Art Class


Discuss the impact of unity and variety on architecture.

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Unity and variety both are complementary concerns. In art works, unity represents that all the components of the design fall under the same category and they together make up one single piece of work (Shepherd). A definite art work consisting of unity is believed to be diminishing its quality. On the contrary, variety symbolises diversification of different ideas and it acts to counter unity. Unity and variety impact greatly upon architecture.

While designing a specific art piece the organization of the visual elements needs to be made in proper order so that it attracts the viewers. Hence a proper balance regarding unity and variety must be maintained. Lawrence in his painting Going Home has balanced unity and variety in an effective way and has established different visual themes through shapes, colours, lines, etc. Lawrence is known for his extraordinary distinctive compositions. He has created a benchmark by resolving his designs through unity and variety.

With the help of similar features, an architectural piece seems quite dull and not attractive. But when that art work is designed by various colours, shapes, isolations, lines, etc. the work becomes much presentable and beautiful in the eyes of the audience. For example, in the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, he has minimised the walls between the dining and living rooms that straightaway distinguishes both the rooms giving it an attractive look (Costantino). In an architecture work, it is important to make a clear difference between every feature of the architecture so that viewers can be attracted and their attention can be grabbed.

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