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Answer 1

Principles of consumer behavior

Explanation of principle

Examples on buyer behavior

Cultural Based on cultural background, the values and perception for buying varies among consumers, sub cultural factors including shared values within group, common life experiences affect the buying behavior of people. Sub cultural groups often consider a brand more feasible than others in a market For example, recently, the ‘ethnic’ cosmetics which have become popular are more suitable to non-Caucasian population as well as Arab, African or Indian population. On the other hand, another example related to the sub class division is, while buying anything, urban educated or upper class people exhibits individualism, while the Indian culture shows collective nature of buying (Argenti 2012).
Social Social factors influence consumer’s buying behavior which are groups, family and consumer’s social role and status. Education, wealth, occupation and income status decides the social class of people which promotes the buying behavior of consumers One exam1ple for social factors influencing buying behavior is, consumer from the middle and upper class attempt to purchase more healthy and balanced food than consumers belonging from lower social class. It can be due to awareness or economic factors. Another example of social factor influencing buying behavior is, an upper class consumer always tend to be attracted to products or services with better quality, features, innovation or social benefits, whereas, in contrast, consumers from lower social backgrounds are more concern with product price (Khang and Ye 2012).
Personal Personal factors including age and family life cycle stage influences economic situation and occupation influence personality and self-concept which influence buying behavior People have personal values and beliefs which promote buying behavior. Based on age , people changes the buying behavior. For example, at the young age, people like to buy fast food and high fat food without hesitating, however, at the middle age of life, people prefers low cholesterol food (Castronovo and Huang 2012). Lifestyle of the family also affects buying behavior. A middle class Indian family would not buy alcoholic beverages as frequently as family in UK.
Psychological Psychological principle depicts that psychological factors including motivation, perception, beliefs, learning and attitude has an huge impact upon buying behavior Sometimes, the psychological factors enhance promote the superiority of a brand after receiving a good service for one time, for example, many women prefer the brand Lakme and purchase products without having a second thought. On the other hand, the psychological factors promote the attention of consumers in accordance to their current needs, for example, people wishing to buy a car would pay more attention to a care advertisement, in spite of a computer advertisement (Rice and Atkin 2012).
Situational The situational factors including availability of the product, location of store, weather of particular day and timing of the purchase influence the consumer buying behavior. Situational factors like weather can promote buying behavior. A person would wish to have a burger in a sunny day rather than a rainy day. Timing is another major factor. If a consumer have less time, he would prefer online brand rather than visiting to a store

Answer 2

Marketing communication options


  • The main feature of this communication option is to increase awareness of a brand which is the major aspect in marketing
  • The advertise should be very transparent and clear towards its objective and oriented to the target audience. Therefore, it will help to measure the effectiveness of the product or service which is being advertised (Yeshin 2012).
  • The package text message is very important in marketing communication
  • It provides the information about product, production, company and others important information and this information must be conveyed to buyers. The graphics design of packaging also helps to attract more buyers
Personal selling
  • Personal selling is best way to enhance positive relationship with buyer which also helps to gain a good brand name
  • The interactive method of personal selling promotes two-way communication which helps to improve the business by incorporating buyer’s special requirements
  • The purpose of publicity is to gather attention of consumers towards a company or products in spite of paying the media
  • In addition to its cost effectiveness, the publicity is more credible in comparison to advertising
Sales promotion
  • Sales promotion is done for influencing people to purchase product/service, mostly these kinds of sales promotions are targeted to short-term benefits
  • However, consumers are not always seen to remain loyal to the products who has been attracted to the product or service through the sales promotion (Castronovo and Huang 2012)

Answer 3

Media vehicles

Explanation of vehicle



Television Television is characterized as the broadcast vehicle which is used for targeting mass audience with low cost/target (Rice and Atkin 2012). When small businesses are unable to afford to national network, they can use local networks of television for marketing purpose It lacks excessive detail-sharing and time duration is low
Direct mail It can be used for both short and broad message transduction Can be send to targeted audience Take more time and cost will be more than mass media vehicles
Website It is a mass media vehicle which helps in grabbing consumers attention by providing basic information about products or services Provide the opportunity for both mass and interpersonal communication Cannot target a specific audience group
Email It is the narrowcast media  vehicle Take less time and provides low cost advertising options Hacking or spamming information
Radio It is also broadcast and traditional media vehicle targeted for wide range of audiences (Yeshin 2012) Beneficial for small businesses Can only advertise to local network
Telemarketing It is direct marketing vehicle where sales person communicate with consumers over call or web conferencing Direct communication is facilitated Takes more time and cost
Transit media It is a print vehicle of media which are accessible to people compared to other vehicles More accessible and used in targeting mass media Expensive in comparison to the other media vehicle options (Khang and Ye 2012)

Answer 4



1. Australian consumer law (ACL) Australian consumer law helps to avoid any kinds of unfair practices in business, it helps to reduce misleading or deceptive conduct, false representation, promote marketers to provide standard information ( 2016).
2. Spam act 2003 It inhibits unsolicited e mails sending to any consumers or people linked to the business which is known as spam with an Australian link.
3. Telecommunication act 1997 It regulates the activities in telecommunication industry and guide to have their carrier license. It also deals with industry standards and codes development in any particular industry ( 2016).
4. Privacy act 1988 Privacy act 1988 deals with privacy in the rights of consumers, marketers and all other people who are related to the business. The privacy rights are known as information privacy principles which are applied to the Australian government and Australian capital territory agencies and private sectors. The principles related to the law direct the way of personal information collection by the government agencies from the business organizations ( 2016).
5.  Freedom of Information Act 1982 The freedom of information act 1982 provides the business participants the public rights for accessing official documents of their related agencies. This act promotes marketers to share information with the shareholders and other members from the government agencies ( 2016).

Reference List

Argenti, P., 2012. Corporate communication. London. McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

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Business Group Learning Exercise-163527

TASK – Complete Assurance of Learning Exercise 2B, Steps 1–2, for Advance Auto Parts, Barnes & Noble, Estée Lauder, Family Dollar Stores, FedEx, and Ford Motor Company on textbook page 54 on which I have copied from my student textbook below. I have attached a copy of a group grading sheet in order to keep the assignment on track and highlighted it for this assignment.

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Business Management|Non-Profit Management-68717

Topic: Price Strategy

This is not a research paper.

we are to be applying what we’ve learned in a hypothetical real-world situation, so we aren’t supposed to just explain the portions of a marketing plan from what we have been learning. The name of my course is Business 330. The book name is Kerin & Hartley: from ch. 18.

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Co-ordinated business models in networks-146906


. define/ provide explanation of value capture

.coordinated business models in networks

. value appropriation through control of digital industry architecture

=>  Definition – The value capture has been for the public financing which is able to set the public infrastructure based on the generation of the private landowners. There have been public investments which are important to generate the land values with the focus on the increased profit in the private sectors which capture all the positive externalists.

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Task –

Personal Work Priorities

Assignment task






Lecturer’s Name

Task 1

1. How do you see yourself as a role model at work and how do you maintain personal performance in varying work conditions, work contexts and contingencies?

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Marketing 494-120489

Solution 1:

The steps for conducting quantitative research are:

  1. Develop the research methodology: A basic methodology is essential in determining the method for that can vary as per the need
  2. Developing the sampling frame: The sampling frame helps in determining what exact number of people are needed to complete the research
  3. Determine the resources needed i.e. people, equipment, etc.: All the resources need to be listed and considered along with costs
  4. Developing the Timeline: A timeline helps in understanding the position at which project currently is
  5. Developing the budget: Budget development ensures that total cost remains within bounds
  6. Conducting a pre-test before fielding the survey and revision of questionnaire if needed: A pre-test helps in error rectification and improvement of data collection process
  7. Programming the computer for data entry: A computer program ensures that data entered is in order and can be easily processed.

Solution 2:

A stratified sampling technique is preferred because it offers greater precision for the same sample size taken. This leads to a reduction of costs significantly over the other techniques and makes the technique advantageous over the other techniques.

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McDonald’s is a food chain having franchisees in the world that serves millions of people every day. They have a high brand image because of quick service, quality food and experienced management (, 2015). The business environmental analysis is discussed as macro-environment and micro-environmental basis.

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How can integrating SCM, CRM and ERP help improve business operations at Shell?-93563-51425

[Type the company name]

Integrating SCM, CRM and ERP at Shell

Case Study


[Pick the date]


Question: How can integrating SCM, CRM and ERP help improve business operations at Shell?


Shell Corporation is one of the largest global corporations.  This global group of petrochemical and energy consists of about 94000 employees operating in over 70 countries and territories. They are well known for usage of technologies and known for their innovative approach to creating a sustainable future. (About Shell)

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How should businesses, labour, the government, and society at large deal with plant closings and layoffs?

Table of Contents






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Process Technology and E-Business-187294_571069291_MAH_44469_1


            The advancement in the field of technology has allowed businesses in performing their business processes in a highly efficient manner in satisfying its customers. The application of technology is evident in respect to all the major business areas of organisation including the management of various processes and functions. There has been rising overall importance of the concept of process technology which implies the use of equipment in transforming the products that creates value to customers. Businesses are making used of highly advanced and sophisticated process technologies in performing the management of their business processes, and this in turn has resulted into the attainment of improved level of efficiency in their operations. Apart from this, the role of technology is also evident in respect to the ways in which business processes are being carried out. As for instance, there has the rise of e-business concept whereby products and services are offered online to the customers. There is significant level of benefits being possible as a result of process technology and e-business as adapted by businesses.

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Management Foundation -39527

Management Foundation

Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 3

Assessment 3

Question A.. 3

Question B.. 3

Question C.. 4

Question D.. 4

Question E.. 5

Discussion and analysis. 6

Recommendation. 7

References. 8

Executive Summary

This particular project generally focuses on the main and the major processes of the Boral BLD which generally produces their own products and supplies it as well. The Building Products portion is occupied with Australian blocks, top tiles, stone work, timber items and windows. The Boral USA is occupied with Bricks, refined stone, top tiles, fly powder, solid and quarries. This particular generally highlights the main causes and the consequences of the improvement of the Boral BLD. Further in the research you will be able to recognize that how the CEO of the company helps the Boral BLD by making the annual report of the company.

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Business Ethics

Currently, most of the business is focused towards the affects created by the business operational activities to the business environment. In result of increase concern towards the ethical concerns and increase in customer awareness, most of the businesses are trying to promote their social values, in order ensure about the competitive advantage (Carroll 1999). It is noted that business ethics try to embrace the corporate social responsibility, along with ethics that associates with the marketing,accounting practices, human resource management, as well as production.

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Personal Leadership And Management Skills


Introduction. 3

Leadership and Management. 5

Managing Performance. 9

Personal skills audit. 11

References. 12

Title – Personal Leadership And Management Skills


The official rundown sets out the principle conclusions from this survey of whether and how administration and initiative improvement helps execution, and what further research would help us receive approaches and practices to amplify this profit.

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Mining Industry Assignment


Business principles are ethical values that direct the technique in which a business behaves. The identical values that decide an individual’s proceedings also applicable to business. Acting in an principled method occupy unique amongst “correct” and “incorrect” and then building the “correct” option. (Shefa siegel 2013), It is comparatively simple to recognize unprincipled trade practices. For instance, organizations should not employ child labor. They ought to not illegally use copyrighted resources and process. They must not slot in in bribery.

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