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Controlling Parameters of CO2 in Modern Transport Systems- 525795

This assignment aims to give you an opportunity to:
 Research and consider an issue of reasonable complexity using the concepts of systems and system dynamics;
 Use brainstorming techniques and collaborate in groups;
 Apply system dynamics methodology, tools and techniques considered in the subject to show your ideas on the topic researched.

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Effect of Globalization in Developing Economics – 512845


            The effect of globalisation, technological development and income inequality has been growing issues in developing and emerging economies. The globalisation has both positive and negative effect on developing economies as stated by several empirical researches. Globalisation has facilitated technological progresses in terms of economic growth, trade and structural change. Vivarelli (2014) stated that technological progresses facilitate rapid development of agriculture, industry and service sector. Opportunity of employment increases in the economy, which further swells the income level and standard of level of people. Globalisation facilitates mobilisation of resources, international trade by removing trade barriers and acts for economic growth of developing nations. Capital inflows through foreign direct investment, increasing scope of import and export have positive effect on economic development such as income generation, poverty reduction, and human capital formation.

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Localisation and Navigation using Bluetooth Low Energy


Discuss about localisation and navigation using bluetooth low energy beacons?

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Currently, mobile phones are the primary method of navigation. However, indoor positioning and navigation poses a unique problem because the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites normally used to navigate outdoors have limited use indoors. Every instant of our daily routine takes place in some location which is identified as geographical co-ordinates that connects the physical and the digital world, and for this reason we need to know the user’s position which could surely help in finding way in complex environments such as Hospitals or any other place. Since the GPS has been introduced it has become a de facto standard for outdoor positioning applications. But GPS has its limitations for it cannot navigate or localise the indoor applications and for this widespread research has been done. Extensive research has been devoted to explore the topic based on a variety of technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ultra wideband radio and Zigbee. None of the above have effectively made it into a extensively accepted standard, though significant progress has been made.

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Solving the Financial and Soverign Debt Crisis in Europe


Discusses about the crisis in Europe along with the actual causes behind this and seeks to evaluate the course of action taken by the German government to fight the crisis?

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In this article, Schauble discusses about the crisis in Europe along with the actual causes behind this and seeks to evaluate the course of action taken by the German government to fight the crisis. I completely tend to agree with Schauble’s viewpoint regarding that the real cause for this crisis in Europe is lack of confidence by investors owing to loss of economic competitiveness. This is a very valid point which most developed countries failed to understand and appreciate and thus during the crisis their natural response was to enhance the liquidity so as to stimulate demand without addressing the underlying structural deficiencies. Hence most countries tried to focus on the easiest way forward to fight the crisis using Keynesian economics without analysing the proximate causes of the crisis and the way forward so as to ensure that such a crisis doesn’t reoccur.

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Business Plan- 508320

Business Plan

Due: Varied (see below) Worth: Varied (see below)

The business planning process is intricate and detailed; it requires significant thought, research, communication skill and time. The purpose of the business plan assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to practice using tools to develop a business idea into a plan that will serve you if you decide to (or are required to) launch a new venture

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Alternative source of Fuel- 511278

Untitled 2 Untitled

Locomotives are quite important on daily basis due to the roles of transporting goods and people from one place to another that they play. Without them, this movement would not be quite possible. For this movement to be possible, energy has to be there .Such energy is gotten from fuel which has been defined as any material either gas ,wood or fuel that is burnt to produce fuel. Energy can be gotten from renewable sources or unrenewablwe sources (Speight, 2015).

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Question 1

Critically discuss the ways in which organizations could implement

Strategies that would increase their employees’ engagement.

Your answer should provide examples of best practice from relevant industries and professional bodies, for example, the Chartered Institute Personnel and Development (CIPD).

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Combining task analysis and fault tree analysis for accident and incident analysis: A case study from Bulgaria- 508136

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There is a proposed analysis concept in Bulgaria which understands the human resource incident occurrence that is a combination of Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Task Analysis (TA). There is a Former method which identifies the root cause of an incident.  (SACP, 2015). There are various strengths of the both the analyses which includes safety of an incident or accident. The accident is occurring in the industrial revolution. It helps to identify the main causes and factors of the accident which makes determination to contribute to the people. The incident includes injury of human operators. Employees of the plant industry are given services by the office of “Labor Medicine”. Fault Tree Analysis includes some education systems and trainings provided for healthy and safety condition to employees at the time of incident. These analyses have the strength to identify where and what types of accidents may occur. It has the capability to analyze that how accidents are occurring as well as identify both direct and underlying causes of accidents in Bulgaria (Blacket, 2005).

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The first method that was developed for the purposes of ascertaining the bankruptcy is the multivariate discriminate analysis which is also referred to as MDA, logit analysis, neural networks. These method were considered to be used for the primary methods for the model development. MDA goes in for the classification of the various firms into groups which is somewhat based upon the characteristics of each of the ratios and the factors of the firm. This is based upon the sample observations. The various coefficients have been calculated for each of the characteristic. There are many of the coefficients that is the product of the various ratios and their coefficients and this helps in giving us the discriminant score which allows the classification of the firm.

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Engineering and Spatial Science Applications-163969

Task-   Technical Analysis of client brief and response to brief. Costed and presented as a report along with covering letter.



client brief

1.1.                     The brewing process

Malted barley is mixed with hot water in the mash tun using the motor/agitator and is then allowed to settle in the tun. The ratio of malt to water (by mass) is 3:10. Eg.. 3kg of malt for every 10kg of water. This process takes 2 hours in total.

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What Strategies Do You See as an Investigator?-MAH_150216_63351_14_131320 and TMP_040216_63351_6_129683

Discussion: What Strategies Do You See as an Investigator?

Choose any one of the following companies and review the respective websites: Wal-Mart, Home Depot, IBM, or Cardinal Health. Examine their strategies to check if they are emergent, intended, or both emergent and intended. Discuss why you selected a particular company and how its strategies compare with their competition. In your responses to your classmates, relate how these strategies can translate to a business’s success and assess any differences in opinions you may have on a chosen company.

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Geology and Soil Mechanics-66062

Geology and Soil Mechanics

                                                 Student Name:


This paper describes Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock. Origins, properties, composition of rocks are also discussed. Engineering classification of rocks depend on its Uniaxial compressive strength. They have properties like porosity, transverse strength and crushing strength. Classification of rocks is done on the basis or their origin also.. Different types of minerals and their diagnostic properties are mentioned in this paper. Soil classification and description are part of ground investigation. It is an important engineering material. Besides soil texture and soil structure, physical, chemical and biological soil properties are mentioned. Measurement of various geotechnical design parameters are explained in this paper. Besides laboratory methods, methods of Ground investigation, sample acquisition and testing are described in detail. Laboratory measurements on soil, One-dimensional consolidation tests, Shear Strength parameters of soil and Soil Permeability Test are also discussed.

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This Unit will be assessed by assignment and Presentation-77995

This Unit will be assessed by assignment and Presentation.


You are strongly recommended to  read “Preparation  guidelines  of the  Coursework Document” before answering your assignment.




  1. 1.             Objective


This coursework is designed in the form of set questions and design scenario. The tasks are divided into four sections, with section compromising several questions. The coursework should be submitted as one document in a report format.

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Comedy and Tragedy Unit Reader-56715


Comedy and Tragedy Unit Reader Semester 1, 2016 Unit Reader, 100900 Comedy and Tragedy (Semester 1, 2016) Western Sydney University Prepared by Dr Helen Basides Comedy and Tragedy Unit Reader Semester 1, 2016 Unit Reader, 100900 Comedy and Tragedy (Semester 1, 2016) Western Sydney University Prepared by Dr Helen Basides ii Table of Contents The Ancient Greek Theatre . . . . . 1 Glossary Items – Ancient Greek Theatre . . . 6 The Elizabethan Theatre . . . . . . 9 Nancy Sherman, Hamartia and Virtue . . . . . 12 Plato, The Republic , Book X (extracts) . . . . 33 Glossary Items – A ristotle . . . . . . 39 Friedrich Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy (extracts) . . 43 George Steiner, “‘Tragedy,’ Reconsidered” . . . 65 G. W. F. Hegel, Aesthetics (extracts) . . . . 81 A. C. Bradley, “Hegel ’s Theory of Tragedy” . . . 95 Arthur Miller, “Tragedy and the Common Man” . . 120 Aristophanes, Frogs . . . . . . 125 Andrew Stott, Comedy (extract) . . . . . 168 Northrop Frye, “The Mythos of Spring: Comedy ” . . 173 Simon Critchley, On Humour (extract) . . . . 187 Henri Bergson, Laughter (extract) . . . . 203 How to Cite . . . . . . . . 234 iii iv The Origins of Tragedy Ancient Greece 1 2 Ancient Greek Tragedians and Comedians See vUWS for a d etailed timeline of Ancient Greek Drama . 3 A. C. Bradley, “Hegel ’s Theory of Tragedy” . . . 95  Arthur Miller, “Tragedy and the Common Man” . . 120  Aristophanes, Frogs . . . . . . 125  Andrew Stott, Comedy (extract) . . . . . 168  Northrop Frye, “The Mythos of Spring: Comedy ” . . 173  Simon Critchley, On Humour (extract) . . . . 187  Henri Bergson, Laughter (extract) . . . . 203  How to Cite . . . . . . . . 234 The Origins of Tragedy Ancient Greece Ancient Greek Tragedians and Comedians See vUWS for a detailed timeline of Ancient Greek Drama. image The Ancient the theatre Glossary Items– Ancient Greek Theatre Do you know the meaning of the following terms relating to the ancient Greek theatre? Term The Elizabethan Theatre Swan Theatre The Swan Theatre, 1596 Arnoldus Buchelius (Aernout van Buchel) (1565–1641), after a drawing of Johannes de Witt (1566–1622) Globe Second Globe Sherman, Nancy. “Hamartia and Virtue.” In Essay’s on Aristotle’s Poetics, edited by Amélie Oksenberg Rorty, 177–96. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1992. Hamartia

100900 Comedy and Tragedy – Principal Readings                     

Title ISBN Availability
Aeschylus, The Oresteia: Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers, The Eumenides, trans. Robert Fagles (London: Penguin, 1979). 

For Agamemnon

9780140443332 University bookstore or other bookseller 

Please have this edition.

William Shakespeare, The Arden Shakespeare: Macbeth, ed. Sandra Clark and Pamela Mason (London: Bloomsbury, 2015) 

9781904271413 (paperback) 

9781408153741 (ebook)

University bookstore or other bookseller 

Also available as an ebook from

Students may use other editions if they already have them. However, this edition is recommended because the notes are at the bottom of the page.

Students who are progressing to secondary teaching are advised to have the hard copy edition for future professional use.

Henrik Ibsen, Hedda Gabler and Other Plays, trans. Una Ellis-Fermor (London: Penguin, 2010). 

For Hedda Gabler

9780141195216 University bookstore or other bookseller 
Aristotle, Poetics, trans. Michael Heath (London: Penguin, 1996).  9780140446364 University bookstore or other bookseller 

Please have this edition.

Aristophanes, Frogs and Other Plays, ed. Shomit Duma (London: Penguin, 2007). 

For Frogs

9780140449693 E-reader (available on vUWS) or this edition from your bookseller. 

This title will not be available through the university bookstore.

Please have this edition.

William Shakespeare, The Arden Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew, ed. Barbara Hodgdon (London: Bloomsbury, 2010) 9781903436936 University bookstore or other bookseller 

Students may use other editions if they already have them. However, this edition is recommended because the notes are at the bottom of the page.

NB: This unit has an e-reader. The reader will be available to students on vUWS. Students may use the reader electronically, print the reader themselves, or have the reader printed and bound commercially. The reader will not be available at the university bookshop.

Aristotle – Further Reading

NB: Not all the sources listed are available through the UWS library. For information on where to locate particular books, see

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Green Technology in Construction Industry Comparing Australia vs. India-73258

Subject: Thesis of Construction Management

Topic:  Green Technology in Construction Industry Comparing Australia vs India


– Summative assessment task 1


Outline Thesis Brief description of assessment task As an individual student, provide a full outline of the research project that demonstrates the feasibility of the research project. Detail of student output For the written thesis Inquiry Pathway 3000 words (+/-10%) are required, not including appendices and bibliography.

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Emerging Technologies and Innovation: NFC technology- 145931


The report discuses the concepts and importance of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology used in Smart Grid Communication Network (SGCN). A smart grid is wireless networks that can self capable to respond according to the alterations and requirements of the individual appliances. The report has also discussed the potential benefits of SCGN that can be used in developing reliable and fast communication systems. The report has discussed the working mechanism and application of NFC technology in detail. NFC is short range communication process that takes place between two NFC enabled devices. NFC is more secure, reliable and fast communication compared with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communications. Due to these features, it is increasingly used in medical, military, cellular devices and social purposed such as in tourism. It is gaining popularity in mobile communication in the form of contactless payment options, creating smart tags and QR codes. This eliminates the use of user inputs and speeds up the communication between two devices securely. In addition, because of these endless possibilities a lot of research and development activities are being carried out to develop more robust and reliable communication technology and infrastructure is being developed to allow full scale integration of NFC in near future. The global market for NFC enabled technology is increasing at a huge pace due to simplicity of technology wide array of applications in diverse fields.

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Formative Assessment-130982


I need to finalise an online course for my Diploma in Childcare Education in Australia. The unit is HLTHIR404D – Work effectively with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.
There is a formative assessment with 15 questions, each requires at least 150-200 words. And there are 2 summative assessments for which i require help on the second one. I need to submit a 2000 word paper.

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