in a sound way, one should write in his words without looking at the original sources (Zedeck, 2011). Finally, to make an absolute decision on paraphrasing on a given topic, a comparison of writing must be done to check the clear distinction in writing.

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Discussion Board Assignment-93570-51425


Personal Communication. 3

Middleware. 4

Applications of Middleware. 4

Origin and Limitations. 5

References. 6

Personal Communication

In case of personal communication that includes letter, emails, memo, conversations and telephone discussion and messages, the rules of APA citation can be considered a bit different. In APA citation function, the materials of personal communication cannot include reference list as the data are non-recoverable. Therefore, in the text citation is done in the case of personal communication. In a personal communication, the letters, emails, memos, conversation, and messages are considered as not retrievable by others. As a result, the reference list is not added to in text citation. Citation of personal communication can be presented by giving the initials of the person with the surname of the raconteur (‘BASF and Cognis joining forces for innovative personal care solutions at CITE Japan 2011’, 2011). For instance,

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Using Levels of Analysis to Understand the Influence of Violent Media on Aggression-61981


This is a structured assignment. You are required to use the prescribed sample of literature (readings) and only the prescribed sample of literature and the prescribed headings.


Format and structure of the Literature Report is. The title of the Literature Report is:

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Creative Writing-55522

Task 1 — Dynamic dialogue. (150 words)

 Write the dialogue for a conversation that takes place between two people. The choice of scene and story is up to you. You can provide a couple of sentences to set the scene, but they should form part of your story, not a separate explanation. Or you can set the scene through your dialogue alone. For this exercise use an established convention for quoting dialogue, and be consistent in its use. If you can make the conversation a cameo ‘story’ so much the better.

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Equality and Diversity Significance in relation to NHS Trust-MAH_151114_22014_44264


The report aims at providing background information about the development of Equality legislation and diversity approaches with context to UK and EU. The report identifies and relates the significance of the Equality Act 2010 to the operations of HNS Trust (Alexis, 2002). The focus is on the change and progress of the legislative framework rather than detailed analysis of it. It analyzes how the Trust may improve its effectiveness of internal interview process by addressing the equality and diversity issues as shown in the report. The interview process at the Trust is studied in detail with special emphasis upon the suitable human resource models that can be applied within the organizational environment.

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TRAINING METHODS-Sainsburys-MAH_141114_22014_44270


The purpose of the report is to provide the readers increased knowhow of the various training programs at Sainsbury’s. For being one of the topmost retailers in UK, Sainsbury’s need to maintain its strategic positioning by supporting competitive market position of it. Both on the job and off the training programs are evaluated within the organization. It is found that job rotation and role playing programs best suit the organizational standards and the level of effectiveness is increased manifold. The systematic approach of evaluation and analysis focusing on features, strengths, limitations, improvement levels and benefits are elaborated to reach to the final conclusion. Improved training will help in firming the position of the organization intact in spite of market fluctuations and unforeseen factor influences.

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letters of recommendation for consideration for acceptance-MAH_061214_22439_46583

London School of Economics              

London, United Kingdom


November 26, 2014


Graduate School Recommendation for Sophia Wendal


To the Review committee,

Sophia Wendal is the best student I have this year and I am delighted to support her graduate application. She is very intelligent and inquisitive towards the new and exciting topics.

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letters of recommendation for consideration for acceptance into graduate school-MAH_061214_22439_46583




December 7, 2014

Letter of Recommendation for Peter Smith’s graduate Application

To the Review committee,

I would like to write a letter of recommendation for Peter Smith, a commerce undergraduate student in our University. I am known to Peter for the last 2.5 years when he came to pursue the under graduation program from our University.

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Assignment on Change Management-47845

Answer 1: The case analysis indicates that Shyam was in a problematic situation with respect to the changes in the form of job rotation as considered by the management, and the problem was mainly in terms of his subordinate employees not readily available to accept the change process. As a result, there were four alternative approaches that have been recommended by Shyam in order to deal with the situation. This section of analysis is now focused towards assessing the pros and cons associated with the four different approaches as considered by Shyam and it also assesses the level of conflict associated with each of them.

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Innovation and Leadership in the Organization-MAH_231214_24437_4_47971

1.0 Introduction

The present day business existence is such that the refinement in the middle of “inner” and “outer” commitments to work environment and development get to be distorted. In like manner, information improvement and development are progressively seen as the aftereffects of the offering of data and experience inside, and over, hierarchical limits. In the present paper, the researcher present the idea of “innovation oriented advancement where leadership is judged and questioned if it is a fundamental driver in innovation” to address this circumstance of cross-hierarchical collaboration, investigation, learning, and development. Seen from a learning point of view, this idea is tuned in to the thought that adapting as the rising conclusion of regular work experience, ensuing in an extension of human limits.

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Creativity and Innovation-MAH_231214_24437_3_47970


            The 21st century business environment condition is highly dynamic and demanding because there has been higher level of expectations of customers from the business and service providers. The advancement in the field of technology and globalisation of businesses has all resulted into increased opportunities to customers in claiming highly advanced products and services. Customer expects something new from their service providers and this requires them to make adequate level of consideration to innovative in their operations so that they can efficiently meet out their customer requirements. Creativity and innovation are crucial to modern day businesses because the organisation that offers something new to their customers have the opportunity to create differentiation and thereby making distinctive competitive edge over others. However, creativity and innovation are not easy for the businesses to achieve as this requires efficient leadership and skilled employees in organisation that can create sufficient level of newness with respect to their offerings. Thus, collaborative efforts from employees as well as management are essential in ensuring that creativity and innovation are pursued in a highly efficient manner.

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What is ‘race’? Discuss in relation to the work of Stuart Hall-MAH111114_21690_43777

What is Race? At the point when some individuals utilize the “race” they join an organic importance, still others utilize “race” as a socially built idea. It is clear that despite the fact that race does not have an organic importance, it has a social significance which has been lawfully developed. The term race alludes to gatherings of individuals who have similarities and contrasts in biological attributes esteemed by society to be socially noteworthy, implying that individuals treat other individuals contrastingly as a result of them. For example, while contrasts and likenesses in eye shade have not been dealt with as socially huge, similarities and contrasts in skin color have (haney Lopez, 1994).

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Written Questions-185617_1837416800_KHA_44015

Written questions

Student name:  Insert your name

Unit Code:   SITXCCS502

Unit name:    Select event and venue sites

Instructions to Candidate

Using this form, answer all 4 questions. When complete, upload this form in the online area for Event 2.

  1. For each event type below, you are to list 4 specific points you must consider when choosing an appropriate venue
    1. Exhibition


    • Space Requirements: This type of event needs spacious venue for facilitating demonstration of several items. Also for making the exhibition more interesting activities and interactive games could be organized for increasing guest’s involvement within the event. Hence spacious venue is highly needed (Allen, 2009, p. 38).
    • Location: Choice of location is also another important aspect when organizing exhibition by the event management company in Australia, Victoria. Location should deliver logistical support, space for social gathering, meeting space, resting spaces, dining area etc. Also the location should be easy to access by the guests.
    • Audio-Visual Requirements: The venue should be well equipped with audio-visual facilities for smooth execution of an exhibition. This type of event needs to display the items effectively to the viewers and for this reason these amenities are necessary.
    • Attendee Capacity of Venue: The venue for event like exhibition should have provision for over capacity. This is one of the vital points to be considered while arranging exhibitions. For instance Verve Creative Events, an Australia based event management company, is a popular company organizing exhibitions for notable clients such as NSW Food Authority.
    1. Festival


    • Space Requirements:  For organizing festivals such as Christmas in Australia, the venue needs to be vast for accommodating numerous guests and should employ an extensive range of entertainment facilities.
    • Food and Beverage (Catering): The venue should have adequate space for dining arrangements and Food and beverages should be well organized for the guests as it contributes to their enchanting experience.
    • Staging Requirements: Festivals such as Christmas calls for huge celebration along with dancing. To serve this purpose the venue needs to have space for construction of stage which would be helpful in providing a dedicated space for dance only.
    • Audio-Visual Requirements: The event management firm should organize for all the musical amenities that make the actual theme of the festive event.
    1. Meetings / Small Conference


    • Facilities Requirements: The venue selected should comprise logistical facilities, restrooms, storage areas, power facilities etc.
    • Technology Requirements: For conducting conferences the venue should be well technologically equipped and should have advanced infrastructure for supporting the activities throughout the event. All conference sessions should be recorded with the help of various cameras and the highlights of the conference can be posted in a well secured website within two hours of concluding each session (Peters, 2007). Highlights can also be displayed in the form of video as a part of the closing session of the conference.
    • Food and Beverage (Catering): A gala dinner is to be planned in the venue for catering the guests attending the meeting or conference.
    • Audio-Visual Requirements: The venue should be well equipped with audio-visual facilities for enabling presentations and speech during conference and meetings.


    1. Convention


    • Technology Requirements: For conducting convention the venue should be well technologically equipped and should have advanced infrastructure for supporting the activities throughout the event. The venue should be well equipped with audio-visual facilities for enabling presentations and speech by notable speakers during the conventions.
    • Facilities Requirements: The venue selected should comprise logistical facilities, restrooms, storage areas, power facilities etc.
    • Staging Requirements: There should be enough space for the construction ofstage for enabling keynote speakers to deliver speech.
    • Food and Beverage (Catering): A gala dinner is to be planned in the venue for catering the guests attending the convention.
    1. Social Functions


    • Space Requirements: Social functions need huge space for music performance, dance, interactive games etc. Therefore venue can be either outdoor or indoor with huge space.
    • Facilities Requirements: The venue selected should comprise logistical facilities, restrooms, storage areas, power facilities etc.
    • Audio-Visual Requirements: The event management firm should organize for all the musical and sound amenities that make the actual theme of the social event.
    • Attendee Capacity of Venue: The venue for social function should have provision for over capacity.

    1. Describe how you would manage the following environmental and social impacts when planning and running an event
      1. Parking

    When running an event, parking comes up as one of the most significant challenges for the event management company. Most of the guests have their first interaction with the event at the parking lot; hence managing the parking issues is highly significant for the event managers for ensuring a positive experience for the guests. Parking, if not managed properly, can cause huge traffic problems therefore it should be controlled effectively (Carter, 2007). At the very first step, proper research needs to be done on the amount of space that is needed with respect to the number of guests. For instance, in business conferences, there is probability of more single-car drivers. Therefore atleast 75 percent of the event attendees are expected to drive solo, which can swiftly fill the available spaces. Hence, extra parking zones in nearby localities needs to be arranged in advance for accommodating more cars and control traffic in extreme cases. Skilled parking attendants should be arranged who can efficiently prevent slowdown, direct traffic and supervise the lots for safety.

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